Unknown Crown Pottery Mark on Pie Vent Chinaman

by Nancy H
(Columbus Ohio USA)

Unknown Crown Pottery Mark on Pie Vent Chinaman

Unknown Crown Pottery Mark on Pie Vent Chinaman

Unknown Crown Pottery Mark on Pie Vent Chinaman:- I collect pie birds/vents/funnels. I am the proud new owner of a pie vent, which has me stumped. My collection is for my own personal pleasure, so the value is not important. Although I do like to know when it was made, and by which pottery.

My new little guy is a Chinese Man. He measured 2-1/2 inches across at the widest part, and is 4-1/8" high. I believe he was made sometime between the early 1920's through maybe the early 1940's. He has the traditional arched areas along the base, which allows steam and juices to enter, and two rather large vent holes in his shoulders. I also believe he is what would be called a "multi-purpose pie vent." A number of US pottery companies produced multi-purpose pie vents in the late 30's and early 40's. They held things like measuring spoons, measuring cups, cake testers, etc.

He is stamped on the back with a crown, and MADE IN ENGLAND.

Pictures are attached.

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Unknown Crown Pottery Mark on Pie Vent Chinaman

Hi Nancy

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful. What a cute little fellow this Chinaman is - an what a nice niche to collect in.

Now for the bad news. There are more crown marks than any other type of pottery mark - literally thousands of makers to choose from. I was afraid I would be unable to help without any initials or any other clues to go by.

Then a little bird told me this crown may be the mark of a nice little Burslem maker called Artone. I have written about them here:-

Artone Pottery.

Their mark is more normally an artist palette with brushes, but maybe their export mark for the US was a crown. I could not find any evidence for this, but perhaps some pie vent collectors please try to help with this one (check out the comments section below for replies).

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Looks like it is an Artone piece.
by: Nancy H

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Artone pottery. Although I can not find much, I did find a well documented Artone pottery pie bird, that bears that mark. It is here The crown marks is clearly shown in the picture of the underside.

There is not much information on Artone's pie vents. A few are in the Four & Twenty Blackbirds books. Perhaps they only used the crown mark on pie vents because they have no underside for stamping. Or, maybe only on the ones being exported to the USA.

Currently there is another pie vent on ebay, that bears the same mark. Located here

Addition to above comment
by: Nancy H

What a dummy I am. Apparently the links did not show up.

The well documented Artone Pie Bird can be seen by going to rubylane dot com and searching for pie birds. The one in question is two blackbirds sitting on a log.

The reference to the one on ebay can be found by searching ebay for Shakespeare pie vent.


Peter (admin) says:

Hi Nancy

Many thanks for sharing your research which confirms Artone. I saw a very nice lighthouse pie vent with the Artone crown label on ebay when I searched.

To search yourself go to my page here and click the link which says:- "For those wanting to get ebay price comparisons in order to help value their china collection - click here". This takes you directly to the right page to search on your local ebay.


Artone Pie Vent Collection
by: Nancy H

I posted new pictures of my Artone pie-vent collection here

Come and look

Nancy H

Crown mark
by: Sue

I have some items with the crown and made in Engalnd I could find nothing out about them, until now, they have the same mark as your piece I now have something to look for. Thank you, by the way my pieces are jugs with a pretty floral pattern.


Help Elf says:-


Thanks for your kind contribution. Please Post photos and we will display them as we have done with Nancy's.

Click here and go to this form to upload pics.

Be sure to say the photos are for Nancy's Artone section, or the editors might miss the connection.



Sue says:-

artone jug pottery mark

Two beautiful floral jugs mark the same as the Artone Pie Vent Chinaman, however can;t find anything other than Toby jugs from Artone, would love to the age of these pretty items.


Help Elf Says:-

Likely from the 1950's or 60's. Artone weren't established until 1946.

by: Sue

Thank you for that I am glad to have found out something about these pretty jugs.

Other Artone items
by: Nancy H

Artone Pottery leased part of the former Ellgreave Pottery site, located in Burslem, Staffordshire District of England. They were in business from 1946 to 1993.

If you do an ebay search for "Artone" several figurines, teapots, thimbles and pins/brooches are currently listed. I know they also made placecard holders that were floral in design (similar to the brooches).

The items with the crown logo and "Made in England" mark appear to be items stamped specifically to export to the US market. Maybe even made just for the US market. I bought my Chinese Man pie vents, from a person who had no idea who made it. I bought the cow pie vent on ebay the same way. You might have better luck finding similar pieces by searching ebay and similar sites for "jug Made in England" than by searching for Artone.


Artone jugs
by: Sue

thank you for your help I must admit it so interesting having to research items and having help from others like your self.

many pie birds have the crown stamp
by: DeeDee

The crown stamp has been a mystery to my daughter and me and many others for quite a long time. I know it was used by Artone, but we have a number of other pie birds with unknown makers (to us) that have the crown mark. I'm not so sure the mark was exclusive to Artone, thinking a few other potters used it, too.

Artone Pottery Pie Vent
by: Cathy

The only pie bird that Artone Pottery made was the Bird on a Log. It is marked Artone Pottery, England, inside an artist palette.

Artone marks
by: Nancy H

Artone, like many other potteries, used different marks depending on where the item would be sold. I have three identical pie vents of a bird setting on a log. One is marked with the traditional Artone mark of a pallet with a brush and their name. One is marked with the crown mark and Made in England. One has no markings at all.

Artone also did some contract pie vent production specifically for items to be sold in the US. All of those pieces have the Crown and Made in England mark.

My knowledge of pottery marks is very narrow and only relates to pie vents. I have no idea if plates, bowls, pitchers and other items were marked the same way. I do know that the laws state an item made in another country must be stamped with the country of origin. And, that items made for sale in the country of origin do not have to be stamped at all.

Artone Pottery Crown Logo Mark
by: Cathy

Nancy - I, too, am very interested in the crown logo mark. I have had several pie birds with this mark pass through my hands (selling them on eBay). At one time, several years back, a lady named Leslie sent me an email informing me that the potter behind this crown logo mark was Artone. I was very pleased to have this information. Earlier this year I was searching the internet and came across this site, and your post. "There it is!" I thought, "A confirmation of the information that Leslie had given me".
I am by no means an expert on pie vents; however, I recently purchased the back issues of the Pie Birds Unlimited newsletters. An article in one of the newsletters had a copy of several correspondences between the editor and the owner of Artone Pottery (Mr. Jaram, 1981-1995). It was in one particular letter that he stated the information I posted. Artone Pottery only manufactured one pie vent. The newsletter also mentions that in the mid-1990s a larger two-headed bird on a log was made to resemble Artones bird (inside it had the crown logo mark)no potter mentioned. We also know that there are new imports of this bird on a log sold in catalogs today.
Now, I’m back to square one and am confused. You say Artone did some contract pie vent productions. Where did you get this information? I would really love to know! Help me to figure out this puzzle! Thank you - Cathy

Artone crown logo mark
by: Chris Watson

I have a pair of double handled vases marked with this crown with Made In England under. The design has been signed Watteau. I am trying to establish the makers, date and value but have been unable to find any facts on these items. Can anyone help?

Dish with the Crown on the bottom
by: Sharon Perrett

In searching for a maker of my dish I can accross your articles. Mine is a flowery dish with gold trim that also has a crown and Made in England stamped on the bottom but nothing else. I'll add some photos of it.

Artone Teapot
by: Anonymous

I have a pink rose teapot with this exact stamp. I'd like to post a photo but can't find upload.

Crown over Made in England
by: Robert

Came across this website whilst looking for information on the Crown mark. The item which I have is a plant pot holder 6" high and 6" diameter top and bottom with a waist half way up. Colour is leaf green fading to white panels around the centre, the panels being decorated with paintings of flowers. Lined in gold around the top wavy edge. It reminds me of something I remember from my childhood days in the mid 1940s. I would say that the Crown over Made in England is the same as that on the pie vent in Nancy's collection, it certainly has the same spacing with the word 'IN' hanging out to the right. Any info would be appreciated. I can send photos if anyone is interested.

A Crown with Made in England under on Jugs
by: SueD

Thank you everyone for the information.

I've got a graduated set of floral patterned jugs with the same mark on all three. I've puzzled over the maker for some time, then thought I'd check on this site. I should have known to come here first! I don't think I've ever failed to resolve a problem here!!

The shape, pattern and sizes of the Jugs fit in perfectly with being from the 1950s. They're not going to be valuable I'm sure, but I do like to fill in a bit about an item's history.

Once again, my thanks to you all for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work!

wash basin
by: Molly G

I have a wash basin.. maroonish and cream in color, with a gold rim. It has a man and a woman along with some goats or something outdoors. very beautiful over all. It also has this mystery mark of the crown over Made in England. I can not seem to find any information of any kind anywhere!

Cream Pail
by: Pamela

I have a cream pail with the crown and made in England.

And a porcelain thimble NEW
by: Anonymous

It has the crown mark, and Bone China England below it on the inside. The outside is painted with flowers and leaves, but apparently the design was somehow added mechanically, as there is a diagonal line where the pattern is discontinuous.

Blue Floral Jug with Crown and made in England Mark
by: Cliff

My neighbour has asked me try to find a replacement for a jug with the same Crown and Made in England mark. It is white with a blue floral pattern. It stands about 12 inches high.
Up until I found these posts I was unable to identify the maker.

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