Unusual Sevres Type Mark with Red Triangle FBS France

by Martha
(Michigan, USA)

Unusual Sevres Type Mark with Red Triangle FBS France

Unusual Sevres Type Mark with Red Triangle FBS France

Unusual Sevres Type Mark with Red Triangle FBS France:- Hello, I have a porcelain box that has markings similar to Sevres. However, the blue mark is encircled within 2 blue circles and there is a crown at the bottom of the mark. There is also a red triangle mark that is divided into 3 sections and has the letters F B and S, one in each section. The word FRANCE is also written in red, just below the triangle. I cannot find these exact markings in any of my reference books. I would appreciate any help you can give me in determining what these marks mean, thank you.

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Reply by Peter (admin)

to Unusual Sevres Type Mark with Red Triangle FBS France Query

Dear Martha

Nice query and photo, interesting mark I have never seen before. Thanks.

I can't find any reference to either of these marks in my books either. Very intriguing.

I can normally give pointers, even with very little to go on, but not in this case. I am stumped. However,
I will give you my best guess.

The Sevres style mark may be the stamp of the actual makers, while the FBS circular mark is not the maker at all, but likely the importer/distributor/retailer to the USA.

The stamp takes 3 elements from 3 different eras of Sevres markings. The double circle, the opposite cursive L's and the crown appear at different times but never together. The crown is also strange because it is normally up top, never down below. There are so many different marks though, it takes a specialist to decipher this type of unusual mark.


I have since found other examples of this mark on the website www.porcelainmarksandmore.com. This confirms my importer/distributor/retailer theory as the country of origin on wares showing this mark varies from Czechoslovakia, Germany, France and England, with various different makers marks showing alongside the assorted FBS markings (all variations on the circle with the 3 part split).

Good hunting. And please report back with further findings.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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I Have a Pair of Lamps with the Same Double Circle and Entwined L's NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a pair of porcelain vintage lamps I'm trying to identify and they have the same double circle stamp with the two entwined L's, only my stamp is in red. The underside of the lamps also say "Hand Painted" and "Made in France" with a second marking that appears to be a large "T" with either a large "C" or a large "G" in the middle of the "T" and then a smaller "P" with an "H" under it inside the "C". All of these markings are in red. Also on the porcelain lamp itself is the artist's signature, which appears to read "Leau" or "Jeau" (possibly "Jean". I cannot find anything about these anywhere.

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