Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket

by Roger

Thomas Dudson?  Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket

Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket

Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket:- Hello Peter! I wonder if this bowl could be a Dudson. Width is about 20-23 cm and hight about 15 cm. I bought it this last autumn in a shop run by the Salvation Army in Stockholm Sweden.

Best wishes

from Roger


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Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket

Hi Roger from Sweden

Many thanks for submitting, but you have confused me on so many levels, I don't know where to start.

Dudson wares were often unmarked in their early period 1800 - 1888 (James Dudson - official founding date is 1838). Then from 1888 they were marked with J Dudson England. Then from 1898 as Dudson Brothers, England. And then from 1945 Dudson, Hanley.

Today they have several marks and brands.

The second thing to say is where do you get 'Thomas Dudson' from? I don't know of a time period when they were named Thomas Dudson. I am sure there were members of the family called Thomas, but I don't know of any separate companies of that name. Perhaps you can enlighten.

The third thing is, to me they are known as the foresighted company whose decisions and strategy on 100 years
ago ensured their survival today - namely by specialising in stylish, hard-wearing hospitality ware (hotels and restaurants). So for you show me a trinket box with floral decoration and say "Thomas Dudson" has completely thrown me, I am afraid, so perhaps you could enlighten.... I am sure you must know something I don't, and that is what this website is all about - each of us sharing their knowledge.

In fact, I believe Dudsons are by far the oldest and longest surviving family owned ceramic makers in the UK. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ian Dudson (CBE DL) who is also, incidentally, the High Sheriff of Staffordshire and a fellow member of the Staffordshire regeneration initiative.

With the towns of Stoke-on-Trent nowadays looking like London after the blitz, so many are the factory closures and so sweeping the works of the bulldozers, it comes as a very pleasant surprise to know there are still some beautiful old ceramic companies which have survived the economic turmoil, the Far East under-cutters and the general downturn in demand for fine china. Dudsons is most certainly one of the few. Check out their website which is very informative.

Dudson's China Website

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Thomas Dudson Mark on small Hand-Painted Trinket
by: Peter (admin)

continued from:- Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket...

Hello again Peter!

I'm sorry my writing on the subject was a little bit sloppy the first time above.

I have now sent in better photos {ed:- these now replace the originals above} ( Sorry I didn't recognise the first time that more pictures can be appended now )

There are paintings on all four sides of the trinket.

The mark looks like a molded or stamped in
four-leaf clover and is placed at the inside of one of the four foots. Beside it there is also an uneven X that looks like being scratched in by hand.

I found the mark, or a very similar one, on this website - which since a month you now have to pay for:-

The mark is described "Dudson,Thomas".

I also wish to thank you for the link to the Dudson Company site.

Here is mentioned a James Thomas.

"On the death of his father in 1882, James Thomas Dudson, the great grandson of the founder, became the owner of the Hope Street factory..."

Best Regards

Roger Carlson

Here is a couple of links mentioning the Dudson Company.
Kind of same scratched in X
Same red colour

Thomas Dudson Mark Continued
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Roger

Many thanks for your additional comments.

We will come to the answer to this mini-mystery sooner or later!

I tried to research Thomas Dudson more in my Goddens encyclopaedia, but they don't really mention this name, and they don't mention the early period from 1800. However, I read on that "Thomas Dudson ran the new Hope Street works from 1809-1838".

So maybe this is a clue to who Thomas Dudson is, but the company themselves do not mention him on their potted history page.

The Marks Finder website you mentioned I am familiar with but, as you say they charge for access now, so I haven't visited for a while. Their information on English makers was normally not as comprehensive as Goddens anyway - except in this case it seems.

Unfortunately, I still can't see your mark photo that well, but from what I can see of it, it might be a similar type of device to the mark on the Dudson Bros mark of 1936-1945 shown below:-

thomas dudson

Let me know if this looks anything like it.

The thing is, if this mark is that of Thomas Dudson from the Hope Street works 1809 - 1838 then this must be a very old item dating from that time. However, only an expert could tell. So hopefully, someone will help out, or otherwise I have an expert referral service available.


Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket
by: Roger

Hello again Peter and thank's for your answer.

As for your question wether the mark you present looks like the mark om my trinket the answer is no.

As for the mark on my trinket it shows very clearly on your site now if you click the picture.

I also from a dictionary on English porcelain, I don't have the name of the book right now, I found at the Royal Library ( Kungliga Biblioteket) in Stockholm read this:

"The china-producing partnership between James and Charles Dudson at Hope Street, Shelton (Hanley), was dissolved on 23 July 1845, on the willed instructions of Thomas Dudson. James Dudson subsequently continued the firm on his own accout" *Source: A Family of Potters since 1800 (Dudson Publications, Hanley. 1985 ) by Mrs Audrey M. Dudson


Thomas Dudson? Ornate Antique China Floral Trinket (continuation)
by: Roger

Hello again Peter!

Following our Dudson discussions above about a trinket that I thought was made by someone from the Dudson family.

I am now posting to this page because I want to submit pictures. I found an object with flowers on it at the auction website:

The picture, which I submit, of the subject in the auction is accompanied by the text:

dudson old decorative house

"Lot 252 Sold For GBP 180 Buyers Premium included

A Dudson Summer house pastille burner and stand, circa 1830 of circular panelled form the edges applied with extruded clay and pierced with evenly spaced windows, the roof applied with a large yellow flower finial bordered by trailing flowers, the whole applied with further flowers 16 cm (minor losses to flowers, minor wear to gilding)"

The flowers of the object in the auction look not very different from the flowers on my trinket/lidded terrine.
But maybe my is something Italian with the flowers looking like they can be something from like Bassano.

I will also submit a picture of text from a book.

dudson decorative floral wares with flowers

Best Regards


I am sorry to say I have not made much further research about the famous pottery family Dudson. I tried to find the above mentioned book,Dudson. A family of Potters since 1800, on a couple of libraries.

Will possible make some further efforts in the future because I am a little bit "pottery struck".
Maybe far reached, but just like in music you can in handicrafts you like experience something more than just the subject. The beauty of it.

Great Work on Dudson
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Roger

I very much appreciate your research on the old Dudson wares. Great contributions which enrich the knowledge of the internet! Keep them coming. You will always have an outlet for your research and writing here.

Peter (admin)

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