Regency Bone China - Antique Maker?

by Laine J

Regency Bone China Query - Antique Maker?

Regency Bone China Query - Antique Maker?

Regency Bone China Query - Antique Maker?:- Can you tell me if you know anything about a mark, in gold on the bottom of cup and saucer, that says Regency genuine Bone China Made in England. There is no other marking or logo. The actual cup is pink with roses in the bottom inside, plain apart from two gold lines on the outside, base of the foot, handle and rim. The saucer also has roses in the middle and otherwise plain apart from gold rim. The cup feels quite rough at the bottom inside (not sure what that is). I collect tea cups for fun and have never seen this mark and can't trace anything on the internet. Mostly I'd like to know more about the factory and the cups likely age.




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To:- Regency Bone China Query - Antique Maker?

Hi Laine

First, the easy bit. I'm told by those 'in the know' that the bottom of your cup is rough because you can feel the bisque (unglazed) part of the ware.

Now on to your real question. Regency China Ltd are a nice little maker founded in 1953, situated very near to the famous Sutherland works of Hudson & Middleton works in Sutherland Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

I don't know if there is any family connection
between Hudson & Middleton and Regency China, as the potters of an area are often interrelated. I know that Chapmans (Atlas) were definitely involved with Hudson and Middleton as I am researching their history at the moment from individuals' first hand experiences. However, the reference books do not show this connection at the time.

When I find out more, I will let you know. (Editor's note: for an exciting update, keep reading!)


Since this query was published, I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful expert on Hudson & Middleton. Click on my Staffordshire China link and scroll down to find a potted history of Staffordshire China Makers HUDSON & MIDDLETON, written by Helen Gregory (nee Chapman), part of the Hudson and Middleton dynasty, whose family connections to the firm make for fascinating reading! Here you'll find personal recollections, historical information, and even photographs of workers in the factories in bygone days.

If Helen's very detailed contribution doesn't answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact Helen via the comments section at the bottom of that page.

Helen has also been kind enough to contribute a Staffordshire China Hudson & Middleton submission.

Thanks for getting behind the site, Helen! We value your contributions.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Regency Bone China cup and saucer
by: Jimmy J

I have four Regency cups and saucers all with different flower designs. I happend to stumble onto your posting regarding the gold "fleck". I don't know what it means, but I will venture a guess that it identifies mfg, designer, etc. My reasoning is there is a mark on each cup with each one placed in a different location; at 12, 1, 2 and four. If someone finds out anything further, would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Jimmy

Regency Bone China
by: Susan

I have 6 cup and saucer sets of Regency Bone China made in England~ and I am not sure what they are worth. They are the fruit (pear and grape) pattern~ could you let me know what they are worth for a set ? I also have Schumann Bavaria Fruit Plates, could you let me know what they are worth? Thank you



The forum moderator says:-

Sorry, the short answer is no. We don't deal with valuations in this forum as it is 'off-topic' - This forum is about pottery mark identification only.

For general free advice on how to research the value of your collection, Peter wrote this page:

value of antiques.

Regency Bone China
by: Bill Barlow

I also have a piece of Regency China, a small decorative plate with a vixen and 3 cubs. The gold markings are at 9 o'clock, otherwise markings are similar. I think it is something to do with dating.

Regency chinaSTAR ANSWER!
by: Anonymous

Regency china was a stoke on Trent business, owned by my uncle Harry Whalley. The business went into liquidation over 10 years ago when he sadly passed away. He had a keen interest in birds and flowers and this is represented in his lovely pieces. A fantastic gentleman and business man.

A lovely post
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks for putting a name to this firm and telling us the family background . That is what this website is all about.... Great post!

Regency China design dating query
by: Anonymous

I have found two versions of the Regency China lily of the valley design. One has more coloured and better drawn florals and more decoration; specifically flowers inside the cup and three motifs on the saucer. The Regency mark is in gold.

The other version has a similar, but simplified design in cooler colours, no flowers inside the cup and only two motifs on the saucer. The Regency mark is in blue and yellow.

Am I right in thinking this dates the two versions? The (more detailed and decorated one) being 1950's and the other being more recent? Can anyone confirm this theory and help my date them?Thank you Teresa

gold marks on bottom
by: nyclothingandcurios

The most likely reason for the gold flecks that you've seen on the bottoms of the cups is the craftsman applying the gilding was merely testing the flow of the material in what is the most inconspicuous place on the piece: the bottom. The gilding is genuine gold, and as such, the amount used is out of necessity, kept to the bare minimum. The craftsman would have to meet certain requirements for appearance, etc. in the application of glazes and gilding while minimizing the amount applied, hence the small dots, flecks, lines etc. that people find. The craftsman was simply checking the consistency and flow of the gilding prior to applying it to the rest ot the piece. Patterns, designers, groups or individual craftsmen are, if at all, identified by numbers, letters, a unique mark, or something similar. I have a Regency teacup with the fruit pattern, pear, grapes, blackberry, and it has a little gold fleck on the bottom.

Gold fleck on the bottom of china
by: Brian

I think you will find the gold fleck on the bottom of china is so the gilder can be identified. Most of the gilders were on piece work, which meant they were paid for the amount of work they did.

Who Wants The Set
by: Minister Carter

Hi, I'm in Chicago cleaning out my grandma old things. She passed away in 2010.I came across a complete set beautiful. If there are any collectors interested please contact me at

recency tea set need help
by: Anonymous

hello I have a recency tea set th r marking on the bottom and it's gold it say recency bone china made in england with a picture of a man in the middle and on the front of plate there are stars witch are red and. blue does any one no what this set is man's tha 's

Regency cup and saucer
by: Suzy hunter

I have found a beautiful regency cup and saucer which is white with very small grey/silver and red leaf print all over the cup. With a swirl of silver that looks like a stem in between. It reminds me of the wind blowing the leaves around, kind of pattern. It also has a gold handle and base plus rim the has a touch of gold to it.. I would love to know the name of the pattern and where I could locate a set. It's so pretty. It reminds me of home.
Kind regards

by: Anonymous

I seem to remember that Regency china was owned by the Locket family of Blurton, am I wrong ?

Regency Bone China
by: Wayne

I too have some Regency Bone China with the Pear and Grape motif. I have been attempting to research the history of the company so that it may help me valuate the items that I do have.

If you have any more information, please respond to this post.

4" Regency Plate
by: Anonymous

I have a 4" Regency bone china decorative plate or coaster, trimmed in gold with a spray of purple flowers in the center. I think it might be from the 1950s. It belonged to my grandmother. I appreciate all the information here on the Regency brand.

Regency pieces
by: Leigh

I have 6 regency floral tea cups with matching saucers. Does anyone know the year of when these were made? One stamp on the bottom is in gold and others are yellow and blue. Beautiful pieces! I would love to know the years of the pieces.

Regency China factory NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I could answer all the questions about this as I used to own the factory, which sadly closed in the early 2000's and is now, as the potters used to say, "dropped" - i.e. flattened. The only connection with H&M pottery was the usual collaboration the industry used to have.

Regency Red and Gray Leaf w/Gold Trim Pattern
by: T. Reeves

I have several Bred and butter plates, open sugar bowl, creamer and two cups. They say Regency Bone China, made in England on the bottom and every piece has a tiny gold (what looks to be a leaf) on the bottom rim. There is gold trim on every piece and the cups entire handles are gold. The pattern is red and gray leaves all over. These pieces were passed down to me from my Great Grandmother who lived in England. I would say this set must be very old due to the fact my Grandmother, her Daughter is now in her late 90’s. I contacted Replacements .com to try to have their researchers find any information on this pattern but had no luck. They assigned their own pattern name and number for their purposes and posted the photos I sent them and told me they had no information on my pattern. I would love to know the name of the pattern and when it was made. I would love to know more about the little gold leaf on the bottom rim of every piece. Needless to say this China is priceless to me. Thank you in advance for any information!

different logo
by: Brbm

Mine has Regency in Gray England in yellow and a man with a top hat but holding a material in one hand and a scissor in the other hand. Made in England in yellow again and the tea cup has a rose with a bud inside of cup and rose with bud on outside of cup. Dark pink and light pink and green leaves?

Regency Bone China, Cries of London "Street Oranges" NEW
by: Anonymous


I just purchased a beautiful tea cup and saucer that has the Regency Bone China stamp, and the Design has Cries of London "Street Oranges" written into the pattern. The pattern shows an 18 Centry man and Women on the streets of an English Market with the women holding up an orange. The pattern is surrounded by an outer solid black strip with a gold trim. The bottom of the tea cup and the saucer have this design. I am trying to figure out when the cup and saucer was manufactured. Can anyone help?

List of Regency bone china markings and dates
by: Anonymous

Can someone post a list of regency tea cups stamp/markings with dates that identify them

regency NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a teacup and matching saucer that has the Regency Genuine Bone China Made In England stamp on the bottom of both. It has a picture of a man with what appears to be a colonial powder wig dressed in blue talking to a woman dressed in pink. They are both edged in gold with a wide green rim inside that and gold flowers. The artwork appears to be signed by "M Harding". Can you tell me anything about these items? Year made? Title? ANYTHING!!!

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