Pottery Mark Query - "E" and Crown

by Bernie

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query - "E" and Crown: hello, I got this empire-like cup with this familiar looking porcelain-mark, but I could not find it. I searched the web for it, but just a waste of lots of time. To me, it seems to be italian, or french (english?) - just by the style and that eagle-enbleme, goldornamentic etc.

I should be very glad to get to know which manufacturer that is (and if possible when, what,....)

thank you very much in advance

best regards,



Reply from Peter (admin) below - just scroll down


antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery Mark Query - "E" and Crown

Peter (admin) says:- Thanks to great detective work from visitors this mystery is now solved - see comments link at the bottom of this page.

The answer is:-

Bernard Bloch or B. Bloch & Co or Stove Factory, CERAMICS Porcelain POTTERY, Eichwald (Dubi), Bohemia, Austria, Anton Tschinkel and Carl Teichert.

That's the beauty of a public forum!

Thanks to everyone who shared their knowledge on this submission.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Mystery of crowned E
by: Mark

I too have a piece with the same mark. Did you ever discover the factory name?

Similar Mark
by: Scott (UK)

Interestingly I have a lovely green lipped tankard with silver trim, with a rose motiff. It to has a similar mark, mine however has an 'H' below the three pointed crown.
Because of the shape of the tankard, I believed it to be in the vicinity of Bavaria (pointed scrolling handle etc). So my thoughts were that it may have been Hanover?
Any other thoughts would be happily welcomed.
Kind Regards

Found the Factory ! - Crown over E Mark
by: Anonymous

Check out Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory (Czech Republic) Eichwald, Bohemia, Austria

Bernard Bloch or B. Bloch & Co or Stove Factory, CERAMICS Porcelain POTTERY, Eichwald (Dubi), Bohemia, Austria, Anton Tschinkel and Carl Teichert
by: Peter (admin)

Bernard Bloch or B. Bloch & Co or Stove Factory, CERAMICS Porcelain POTTERY, Eichwald (Dubi), Bohemia, Austria, Anton Tschinkel and Carl Teichert

Great detective work guys!

I can now fill in the gaps.

In a deeply forested area what is known today as Dubi in the Czech Republic, a group of miners in the 15th Century began to work the raw materials which would facilitate the growth of the inherent pottery industry of the area. In the 1860's a line of wares called Blue Onion (Zwiebelmuster), attracted the attention of rich industrialist Anton Tschinkel.

The full account of the rich history of the company is very interesting. The Bernard Bloch (or B. Bloch & Co or Stove Factory, CERAMICS Porcelain POTTERY, Eichwald/Dubi) was caught up in the turmoil and terror of the second world war with members of the Bloch family (the third owners of the Pottery) being sent to Auschwitz never to return.

A full photo reference of the various pottery marks is given.

Bloch Bohemian Amphora (Art Nouveau Vases) is considered as 'art pottery' and can fetch high prices. See this Amphora vase selling for $795 USD

Here is a summary of the timeline:-

1500's Miners start to work the local deposits and the first Eichwald wares are produced

1864 Founded by Anton Tschinkel. The pottery started by making majolica.

1874 Start of the porcelain production.

1885 Carl Teichert (Dresden, Meissen - Germany Company) bought the factory and used patterns and molds from the Meissen plant.

1895 B. Bloch & Co. - Bernard Bloch bought the factory.

1920 the company changed its name to Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory Bloch & Co.

1939 the Nazis confiscated the factory and sold it to Dr. H. Widera & Co. of Thuringia (Thüringen), Germany.

1947 it was nationalized and merged with the Royal Dux and Thun factories to become Duchovský Porcelán. The factories continued to use marks similar to their marks before nationalization. In 1958 Duchovský Porcelán was merged into Karlovarský Porcelán.

For Scott in UK
by: Pam in US

I really wish I could see the tankard that you describe with the rose motif and the silver lip. I have a six piece coffee/tea serving set with a green rose motif and silver lip and bottom edge. One of the pieces has a metal lid. All of the pieces have the three pointed crown and the "H" underneath. I can also see some letters (not all visible) W__ CRES___RE and AUSTRIA under the incomplete words. I think they must be from the same porcelain series as your tankard. I got the set from my Mom who got it from her Aunt. The Aunt lived in Australia as was my Mom and the set was probably acquired by the Aunt's husband who imported things to Australia in the late 1800s. I believe that this must have been something her husband imported from Europe at this time. I have always been curious about the set because it is really different, I have never seen anything remotely like it. I am thinking now that it was made by the Boch Porcelain Company. When I go to the links for this company, none of them work. Are there working links with photos that would help with the history and identification? I did send photos to this website and fill out the required information for identification, but do not know if it worked either. Thanks for any help.

Comments on H & Crown continued on another thread
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

Thanks for the discussion and clues so far, but I realise we have another lively thread on the H crown mark here....


Please, any clues or comments there - we need to solve this one.

Peter (admin)

scultura ceramica di a.tscinkel
by: Anonymous

salve sono in possesso di una ceramica di a.tscinkel si tratta di un uomo in vaste rurale seduto su un tronco d'albero con le gambe incrociate e una pipa in mano sotto porta la scritta a.tscinkel 3 volevo sapere di che anno e' e un eventuale valore e prezzo grazie

2 vases
by: Brandy F.

I have two vases with the crown and E emblem. Also says made in Czechoslovakia with numbers 602,0/2C on the bottom. I would like to know who, what, where, when, and how much? Thank you so much for any information!

Crown with E
by: Virgnia

I have a set of china with the Crown and E on the back with Made in Czechoslovalia on the back.
It has pink roses with little blue roses. The rim has a green and yellow narrow border.
Anyone have any information on this pattern.

Crown with a W under it and Made in Czechoslovakia under that
by: Anonymous

Anyone ever see a 3 point crown with the W under it and then Made in Czechoslovakia under that - mark is in green?

Vase crown with E underneath
by: Brenda

Hello. I have a vase and underneath it has 996./3. And then 2440. The pattern is white with orange pink and lilac flowers with gold around the bottom and top. Any information would be most welcome. Thank you

Teapot with crown and H
by: Krystyna

We have the same teapot in green as you do in blue, we are from Poland and I cannot find that antique mark anywhere with the H under the crown! Any input?

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