Who Is this 'B' Pottery Mark on Teapot?


Who Is this 'B' Pottery Mark on Teapot?

Who Is this 'B' Pottery Mark on Teapot?

Who Is this 'B' Pottery Mark on Teapot?:- trying to find maker of, and info on my teapot.




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Reply by Peter (admin)
To Who Is this 'B' Pottery Mark on Teapot?

Hi Gary

You successfully managed to upload 3 photos thanks. Unfortunately, they were all of the base!

Without seeing the teapot, I can only give you details of the maker known to use this exact same single 'B' pottery mark.

Worcester Royal Porcelain used this mark during their Barr Period (Barr and Flight & Barr) 1792 to c1806. Your mark is identical to this incised mark of Barr. However, most wares of this period are either in museums or important collections, so the likelihood of this being genuine is ...... well, I'll let you decide.

Even a fake would be interesting. The person faking the mark knew precisely what the Barr mark looked like and was able to copy it exactly. Very interesting item in either case.

I have not set eyes on many teapots from the Barr 1792 to 1806 period, but the ones I have seen have not had vegetables on them. They are the typical sophisticated delicate fine porcelain of the period in 'classical' designs.

Continue your research from here.

Other makers who use a single 'B' pottery mark

Jacques Vermonet, Boissette, Seine-et-Marne, France

Jacques Feburier & Jean Bossu, Lille, France

Boscean Pottery, St Just-in-Penwith, Cornwall, UK

Antoine Bonnefoy, Marseilles, Johann Valentin Bontemps, France

Bow China Works, Stratford, London, UK

Belvedere Factory, Warsaw, Poland

Booths (Ltd), Tunstall, Staffordshire, UK


Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china

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Letter B
by: Patricia

Did you find your teapots maker.
I have a figurine with the same B mark and have been trying for months to find the maker.

B pottery/porcelain mark
by: Sue

I too have a piece of blue and gold porcelain with a small blue B only on the bottom. I know it is very old as it was given to my by my mother whose mother gave it to her. I have done some research and it could be Flight & BArr. The mark was found here: http://www.oldandsold.com/pottery/greatbritain38.shtml and is number 6. How can I confirm this and where and who can I send a pic of both bowl and mark.

B mark
by: Bunni

I have a B mark to base of a courting couple . The mark is the same as the lady asking about the teapot. Did she identify her maker ?

Gold letter B
by: Lynn

Hi I have a old potpourri with fruit and same colours of Worcester blue and gold and fruit colours also what looks like a bird on top of lid there is a 3number on bottom and B in gold hand written can anyone tell me if Worcester did this mark in gold if not who? Thank you

B mark and 662A NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a blue jug with like sunflowers on with B MARK at bottom and also 662A any info would be grateful I can also uploads photos if need to.

pottery with the letter B NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a very rustic looking cup and saucer with these marks. Wondering who the maker is.

B signature
by: Beccy

Hello I also have a B on my vase could anyone help identify please

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