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by Mary

Atlas China - How To Find Out The Value? - Antique China and Fine China Query:- I have a gold-glazed miniature pitcher with "Atlas satin-gold, Reg. US Pat. Off." stamped on the bottom of it. Do you have any suggestions regarding how I can determine its value?



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Dear Mary

You seem to have some nice china. Thanks for the interesting query.

I will tell you how to easily price compare the value online, but first you need to know exactly which maker you've got your hands on.

There are two different Atlas China companies (or periods of production) in the UK, and another 3 or 4 distinct companies in the US.

As it looks as if you might have a US-made piece I will quickly give you a run-down on them now (more info on the UK makers below):

There was a 'New York' Atlas China Company. The Atlas China Company NY, founded 1918 by Samuel Bernthal and Nathan Zank. They survived into modern times and may well still be producing.

They produced Currier and Ives wall plates at one time in the 1950's. Atlas China marks say "Bern Tan", "Finetone" and also just the "Atlas" pottery mark.

There is also an Ohio based Atlas China Company founded 1901. In 1926 this company merged with Globe Pottery of Cambridge Ohio - creating the 'Atlas Globe China Company' which only lasted until c.1934. Marks attributed to them are: "Broadway Rose", "Victoria Dinnerware", "Love Bird", and the initials A-G. Co. This company was originally begun as the Bradshaw China Company based out of Niles, Ohio which
was part of a group owned by business man F.H. Sebring. Sebring also owned several other pottery companies including two different ones called 'Crescent China'.

Let's not get too complicated though, just suffice to say the mid 1930's saw another re-structuring when, by all accounts, Universal Potteries, Inc. was launched.

How to get a feeling of value for your wares and generally find out more about the manufacturer? You have two options.

1. Go to my page China Replacement page and from there follow the instructions on how to use the special link to ebay in order to get a general feeling for the type of money Atlas China goes for.

2. Then go to Look for your pottery mark by following their links to their China section, then the relevant maker section. Then use the "blue bar" image links down the left hand side (designed to save you time). If you find your pattern, then job done. If you don't, you can register your pattern with them (all this is free at time of writing). I am not an affiliate of this site, they just have a brilliant database of patterns and great customer service which my visitors should know about.

Here is where to find the information on the Atlas UK companies:

David Chapman Atlas

Standard China England

Staffordshire China History

Regency - Bone China Antique Maker

Hope this helps. Happy hunting, Mary!

Note to all visitors: Please bear in mind a photo is always helpful if you're looking for a positive identification here in this public forum. Ideally I'd need to see a picture of both the pottery mark AND the piece.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Cambridge ivory, USA , A.G.C. Co.
by: Jean P

I just bought many pices of china with the stamp on the back:
Cambridge Ivory,
*** USA
A.G.C. Co.
( I cannot quite make 3 letters before USA but it looks like Mgd maybe? Manufactured?)
Some of the pieces are stamped 11-28.
Ivory colored with design on the rim... Blue pink and yellow flowers, with a rim design yellow with small pink flower? Gold rimmed...

Just wondering the name of the pattern and the value ? I have seen many Atlas/A.G.C. Patterns but not this one.

by: Jim Panozzo

I have a collection of China made in the USA, on the back it has Georgian and HOMER LAUGHLIN, with the numbers F44 N 5 stamped on it. I was wondering if this collection is worth anything. Thanks. Jim Panozzo

1918 Atlas CHINA New York
by: Anonymous

Ihave six small tiny plates each one has an old timey train Locomotive picture on it. all six are different.also it looks as if you can string it to hang.

cambridge ivory china
by: KayAnonymous

I have some pieces of a cambridge ivory china set my father picked up at an auction in Pennsylvania. I am trying to find their worth. It is marked a.g.c. co. reg. usa.

Atlas china new york
by: Jean

I have a piece of atlas, NY, kitchen kraft oven reserve. Small purple flowers in middle and four around. At least 50 years old. Anyone know the value? How can I send picture?

Atlas china plate
by: Anonymous

Got atlas china plate stoke on trent England was going to bin

Atglas Japan?
by: Anonymous

I have an Atlas fine Chine, Japan stamp at the bottom. How come? Do you have knowledge of this?

by: T Michelle

I have sets of gold Atlas teacups, saucers and dinner plates.
22 caret gold with a lion on the bottom.

The Cambridge company? (Of england)
by: Ellen

I was given my great aunts miniature bone china tea pot(2) and tea cup(2) set after her passing a year ago and I've not found any trace of the company that is named on the bottom of the pieces. The pieces have a delightfully delicate rose pattern to them and I've been curious as to the age and worth of these beauties. On the bottom is marked The Cambridge Company fine bone China England 22. Please if you know anything about it i would be tremendously grateful 😊

Globe china co Cambridge NEW
by: Laurie

I have an oval veggie bowl with lid on bottom is says globe China co. Cambridge.o.has a flower design gold trimed is this of any value

what is the value of this dinner plate NEW
by: jessica

Atlas China made in USA Warranted 22 Karat Gold dinner plate can you tell me the value of this item


The Last Supper First Edition 1950 Atlas china 22KT gOLD

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