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Artone Bone China - Bone China Fancies and Tableware

Artone Bone China - Bone China Fancies and Tableware

Antique Bone China Query - Artone Bone China - "made in England":

Can you tell me anything about this company called Artone Bone China? Thanks!

Answer by Peter (Admin)

Hello Dear Visitor

Thank you for taking the time to ask your query about Artone Pottery. Artone China began in 1946 in Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England. I don't have any record of it ever closing down, so it may well still be operating. You could check by looking in the Stoke phone book.

A small company, they specialized in hand painted bone china 'studio' type items such as flowers, fancies and figures. Their characteristic potters mark is a the outline of a painter's palette with a printed mark within.

I enclose a photo above of some typical Artone wares.

Hope this helps with your query.

Peter (admin)

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by: Diana

Artone was founded by brothers George and Jack Lawton along with their wives Irene and Frances.They trained at Doulton before second world war and founded the company afterwards.

A little more detail on Artone Pottery from the family
by: Beth

Re your entry on Artone. I thought you might like a little more detail.

Artone was founded by my grandparents and my great uncle, who all previously worked at Doulton. It was originally called Manton, but the name was changed to Artone after Minton objected.

They sold the business in around 1979 and I believe the company that they sold it too discontinued the name a short time afterwards.

Sadly my grandparents are now dead and I regret not asking them more about the business when I had the chance.


ARTONE Cream Pail
by: Stephen Mells, Edinburgh , Scotland

I had been searching for some time for any information on this cream pail I purchased at a flea market.

Until I found this web site all appeared to be fruitless. I collect stone bottles; the old ginger beer and stout types. These were mostly manufactured by Buchans of Portobello; although many potteries produced these wares. I was drawn to this particular piece because of the colors and pastoral scene - I have it on my kitchen dresser.

Also it is quite large - approximately 12 inches tall by 13 inches wide to the outside of the handles. Quite a large piece for a potter to ' throw '. Not too sure how many of these are around. I would have thought that pieces of this size are easily broken.

Was this a piece purely for display or was it actually used for cream ? It would be good to be able to get a more specific date / year of manufacture rather than somewhere between 1946 - 1993.

I have had Prattware in the past where the use of colors , particularly on their pot lids , was prolific and attractive. This one is colorful and dare I say quite pretty with the floral decoration.


Anyway, a big thank you to all the contributors this and the other main thread on Artone here;

I have been enlightened.



The Forum Help Elf Says:-

There are two other discussion threads on Artone on this site that Stephen is referring to:-


artone Mr and Mrs Fox
by: laura

I purchased a pair of small foxes made by Artone. I've looked for more info on them but the Internet drew nothing at all. One site said they were rare which seems right as I can't find anything. I've only found a rabbit by artone online. Any further info would be good thankyou.

value and how old
by: sue

I have a pair of artone hand painted bone China a one is sleepyhead signed boy in he's pajamas with hes teddy the other is a girl with her doll and she is signed Amne

Who Founded Artone Pottery
by: Sue

I wish to clarify some information regarding who founded the Artone Pottery.

It was George Lawton and Bob Hardman who were the founding partners. Robert Hardman was married to Madge Woodings, who were my Great Aunt and Uncle.

They both worked at Royal Doulton. They had no children. They won some money on the Pools and used these winnings to start Artone.

he orignal name of Artone Pottery was "Manton" - which was a derivation of the two surnames in combination.

But the giant Minton pottery objected to this brand naming as it was too close to theirs.

Numerous members of my relatives on my mothers side have worked in the pottery industry, including my Mum who was a painter at Wedgwood.

Thanks for a great discussion. It's so fun to be involved on a personal level.


Fantastic First Hand Account by Sue
by: Peter (admin)

Hello Sue

This is exactly the type of first hand account I love to get on this site.

So thank you for your time and efforts and feel free to post some more details if you have time.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. To Colin.... It's quite difficult to get and accurate date for the Artone pieces because they made 'evergreen' decorative wares like novelty tobyjugs and character teapots and the like. The nearest we can really get is that their main bulk of production was after their year of being founded in 1946 to aproximately the end of the 1970's when demand was declining for that type of wares.

Police man and woman tea pots stamped 'Artone England'
by: Colin

Hi all....

Can anyone please tell me how old my police man and woman tea pots I have, stamped 'Artone England'.

All the best


Additional Information on Artone Pottery.
by: Sue

Hello Peter,

Thankyou for your reply.

A little more information on Artone Pottery.

Madge Hardman was my Great Aunt, her maiden name was Woodings. She had three sisters and two brothers, one of which was my Grandfather. She was born in the Potteries.
They sold their part of the company as they were planning to go to America.
Madge died in her 50's from lung cancer. Originally they were both going to emigrate to America, but after Madges death Bob emigrated alone. He worked for Spode in America for a few years. He returned to Newcastle and died at the age of seventy six. Sorry I have no dates.

Originally the backstamp was Artone England in green. Then changed to the artists palette, Artone England, in green.

Madge handmade all the petals and leaves for the flowers for the Artone Pottery. Madge was also a paintress,as was Irene Lawton.

Kind regards,


by: Madge

I would be very interested in any information regarding the Hardman family as this is also my family.



The Sleepy Heads
by: Christine

I too have sleepyhead and Ann they have been on my dresser since I was a child.

Mr and Mrs fox
by: Chrissie

I too have Mr and Mrs fox and also the Mrand Mrs Rabbit, Mouse and Frog. I have the sleepy head and Ann's and a bust of Shakespeare. I love these pieces they are so whimsical.

Remembering Artone
by: Jane Barton

For Beth
George and Jack who started Artone after the war were my fathers cousins. Their mother, Alice, was my Grans sister. I remember being taken to the pottery as a child and watching Aunt Irene paint flower baskets. I was given a childs China teaset. My mother passed on her Artone bits to me and I and my late sister picked up other pieces over the years.

Madge and History of Artone
by: Ann

Hello Peter
I was just reading the History of Artone due to the fact my mum had just bought a piece from a boot fair this morning. She picks up bits and pieces when she sees them as Madge was her Auntie. Madge had a brother Charles Woodings who was my grandad. My mum Betty Woodings as was lives in Coventry and will be 88 this year. She was a paintress at Wedgwood. I just noted my sister Sue had also emailed you. I now live in the USA and have the pleasure of having them both visit each year. I totally enjoyed the posts.
Thanks Ann.

by: Anonymous

My plate has the same crown mark and has a beautiful painting of a boy and a long bearded old man.Signed Skinner
I guess,I can't send a photo?
Thanks Alex D.

Robbie Burns Toby Jug
by: Daisy

I have a 6 1/2" TobyJug which I think is Robbie Burns but it is not named and I cannot find anything about it.The Artone makers mark is on the base. Can anyone help identify it.Ginger bearded face with green and black plaid beret and kilt, with a black jacket, white and black necktie and white and black kilt.

Artone figures
by: Tracey

I have two figurines of a boy called sleepyhead hand signed with an Artone stamp. He is wiping his eyes and has a teddy at his feet.

The girl figurine is hand-signed 'Anne - Artone bone China England'. She is carrying a dolly.

I was wondering how rare these are? Please join this thread by posting if you have one...

These figures belonged to my Nan.

All the best


Dickens Artone Figurines
by: Mary S

I have three Dickens figurines and have been trying to find out more about them. Pickwick and the Beadle were easy to find but the third one has been a challenge.

The third figurine is Tamora Bardell and I have not been able to find any images or mention of this piece. She has a white bonnet and apron and green dress with pink accents.

The closest I got was for a pepper and salt set (p&s) which is where I found out who she is. This piece is not a p&s shaker.

Any information about this piece would be appreciated. I have really enjoyed reading about the history of the company which I had not heard of previously.

by: Anonymous

I too have inherited the two Artone foxes. I see they are being sold (with many other Arton3 figures and pottery) by a firm on eBay for £24.99

Send photos and I'll add them
by: Peter

Hi Guys

Any photos you want uploaded, please send them to me and I'll upload them here.

Unfortunately, the software of these forum threads don't allow contributors to the the thread to upload themselves (only the originator of the thread in their first post).

Sent to me at

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