Sir John Bennett China Tableware Set - Antique China Query

by Meredith

Sir John Bennett China Tableware Pottery Mark - Antique China Query

Sir John Bennett China Tableware Pottery Mark - Antique China Query

Sir John Bennett China Tableware Set - Antique China Query:- Hi there, I'm not sure if you can help, but I have had no luck finding anything on Sir John Bennett china. Watches yes.. I inherited my grandmothers dinner set, there are about 100 pieces in total including serving dishes and 3 sizes of plates and bowls. The pattern I think is The Mayfair made in England with the signature 'Sir John Bennett Ltd Cheapside E.C.' It has a crown and circle above the signature.

I'd love to learn a little more about it as it really is a lovely set. The pattern has gold silver and maroon around the edges.

Hope you can help


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Sir John Bennett China Tableware Pottery Mark - Antique China Query

Hi Meredith

Thanks for your nice submission.

Sir John Bennett Ltd was an 'Arts and Crafts' maker of the Victorian and Edwardian era. The company made clocks, watches, silver tableware and china dinnerware.

Due to the fact that he was mainly known for watch making and jewellery I have no record of his firm in my china reference books. However, I did find an interesting advert taken from The Illustrated London News of 1893 (see above photo I uploaded).

I also followed the system outlined in my China Replacement section and found 4 large dinner plates selling on ebay for about $7 TO $10 USD each. If you have over 100 items that adds up to a pretty penny, somewhere between $1000 to $2000 USD at the very least.

You should get an accurate valuation from a professional for insurance purposes. Visit my 'Bring In The Experts' page to get in touch with an antique china specialist.

This venture into china tableware seems to have been a bit outside the box for this watchmaker (and therefore the items are quite rare). If anyone knows more details about this please post on the comments section below.

Thanks again for an interesting query.


A big thanks to contributor Val O'Regan who has kindly done some online research on Sir John Bennett.

Val found some of their fine china for sale online where the seller explains that Sir John Bennett was an upmarket London retailer who commissioned top firms such as Royal Doulton to make dinnerware sets for their own label lines.

This explains why Sir John Bennett is not mentioned in any of the fine china makers encyclopedias.

Thanks to Val for clearing this up.

If you have any of this interesting tableware, go to my China Valuation Page to learn how to search ebay and the China replacement sites to get an idea of the value of your wares.


Best regards,

Peter (admin)



Peter, it turns out that the information on the website I referred you to is not necessarily accurate. There is a fair bit of guesswork involved. I contacted the owner, Gordon Hepworth, and this was his reply:

"I'll have to edit my page, as I don't know London very well.

"I've found that Cheapside, where the Sir John Bennett shop was, is not in "London's West End". That old shop has been taken, holus-bolus, to the USA, and you can see more about that here.

"I said they were probably made by Royal Doulton because I've seen
two or three Sir John Bennett sets that are the same in every respect to Royal Doulton patterns, except for the back stamps. Similarly, I've seen Sir John Bennett china in the same patterns as known Wedgwood designs. It appears that Sir John Bennett sourced stock from the better known makers of the day.
I hope that helps."

Well, I already had a great deal of information about the man Sir John Bennett (1814 – 1897) and his shop, which sold clocks, watches and chronometers, and later, apparently, cutlery and silver plate. But the business was sold, about the 1880s or early 1890s, to “Benson’s”, whoever they are.

Another website states: “Prior to 1930, the jewellery and clock shop was a popular presence … in the City of London.” The building was to be demolished, but it was bought by Henry Ford and taken to America in 1931, where it is now part of his “theme park”, Greenfield Village, a group of historic buildings. So there were new owners of the Sir John Bennett business – maybe several different owners over fifty or more years.

There is still no explanation for Sir John Bennett china appearing in the late 1930s, or how and where it was sold.

I have contacted Royal Doulton, whose archivist was unfortunately made redundant in January. They have given me a name and an e-mail address and I will make further inquiries. I like a bit of detective work.

Val O'Regan
Canberra, Australia


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Val

Great detective work!

You are going 'above & beyond' in the same vein as other visitors like star contributor Melissa.

What an interesting link to the site about where the Sir John Bennett shop was relocated to.

See more about the Sir John Bennett Store relocation to the USA here

(You need to scroll down past the huge header to see the content)

Interesting also that the shop is described as a 'Jewelery store' on the above Henry Ford site.

I can only presume that maybe, although the business was sold in the late 19th Century, it continued under new ownership and was forced to re-locate due to City of London redevelopments.

I happen to know London quite well and the area 'Cheapside' is just to the east of the West End in the 'City' of London, home to the financial district where all the bankers and money people hang out.

Going eastwards it looks like this:-

West End (shops) --- Covent Garden (Opera & Ballet) --- City (financial) --- East End (low income families).

On the subject of who Sir John Bennett sourced the china from - I can see they would have been an important customer of all the majors who would have been falling over themselves to supply a prestige store in the City of London with 'own brand' dinnerware.

Having been a buyer for Liberty of London (West End) before I left to go sculpting for a living, I know how this works! The salesmen would have been wining & dining the buyer to spend money with them rather than their competitors.

We still need some gaps filling in by anyone who knows more - particularly about Sir John Bennett himself and what happened after the business was sold!

Thanks Val. You're a star. Keep posting.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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The Mayfair - Sir John Bennett China Tableware Set - Antique China Comment
by: Samantha

The Mayfair - Sir John Bennett China Tableware Set - Antique China Comment:- I also have this set and have over two hundred pieces that I have collected for the last 15 years. It includes platters, egg cups, serving bowls with matching lids and beautiful cups. I also have had trouble locating any information concerning this set but was told by an old dealer that this set was made for the Coronation of Edward the VIII. I am yet to verify this information.

Any further info would be greatly appreciated.




Reply by Peter (admin)

to The Mayfair - Sir John Bennett China Tableware Set - Antique China Comment by Sam

This information is great! Thanks. If anyone else has more info, please post a comment!!

Peter (admin)

More on Mayfair
by: Anonymous

My parents were married in Sydney in 1938 and obtained their Sir John Bennett "Mayfair" dinner set before their marriage by selling sets to other people. If I remember right, they sold nine sets and their reward or commission was to keep the tenth. I also believe that the sets were made for the coronation of Edward VIII which never happened because he abdicated.
My parents' set, which is now mine, had "only" about 65 pieces, including egg-cups -- six of everything. The egg-cups were apparently easily broken, because only one remains. There are also several serving dishes, and teapot, sugar-bowl etc. My set is edged with green, not burgundy. In a Canberra antique shop a few years ago I saw on display a full set of the burgundy-rimmed china, which had never been used. It looked magnificent and I wished that I could buy it.

Sir John Bennett dinner set
by: Anonymous, Brisbane

Hi, I also have a an 8 piece dinner set, labelled Sir John Bennett, called "The Mayfair" which is green and gold. I love it. As far as I know it belonged to my mother and was purchased for her "glory box" before her marriage in 1947 - although I am not sure how long before.

I would like to buy some pieces, as a couple of plates have been broken after several moves. Any help with knowing where to look would be greatly appreciated.

After reading some of the comments I wondered if anyone knows if this "Mayfair" pattern was from one of the other manufacturers and whether they would have pieces available?


Peter (admin) says:- Not sure about in Aus, but have you tried

wanted 2 pieces of dinner set
by: Anonymous

I inherited my parent's dinner set - burgundy Mayfair and there are 2 pieces missing - 1 egg cup and 1 dinner plate. If anyone would like to sell these pieces I would be interested as I would love to pass the set on to my grandchildren.

email address

The Mayfair
by: Karen

I also have inherited what looks like a full set of burgundy and gold crockery by Sir John Bennett - The Mayfair. It is stashed way up the back of a cupboard but I noticed large serving plates, 4 egg cups, etc. I have no ideas as to whether this was my mother's, grandmother's or great granmother's. I have noted other comments but would welcome any further information on this set

Sir John Bennett - The Mayfair
by: Chris

I have 6 coffee cups and saucers which are marked with the Sir John Bennett signature, and 'The Mayfair' around the inside (or on)what might be a belt, with buckle, mounted by a crown.
There is also a 4 digit number.

These are white with silver lines, which are spaced at ever increasing intervals down the cup, or into the saucer centre. The handles are pointed or angled, not rounded. They are most elegant! I've not seen any others in my wanders: has anyone seen these?
Thanks for all the information so far

WANTED! Sir John Bennet - "Cavendish"
by: heather

WANTED! Sir John Bennet - "Cavendish":- I am also trying to find some john Bennett. I have inherited my grandmothers set and hers is a beautiful patter called Cavendish. She kept it all un broken all her life. The other day my husband accidentally broke 2 cups. I was so upset and am now on a quest to replace the. I have tried many replacement sites but no luck It has a rose band around the cup with a gold band on top of that.

I would really appreciate anyone letting me know if they know it.


Looking for Sir John Bennett The Mayfair Coffee Cups
by: Michelle

I have a Sir John Bennett dinner set which my father won in the lat 1930's. A few years ago some of the coffee cups were broken.

My set is Gold and Blue markings with a cream background.

Seems to me there are a lot of different colours and patterns for The Mayfair from my reading on the internet!

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

The Mayfair
by: Judith

Hi Chrism my set of Sir John Bennett 6 cups 6 saucers,6 coffee cups & saucers + cake platter, white with silver also pointed handles was handed down from my grandmother, i have not heard of anyone else with same.

"Berkeley" set of Sir John Bennet
by: Louise

I have been reading here mainly about the "Mayfair" and "Cavendish" sets, but I have a set named "Berkeley". Has anyone else seen or heard this before? It is cream with Navy and gold border then orange, yellow and green flowers inside that. It also has what looks like orange 'jewels' draping down the inside pattern as well. My great grandmother handed the set down in pieces to her daughters who have since handed the lot on to me, but no-one knows what happened to the teacups or saucers. I would love to find them and add to the rest of the set and I would love for my Nan to see the set together again. If anyone could help, I would be most grateful.Thanks.

Wedgwood Mayfair
by: Alison Bender

I have inherited a full diner set of Wedgwood. I was trying to find out it's worth, not sure how to determine this.

Peter (admin) says:


Berkeley pattern
by: Christine

Hi, we also have a Berkeley dinner service, from my in-laws 1939 wedding gifts. This includes, afternoon tea set and server, serving dishes with lids, square teapot sugar bowl and creamer, desert bowls and soup coupes. Unfortunately 2 egg cups have been broken. My father-in-law is now 100 years old, we treasure him and his dinner set.

sir johm bennett silverplate.
by: ian

i have to say what an informative site this is. congratulations to all who contribute.
i just wanted to say a cake slice has come into my possesion,with the bennett logo and the grading mark A1, signifying silver plate and until i googled sir john bennett i had no idea who this manufacturer was , so thanks for the help folks.

Sir John Bennett s.plate tea & coffee service
by: Anonymous

My 80 year old mother has a five piece Sir John Bennett silver plate tea and coffee service identical to that pictured, but lost the tray during the 2003 Canberra, Australia bushfire when their house was one of 500 incinerated in the nation's capital (the service was with another relative at the time). Her mother had obtained it new through a Bushell's tea leaf coupon promotion in the 1930's in Victoria, Australia. Her mother also acquired a china dinner service the same way.

Canberra ACT

Sir John Bennett
by: Alison

I have an incomplete set of Sir John Bennett "The Mayfair" in cream/burgundy. Myott's "Royal Crown" is another one with the same pattern although teacup shapes are different.

I also have a tea/coffee set in the white/platinum and a dinner plate in cream/blue as well as quite a few pieces of the EPNS tea/coffee service.

Someone told me once that the Myer store in Melbourne, Australia sold the Sir John Bennet range, but I haven't done any work to confirm that.

Sir John Bennett Cavendish Dinner Set
by: Meg

I just bought a near complete 6 piece Cavendish dinner set (including all those sweet little eggcups) from a second hand shop in the Adelaide Hills for what I now realize was a bargain price of $60 Aust. I was intrigued by the dinner service because the maker wasnt at all familiar to me and I couldnt find him in my any reference books. So, thank heavens for all you wonderful "googlers" who have enlightened me about my lucky purchase. My set is the green and gold Cavendish and the handles on the gravy boat and the vegetable dish lid have a decidedly art deco line along them making me think they are 1920's - 1930's vintage. I was going to use the dinner service for every day use. Now I think I might keep it for more special occasions. Thankyou so much for all your wonderful research and comments.

Sir John Bennett
by: Margaret

I have a silver coffee pot, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl with Sir John Bennett Ltd mark exactly as showen on your web site. It belonged to my mother now 92 years old and my father (deceased)who I believed was a sales person selling Royal Dolton items around Queensland, I am not sure who he worked for.

I know nothing else about this set or if it is of any value.

Could you help me as to how I would find any further information regarding these items.

Thanks Margaret.


Peter (admin) says:-

For general free advice on how to research your collection further, I wrote this page:

value of antiques.

Mayfair Dinner Service by Sir John Bennett
by: Dianne

I too have inherited a nearly complete dinner set by Sir John Bennett in the Mayfair design with a blue rim, gold and another cirle that looks like tassles. On the back, it has a belt/cirle with 'The Mayfair', crown above, signature of Sir John Bennetts Ltd, and also has Cheapside E.C and a marking of H.W.324, followed by Made in England. I believe my father bought this from a door to door salesman around late 1930's on a lay-by system. His mother paid the balance off as a wedding present for my parents in 1943. I would be very interested in knowing if the marking of H.W.324 has any significance and also an approximate value.

Sir John Bennett cutlery set
by: Jane

I have just been given by my mum a Sir John Bennett cutlery set.I think it is about 120 pieces and is in quite a large wooden desk.My mum thinks my nanna recieved it as an engagement present which was in the early 1940's.There are a few pieces missing. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jane (Adelaide) AUSTRALIA

Blue mayfair
by: Michael

A good friend has shown me photos of a Mayfair design dinner set. It sounds like the one mentioned by Dianne, with a blue edge,gold then silver tassles. There are approx. 40 pieces and she would be interested in selling the set if possible.
It has been very interesting to read all the info about John Bennett.
location is Melbourne Australia.

The Mayfair, Silver and White
by: Wendy

I too, have tea cups, saucers and cake plates (5 of each) as described by Chris. White with silver stripes. Beautiful but history unknown, other than they belonged to my grandmother.

sir john bennett mayfair
by: eric

have some pieces silver lines with pointed handles look great csp, coffee cups and saucers and 2 cake plates if anyone interested
had for years

Berkeley set
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what period the 'Berkeley' pattern is from and also any idea on worth? I inherited a 61 piece set which is gorgeous and just wanted to know more about it.

Hi Heather- I stumbled upon an almost complete Cavendish set in a second hand shop in High St Northcote Melbourne, caller Bauer bird or something like that. The we're selling the tea cups with 2 plates for $25 each

Sir John Bennett in Australia
by: Meg

Thanks for forwarding on all the comments about the Sir John Bennett China. They're really interesting. Ive been thinking lately about how many of them seem to have come from within Australia. Is that because the web page is country-specific and therefore we only see comments from OZ?
If not, why is there such a bounty of Sir John Bennett here? (Well, not exactly know what I mean)
And do you get lots of enquiries from the UK and America?

can someone help me?
by: natalee

i have just come to own a silver Sir John Bennett silver tea or coffee pot. its on its own and has a pattern on both sides like "art deco"shapes.

Sir John Bennett in Australia
by: Peter (admin)

Answer to Meg:-

Hi Meg

No, this is not an Australian site. I am based in the UK, but this site gets much of its traffic (60%) from the US, then the UK, then the other English speaking countries including Aus. Fair amount of traffic from Russia and China too. So truly international.

My guess as to why there is a lot of John Bennett in Australia is I think this firm must have concentrated in up-market exporting. As I mention in the update above to my original reply, the Americans were so taken with this firm they bought the shop lock, stock, and barrel and moved it to the USA brick by brick. A bit like I remember happened to London Bridge when I was a boy.

Anyhow, it is lost from our memory now, as too many generations have gone by, but John Bennett must have been the 'Harrods' of its day - with a worldwide reputation. The ex-patriots in Australia must have had a special penchant for John Bennett which must have represented everything aspirational about the old homeland (of course, nowadays Aus has its own very distinct character, but in the old days they clung onto being British a lot more than the today, I think) and also my guess is the firm may have had a really good export sales manager or distribution team over there - which often makes a difference.

Peter (admin)


Reply to Natalee:-

Yes, I believe Sir John Bennet silver is quite valuable, get it checked out - read this page first

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china

Sir John Bennett in Australia
by: Meg

Many thanks for your reply Peter.
It's made me even more interested in the John Bennett china, and now Im looking for some of the Company's silverware as well. Oh dear. How one thing leads to another!!

by: Lyn

I also have quite a number of pieces of the pattern "Berkeley". After exhausting google (lol)I finally found a reference to it on this site! I too am looking to find the value of these pieces as I am wanting to sell them as they have sat in a box unused since I recieved them when my grandmother passed away. We are going to be selling up and travel around Australia and I can't lug them around with us.

Sir John Bennett
by: Lyn

For anyone who maybe interested this is a link to the genealogy of Sir John Bennett with some details about his life. An interesting read.

sir john bennett coffee set
by: janice


John Bennett Ancestry
by: Meg

Hi Lyn,
Thanks for providing a link to John Bennett's ancestry. It really was an interesting read.

by: Anonymous

I have 2 Berkeley Bowls ,1 Egg cup and a Saucer left from my Mother-in-laws set.I would love to know how rare they are .

some 35 odd pieces of dinner set
by: Marita

if there is anyone interested I have 35 pieces,
3 cups ,saucers,gravy boat, desert bowls,
plates(4 sizes),cream and sugar
I picked them up, thinking they were realy lovely

Green n gold The Mayfair, by Sir John Bennett
by: Danielle from Australia

Hi all, I picked up one dinner plate today (13 April, 2013)for $2.50 from a second hand shop. I am so thankful to all the contributors to this page. I couldnt work out why there was no mention of his china tableware.

Now, what to do with it?
my email address is
wilcosupport @ optusnet . com . au

please remove the spaces if you email me

Help me identify
by: Hydsta

I have a bone handle super stainless Sheffield made cutlery set which also is stamped sir John Bennett cheap side E.C EPNS AI??? I haven't a clue?

Sir John Bennett The Mayfair.
by: Jan in NZ

I have only 1 cup and saucer (unfortunately).
Mine is the same as yours CHRIS. My # on back is 7983 and with his signature etc. My mother had a full set from around the 1940's. How silly of me to only keep one cup & saucer!! I was wondering the value too, as 'Janice' had asked further on page.I do not know. I love the pattern and wish I had more. Great to read all about it hear.

John Bennett Mayfair blue and gold
by: Joanne

If anyone has pieces of the blue/gold colourway of the John Bennett dinner set, i would be interested in purchasing, especially a tea cup and egg cups.
Set was handed down to me by my parents which i believe was a wedding gift in the mid 1940's. If anyone can help please email me at (Melbourne

thanks for all the interesting info.

Pieces to sell
by: Susie

I have Mayfair Sir John Bennett dinnerware pieces that are green and gold which I would be happy to sell if anyone is interested? Please contact me on Regards Susie

Preloveddinnerset John Bennett
by: Anonymous

I have a nearly complete dinner Cheapside green and hold I would be willing to shoo pieces or all of it

Post a comment below to get in contact

the mayfair dinner set
by: louise ellen

I have the full set of the mayfair by john bennett including egg cups serving tray soup turren in the navy gold design some of the large plates are crazed but would love an indication of its worth as we are in the process of moving and not sure whether to keep or sell it must be over 100 yrs old it has been in the family forever thank you for any help

Blue mayfair
by: Anonymous

To Michael or anyone is interested in selling their blue/gold colourway of the Mayfair, I would be very interested in any and all pieces you have. I am based in Australia but I'm happy to buy from overseas. You can contact me on

Sir John Bennett Mayfair 7983
by: Julie Blake

Hi I have Sir John Bennett Mayfair White with silver lines on it. I have three tea cup and saucers and plates and three coffee cups and saucers. Is anyone interested in buying and does anyone know the value please
My details

Sir John Bennett Cavendish NEW
by: Danielle

Hi there, I have inherited my grandmothers dinner set, I've read a lot of people having the maroon set, I have the navy blue and gold. It is missing a few pieces but am curious to know more about it.

The Mayfair NEW
by: Ros

I have the same as Chris Tea and coffee Set for 6 with two cake plates, White with silver bands and pointed handles. It has the stamp "The Mayfair" with Sir John Bennett signature and a number 7983 (Y983?). I believe it belonged to my parents around 1930. I'm from Aust.
I am interested in any further information and value.

Cream and gold cavendish dinner set
by: Gail

Hello, does anyone have any info about the cream colored Art Deco style cavendish dinner set please

Cavendish Cutlery and Boxed Cutlery NEW
by: JWT

My Grandmother's Cavendish Dinner Ware and set of Cutlery is now with me and I'm wondering the time period for the dinner Ware?

I have 50 pieces; 3 sets X 6 Plates - 6 Coffee Cups & Saucers - Tea Pot - 6 X Egg Cups - Medium Sized Platter - 2 Bowls one with Lid. Great condition, no glazing.

The boxed cutlery has a diamond timber pattern coming into a square. I have 2 of these both have settings for 6, plus serving items.

Is there anywhere you can view online a catalogue of the 1920s - 1930s era of items manafactured?

I was hoping to add to the collection.

Many thanks.

gold rim Cavendish 1750 sir john bennett dinner set NEW
by: Anonymous

i have 6 different sizes of plates like 6 cups a milk jug, egg cups, cooking tub-i dont know the names a teapot i think a gravy boat type of thing but im not to sure. it have a gold rim and a creme centre. if anyone knows anything about this or its worth or if you have the same set please contact me

gold rim Cavendish 1750 sir john bennett dinner set NEW
by: sophie

i have 6 different sizes of plates like 6 cups a milk jug, egg cups, cooking tub-i dont know the names a teapot i think a gravy boat type of thing but im not to sure. it have a gold rim and a creme centre. if anyone knows anything about this or its worth or if you have the same set or if you would like to buy it email me for photos please contact me

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