Swinnertons Antique Staffordshire bone china

by Christy

Swinnertons Antique Staffordshire bone china

Swinnertons Antique Staffordshire bone china

Swinnertons Antique Staffordshire bone china :- I received my great grandmother's wedding china from her and am looking for replacements. I believe it is antique and close to 100 years old. I am looking for the name of the pattern and if at all possible anyone knowing where I may find some info.

Thank you,



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Swinnertons Antique Staffordshire bone china

Hi Christy

Thanks for your great query. Nice clear photos. Lovely provenance to this beautiful tableware collection. You are very lucky to have it and should you want to sell it, you should do well.

Your wares could be antique, but it would have to be very early Swinnertons production, though. If so - very interesting for a Swinnertons collector.

Also, Swinnertons are not particularly known for making bone china. To my knowledge, they mainly made earthenwares.
What is the tests to see if your wares are bone china or not?

You can tell bone china by the the translucency and also the bright whiteness of the body. Porcelain is greyer and earthenware will not pass the following test:-

Hold your china up to a window or a bright light. Put your finger behind it. If bone china you will be able to see your finger very clearly.

Then, take a tea cup from the tea set, flick it on the rim. Bone china has a distinct ringing tone that is much different to either earthenwares, stonewares, or even porcelain for that matter.

Swinnertons of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was a company which traded in mainly earthenwares from 1906 to 1970. Apart from Swinnertons, their trade names were Hampton, Vitrion, and Royal Wessex.

With regard to identifying patterns, I feel this calls for further expertise in the field. To gain more insights definitely go to my special page on china patterns here:


I explain the various ways of how to nail down your pattern.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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non drip tea pot
by: carol

I have in my posession a cream coloured tea pot with a spout that pours from the bottom of the spout instead of the top. I have never seen a pot like this before or since. The Swinnerton mark is on the bottom, also the words patent lock ltd, non drip spout, and the numbers 477673 and below it 358 740. It is a beautifully balanced tea pot with unfortunately some damage to the ring where the lid sits. I would just like some information as to the age and pattern/type of pot this is.
Thank you so much.

by: Anonymous

I am delighted to fine more pottery here from my collection I again have cups, saucers and plates with yellow flowers.

Swinnerton's teapot
by: Sherry

I also have that teapot and would like to know a little about it's history and value! Any info would be appreciated!

what age? any value
by: al

i have a bowel with lid markings as follows
swinnertons staffordshire made in england
gold color markings with name lindon 4259
appears to be very old, any info would be

Willow Pattern
by: Anonymous

I have some Willow pattern breakfast and tea plates. They are 40+ years old and I wondered if they were of any value/ They are stamped 'Old Willow' Swinnertons Staffordshire England

Golden Flower dish
by: Marie D

Just visited the site searching for info on a lovely pre loved dish which I am moving on - major declutter in progress! Its 20cms wide & 4.25cms max depth & wonder if your collectors are interested in it? Am in Wales UK.

Swinnerton's Jug
by: Dianne

I have a very simple jug,milk , perhaps. No gold trim,painted with daisies. Bottom only says Swinnerton's, Staffordshire England. Any idea's of age?

by: Anonymous

i have a breakfast bowl with the words vitrion swinnertons staffordshire

swinnerton staffordshire
by: Marion Fordyce

would like name and info on china with gold and white lily antique England

swinnerton staffordshire
by: Marion Fordyce

I have a set of 41 p of this china called Golden Flower. I would liked to more about and its valueand age.?

bone china Golden Flower
by: Marion Fordyce

I found the name as I have the same dishes.

Golden Flower

by: Anonymous

My Mom has quite a few of these dishes. Wondering how we can find their value as they are only collecting dust. Very old dishes. A couple are showing their age

I have 73 pieces of the Golden flower
by: Karen

I am looking to sell my 71 piece set of Golden flower dishes but I'm not sure what to ask does àny one know?

by: Brenda

I have the same teapot carol has with the same number 358740...what's the value?!.Thanks

Swinnertons Tudor rose china from 1950s
by: D. M. Leblanc

My mother in law purchased the Swinnertons Tudor rose china back in the 1950s. I am looking for special pieces including a gravy boat and dish underneath it, teapot and sugar bowl and creamer to go with it. I would appreciate any help I could get in finding these pieces. Thank you. My mother in law was born and lived for many years in Quebec Canada and purchased this china there.

Age.g NEW
by: Don Uhren

Ov al serving platter it reads S winner tons manley England wasGrandmothers

Replacement/ additional/identification help NEW
by: Anonymous

Check out replacements.com. They can help you find the pattern name and as well you can sign up to be notified if they have or come across additional pieces to the pattern. I also have a piece of swinnerton vitrion china - different from yours- and came across your thread searching for more info.

Swinnerton Golden Flower NEW
by: Jocelyne

Hi, i own a 12 setting set of this beautiful antique pattern. Also have the service bowl, cream and sugar containers. I am missing one cup. I am offering to sell all at 180$ canadian dollars. Jocelynelenneville@gmail.com

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