Studio Pottery Marking - H in Circle, not Hull Studio Art Stoneware Lg Bowl

by Dana Luck

Studio Pottery Marking - H in Circle, not Hull Studio Art Stoneware Lg Bowl

Studio Pottery Marking - H in Circle, not Hull Studio Art Stoneware Lg Bowl

Hi there, I am so happy I came across your website. I think it is great that you help identify marks. I would be lost if I had not found you. Can you please help me! I purchased this beautiful bowl at a local thrift store. I love garage sales, flea marketing and looking for new treasures.

I recently became interested in pottery. I came across this piece in January. I have know idea who the maker is. I have tried and tried to find the maker/artist but come up with nothing.

There is a mark/stamp on the bottom of bowl. I thought it might be a danish bowl or from Denmark but honestly know nothing about it. The bowl measurements are 11.5" across top, 3.5" height and 7" across bottom. To me the mark looks like a capitol H in a circle, when I try to search that I only get info on Hull and this is obviously not a Hull piece and the H is different.

I am really not sure what the mark is or where item originates from. I would appreciate any info on this piece. After doing some online research myself the only things I was able to find out is this piece is a Studio Art Pottery Bowl, artist thrown and I believe it is Stoneware.

Hopefully I am right about that info, collecting pottery is something I am very interested in.

I have been a long time collector of vintage jewelry and am broadening my horizons!

The size and weight of this piece are very nice and bowl is in excellent condition.

Please help!

Thanks so much



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H Studio Pottery mark
by: Ann

Could this be an English Potter's mark - Peter Simpson. It looks very similar to his mark. I can't comment on the style, kind regards

Identifying mark
by: Anonymous

Hi Dana,
I'm so glad you posted. I also have been trying to identify this mark as I have two pieces of my own. I'm no expert but I can definitely tell you that this is not a Peter Simpson piece, nor does it even closely resemble his mark. If you have made any discoveries since your post please be sure to share. If not I will update you as soon as I find anything out myself.

Kind regards,

A Reed

Horsley, maybe?
by: Anonymous

Looks similar to a Patrick Horsley mark. But usually his have two stamps. It's start! Good luck!

Pottery Marking - H in a Circle
by: Laura

Hi Dana,
Did you ever find out who's mark this is? I also have a piece of this pottery too.

H in circle mark
by: Anonymous

I recently came across a pitcher with this same mark. I was wondering if anyone has figured out the artist.

Peter Simpson mark
by: Anonymous

H within a circle is a P S mark ( H) stands( I think, for Henry, a name often used by him).. The H in this example has the two cross members closer together than is usual for p s.

Peter Simpson
by: Dawn

I was told this was Peter Simpson studio H mark?
Please keep me updated.

Pottery Maker? NEW
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find out who the marking belonged to? I just found a piece with the same marking, so curious!
thank you

Ceramic vintage serving dish in the shape of a sun flower NEW
by: Lisa

I have a ceramic pale blue/grey serving or nibbles dish in the shape of a sunflower. On the back it has a letter H in a circle with the numbers 414-30. I have been trying to find out where it is from and how old it is but l cannot find these markings anywhere. The only thing that keeps coming up is Hull but l don't think that is what it is as no other images looked anything like it. I'm not sure where else to look. Can someone help me please?

Circle with H mark??
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
I also have a very unique piece with this mark. I haven’t had any luck, identifying it either. Wondering if anyone else has.

Thanks from Wisconsin

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