Studio Pot Mark Query - +en "L"

by Pete
(Totnes UK)

Studio Pot Mark Query -   +en

Studio Pot Mark Query - +en

Studio Pot Mark Query - +en "L":- Someone told me that this was a Leach pot, but I can't find the mark anywhere. Could you let me know who's mark it is please.




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by: Anonymous


The Lowerdown Pottery of David Leach
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks for solving this one.....

Wish I had your name to thank you with as I do really appreciate your knowledge and time.

I had a quick read up of the history of Lowerdown

Here's what I found out - some of which I knew and some of which I didn't.

David Leach was famous potter Bernard Leech's eldest son. Leach junior formed his own pottery - the Lowerdown pottery in 1955.

He had felt able to break away from his father's studio when it had, at last, begun to operate on a firm financial footing (Bernard was famous for putting artistic and aesthetic considerations before fiscal).

David had been the driving force in implementing some crucial changes to his father's pottery, and at the same time, Bernard's third wife had taken over the financial running of the business, putting it on the right footing.

I looked up some marks and (I could be wrong, as these are just my own observations and not from a book - please correct if you know better) saw that the "L+" mark seemed to be a general pottery of Lowerdown - not directly associated with David Leach, whereas the mark associated with the main man (who died in 2005 aged 94) are an L with a D (L D presumably standing for "Lowerdown David").

Lowerdown L+ pottery mark

There are other marks I saw, for example a TR pottery mark. I am not sure whose this is, but obviously a Lowerdown artist with those initials.

Lowerdown L+ pottery mark

The dynasty continues with the work of David's son John Leach who formed his own pottery in Muchelney Somerset in 1965.

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

That's Robert Tinnyunt isn't it?

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