Royal vale colclough bone china 4154, numbered on bottom

by Maureen Price
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

Royal vale colclough bone china 4154

Royal vale colclough bone china 4154


I would really like to know what my Colclough numbered 4154 is valued at.

I inherited from my mums eldest sister. I have looked online to no avail, so hoping you could help. I have pictures I'll attach. There's 1 dinner plate, 5 cups, sauces and plates all in perfect condition.

I would only assume there were more pieces but no one. There is one small plate that has been glued together. All the rest are in perfect condition. They may have been a wedding present to if not my Aunty, could be my grandparents as I don't know the age of 4154 pieces.

Looking forward to your reply.



Hi Maureen

Thanks for the submission. My particular favourite is Colclough as this is what my mother collected when I was small. I have not seen this exact Colclough Royal Vale mark before, and am having trouble finding it to date your set, but my guess would be it is pre 1950's, and stems from the 1930's 0r 40's.

I have written an epic post about how my site vistors can get to know the value of their fine china. Go here to read through it and happy researching!!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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