Shelley English Demitasse Cups - Antique Bone China Query

by Lisa Hoyns
(Delaware United states)

Shelley English Bone China Demitasse Cups - Worth Around $60 - $70 USD each

Shelley English Bone China Demitasse Cups - Worth Around $60 - $70 USD each

Shelley English China Demitasse Cups - Antique Bone China Query:- I have quite a few bone china demitasse cups given to me from my Grandmother that came from England. A lot of them have just numbers on them but a couple of them have the name Shelley on them. I have the matching saucers for them also. I am wondering how old they are, and I do know the my Grandfather brought them back for my Grandmother from World War I.

I also have a tea set made in Czeckeslovakia. It is white with blue flowers,there is the tea pot,a creamer,the sugar bowl and 2 small plates and a cup. I am just wondering how old these items are or if they are even older than world war I?

I hope you can help me.


Lisa Hoyns


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To:- Shelley English Bone China Demitasse Cups - Worth Around $60 - $70 USD each

Hi Lisa

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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What a fantastic and romantic story. That is precisely the type of provenance that we love on this site! World War 1 hero returns bearing gifts of bone china demitasse cups. My own Grandfather saw action
in the battle of the Somme as one of the Queen's own Horse Guards and lived to tell the tale (one of the few).

The good news is that your Grandfather had good taste. Shelly china is one of the most collectible of makers and their wares fetch good prices on eBay.

For my entry on Shelly China, go to my A to Z listing pages on China Manufacturers click here

Basically, in 1911, Shelley began as a brand name of Wileman & Co (est. 1892) in Fenton, Staffordshire . The other main brand of Wileman was Foley Potteries. Wileman changed their name to Shelley in 1925.

I can't help you with the Czechoslovakian wares without more information - a pottery mark and photos, for example.

As for values, as I keep saying, I can't do more than point people in the right direction with valuation appraisals.

Value of vintage and antique china is, like anything else, subject to the whims and fancies of fashion. What is 'in' one moment and fetching high prices, is 'out' the next.....and visa versa

It is actually quite easy to get a feel of the value of your wares yourself just by looking online in the right places. I tell you how on this vintage and antique china values page.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Shelley demitasse
by: Kelly

Going through cupboards and cleaning them out, we came across a Shelley demitasse set #13576. Any idea what it's worth?

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