Antique & Fine China Collectibles Query - Blue Crown over an "H"

by Mark
(Wausau WI)

Antique & Fine China Collectibles Query - Blue Crown over an

Antique & Fine China Collectibles Query - Blue Crown over an

Antique & Fine China Collectibles Query - Blue Crown over an "H":-

Mom has an old teapot and we would figure out how old it is and where it was made.... I would deeply appreciate any information you could pass along...

Thanks in advance.



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Antique & Fine China Collectibles Query - Blue Crown over an "H"

Hi Mark

None of my books mention a maker using just the single letter "H" beneath a crown, and I have never seen this mark before (which is a sign it is very unusual/undocumented) so either this is a lesser known maker, perhaps from a lesser known region (Poland, Russia or Bohemia maybe), or it is a lesser known mark from a better known maker.

The service itself is quite spectacularly rich, unusual and extravagant in both decoration and shapes, yet there are tell-tale signs of slightly slapdash finishing where the glaze has been carelessly spilled onto the base.

This service is quite an enigma in every way. Only an expert could look at it and tell us where it stems from.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Similar/same mark
by: Sue

I have a sugar bowl & cream jug set that appears to have the same crown mark with an H underneath although mine is black not blue. The set is cream & black with a gilted trim and decorated with a scene showing peacocks and a fairly 'bohemian' looking house. I have absolutely no idea where they originate from as my daughter found them in the garden when we moved to our new home! I would be really interested if you managed to find out anything about where the mark originates from? Thanks.

crown over H
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same tea pot but the colour is black.could be Bohemian as great grandparents emigrated to new zealand from there in tea pot also has 3 indentations on the bottom that come from the support thingy when it was fired,suggesting that it is quite old.Hope this helps

Bohemian E with Crown same as H crown
by: Peter (admin)

Just realised there is much discussion of this H crown mark on another thread here:-

To summarise the comments there; Scott (quite a knowledgeable and helpful guy on this site) has cited the same H crown mark he has on a tankard he believes to be Bohemian (due to it's shape). That thread is talking about an 'E' with the same style of crown mark which has subsequently been identified as being Bohemian (Bloch & Co/Stove of Eichwald, Bohemia). Scott mentions 'Hannover' but Hannover, as far as I know is a very short lived concern based in Bavaria in the 20th century, not Austria in the 19th C.

So all clues are leading to Bohemian at the moment, but this H mark is nowhere tied into being by the Bloch Eichwald factory - and the date of the 1850's (emigration of family from Bohemia to New Zealand) is a very good clue, but unfortunately too early for Eichwald to be making porcelain of this type as the factory didn't make any porcelain at all until the 1870's (could your family have moved at a later date? - seems very early for emigration to New Zealand).

Pam also mentions to Scott on the same thread that she had a tea service with the same H crown mark with the additional words of 'Austria' and some other letters she cant read but seem to say

"W__ CRES___RE"

So all we need now is some tie in to the actual Bohemian factory - whether is was a variation of a Bloch/Eichwald crown mark, or another Bohemian firm which would fit the clues.

Keep up the detective work and thanks in advance for any clues.

Peter (admin)

by: David Mahoney

I have a dark green and chromeversion with the crown and an H underneath the sugar bowl has an A underneath and the tea/coffee pot and milk jug have a C. the sugar jug has raised numerals 2401/2 on the base and look like piped icing, but in this case piped slip before firing,interesting,eh?

Crown over H
by: John Grant

I also have a set of Tea pot and stand,milk jug and sugar bowl. All in pale yellow with black transfer printed views, the Turnpike painted by Morland and The Bell also by Morland. The base has 2401/4 and 2401/6 embossed again all have the three stand marks. All have the silver gilt around top and base as the Blue pictures.
Items came from my Grandfather, no connection with Bohemia etc. and lived in Staffordshire.
Hope this helps. I can send pictures if required.

Crown over H
by: Alec Bell

I also have the teapot,milk and sugar container.With the crown and H are markings 2401/2. The colour is mustard and black with silver gilt at the top. I have been puzzled for years over these items and nobody actually can trace their origins.

Crown over H
by: Shane

I have a crown over H dark green milk jug similar to the one in the picture. As perhaps a point worth pursuing in 1869 Bernard Bloch bought an earthenware enterprise from the Huff or Huffsky family based in Hohenstein now Uncin. There's a couple of very nice H's there. Is there any way to find out if the pieces bearing the crown and H mark originally came from the Huffsky/Hohenstein factory and Bloch retained the crown but discarded the H and replaced it with the E for Eichwald on his pieces.

wow often wondered about this NEW
by: Sal

Hi I too have a set 5 piece with sugar bowl,tea pot,hot water pot/coffee pot,cream jug and milk jug mine is olive green with silver trimming top and bottom it was my grans now mine as i've always loved it , some has the markings with the crown and the letter H some with just the numbers 2401/2 i think it's the number 2 at the ends can't quite make it out if it's a number or letter , would be good to find out more about it i have been to several antique shops but alas no one knows anything .

I also am baffled
by: Sharon

I too have the tan, black and silver in this set and cannot find any answers!! I’m in Melbourne Australia

Black Crown over "H".
by: John

I have a teapot (missing the lid), a tankard and a milk jug.

Main colour is a dull cream/yellow.

On the teapot base is the number 2401/6

All the items have the number 2401, then /6 /5 etc.

A few years ago I googled 2401/6, which returned an image and details of the teapot.

Made in Bohemia in the 1860's, when that region was actually known as Bohemia.

There are three dots in the base (part of the ceramic).
These were where the item was supported during firing in the kiln.

I googled again recently but got no result. :-(

Crown over H
by: Annie


I have been researching the origins of this particular service for since the 1980s when I inherited it from my dear uncle’s estate.

The set I have is dark green/chrome.

It originally belonged to my uncle’s grandparents who immigrated to Australia from Germany in the late 1800s.

I believe my uncle’s family hailed from Saxony/Bavaria so everything certainly seems to fit!

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