Royal Vale Cornflower Pattern Tea Set Trios

by Ann

I have a treasured set of 6 Royal Vale tea cups, saucers and side plates, "Cornflower" pattern, gold edge and trim (as per Design No. 7513). The stamp is a crown resting on a black oval, and the following printed inside the oval:

B Vale 2 (right-hand side numbers vary)
Bone China

and Made in England underneath the oval. The cups all have a hard-to-decipher painted gold identification which seems to be the design number, 7513). This is not on the saucers and plates.

My question: Is this a genuine Royal Vale set?
I remember my mother buying it in the 1950s, so it is about 60 years old.

Thank you for the opportunity to ask my Royal Vale question.



Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Ann

Thank you for asking your Royal Vale query.

The answer is yes, even without looking at a picture, I would say the set is genuine Royal Vale. It is the same mark exactly as the one Dawn sent in a photo of (see the comment entitled "Royal Vale Backstamps by Dawn (Nevada USA)".

Dawn, who collects Royal Vale says it dates from the pre-Ridgway era (C.1954) but after the 'Royal' patronage of 1913. A specialist encyclopedia such as Geoffrey Godden's Encyclopedia of British Porcelain or your local auction house may be able to pin down that mark to a more specific time line. For example, from memory, the Pearson's group took over Colclough in 1944 and so the markings may have changed in this post war period.

It would be great if you had a digital camera image of your Royal Vale "Cornflower" set. You could attach it to the form (same as when you posted this comment - just follow the online instructions) and we will publish the image with your query .... so everyone can see the Vale "Cornflower" pattern.

Thanks for being an enthusiast like us!

Peter (admin)

Comments for Royal Vale Cornflower Pattern Tea Set Trios

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by: Ann

Grateful thanks, Peter, for your helpful reply to my request and confirmation of authenticity of my Cornflower Pattern Tea set. Digital camera on the "wish list".

Royal Vale Cornflowers
by: Joy

Was there ever a teapot made with the Royal Vale Cornflowers pattern?

Royal Vale Cornflower Tea Set
by: Carole

I am the proud owner of the same tea set as Ann, my set has the wording " A product of Ridgway Potteries Ltd," I had this set as an engagement present back in 1963. I looked for years to find a Teapot to match as I have a sugar bowl and milk jug and just thought it would finish off the set. Can you tell me if a teapot was ever made and if so can it be purchased. In this day of the internet I have tried to trace a teapot but to no avail.
I would be grateful if you could answer my query.
Thank you Carole

Teapot for Cornflower
by: The Forum Help Elf

Hi All

Can I make a couple of suggestions? If you haven't done so already, go to and look up Royal Vale then Cornflower, then look through to see if they have a teapot listed.

Then go to this page:How to easily find replacements, prices and information on vintage and antique china online ..... more and follow the instructions on how to save a search on ebay. Use keywords like "Royal Vale Cornflower Teapot" and then wait for ebay to automatically email you anytime they ever get one listed.


Royal vale
by: Anonymous

Hi wondering if you can still buy royal vale tea sets I'm wanting another one for my daughter as she has always admirred mine which I received years ago from grandparents

Royal Vale teapot cornflowers NEW
by: Kim

I also have a teaset, sugar bowl and milk jug in this design (pattern number 7513). I wanted to buy a teapot and possibly a fuller dinnerset in the sale pattern. Despite putting a full description nothing comes up for sale.

full set of cornflower pattern NEW
by: Gail

I have a set of this pattern: 6 cups/saucers/plates, a cake plate, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. One of the cups has a crack but otherwise it is in very good condition.
Could you advise where I might put this for sale?

by: Tim

Re Royal Vale Cornflower pattern. I don’t quite know how old some of the above comments are. It's September 2020 now and I am, like those before me, searching for a teapot in this pattern. Etsy, eBay, Facebook groups and I haven’t found any for sale. I found a tea set with a teapot that was included from a 2018 auction. I will keep looking, but any advice would be appreciated? It really is an awesome pattern. Stay covid safe everyone

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