Capodimonte "N" Crown Pottery Mark - Giuseppe Armani, Florence Sculture d'Arte Studio Backstamp Query

by Richard



Capodimonte "N" Crown Pottery Mark - Giuseppe Armani, Florence Sculture d'Arte Studio Backstamp Query:- Hello, Can you help identify this piece and its value, it is to be donated to Salvation Army. Blue crown over N on back G A initials on front.

Thank you for your effort and time.



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Capodimonte "N" Crown Pottery Mark - Giuseppe Armani, Florence Sculture d'Arte Studio Backstamp Query

Hi Richard

The "N" crown pottery mark is that of any maker who wishes to be associated with the mark of Capodimonte.

There is no trade mark restriction, so quality of make varies.

In the case of the modern factory of Florence Sculture d'Arte and the artist Giuseppe Armani, they make beautifully sculpted and decorated pieces in the romantic cutesy European porcelain style, but it must be remembered that these items are resin not porcelain. The resin reproduction gives the ability for fabulous sculpting detailing to be kept intact - a much more difficult feat in real porcelain.

Apart from the Armani Studio of Florence, I have compiled a list of artist signatures that feature in the marketing of the various Italian post war studios which sell figurines and figural groups under the general style of Capodimonte.

This list might help people who are trying to read a scribbled or illegible signature. Only very few of the artists listed below have any kind of biography or information online.

So information is sketchy at best. I did find a bio on Giuseppe Armani, which was a relief because at one point I was convinced he was a figment of the marketing men's imagination.

Some of the artists below might either be figments of a branding executives imagination, or indeed be a 'moonlighting name'. I have known modeller colleagues have at least two alternative names so that they can 'moonlight' between one company to another and therefore get around their contractual 'retainers'. Of course I would never have dreamt of doing this myself.

List of Capodimonte signatures I have on record (in alphabetical order)

Maria Angela
Giuseppe Armani
Enzo Arzenton
Auro Belcari
Luigi Giorgio Benacchio
A. Benni
Dino Bonalberti
Antonio Borsato
W. Cabrelli
A. Calle
Guiseppe Cappe
Luciano Cazzola
Germano Cortese
Guido Cortese
A. Giaretta
R Guidolin
J. Laurent
Sandro Maggioni (looks like Maggioui)
Gianni Merlo
Bruno Merli
M. Moretto
M. Mozetto
De Palma
Giorgio Pellate (Pelatti)
Carlo Savastano
Walter Scapinello
Vittorio Tessaro
Tiziano Galli
Alessandro Tosca
Venere (Collezione Venere Porcellane D'arte - associated with W. Scapinello)

Some of these artists were associated in the post war period with a company called the IPA (Industria Porcellane Artistiche) which was formed from previous company known as Industria Lombardo Porcellane Artistiche (ILPA),

I think it was this company, beginning in the first half of the 20th century which must have been responsible for the mew style of caricature Capodimonte figures we have all become so familiar with where facial expressions and body movements show a lightness of character and humour.

The artists associated with IPA in the post WW2 period are some of those listed above - Giuseppe Cappe, Bruno Merli, Sandro Maggioni, Alessandro Tosca, Giorgio Pellate, Redaelli.

This new style has not really too much to do with the look and feel of the
original Napes factory - and is really a 20th Century invention in my view.

The "N" mark of Capodimonte dates from the Royal Manufacturer of Capodimonte in Naples, Italy, which is often reported to have continued until 1806. The history I read made a good case for the Capodimonte Royal Naples factory shutting in 1799 in reality.

In fact, the actual history of this early period is a complex mix of progress and destruction, rebuilding and mixed patronage.

Despite these events, the porcelain production of this original period was some of the finest ever to have come out of Europe, and the factory was subject to turbulent and complex socio-economic influences of the time.

The mark represents the N of Naples, also conveniently representing the initial of the conqueror of this region Napoleon Boneparte. The history of ownership after the French military occupation is too complex to explain here, safe to say that after the superb early period (mainly 1759 to 1780) the N mark did not really apply to one Neapolitan factory or ownership, and therefore was not a protected trade name, as say Meissen in Germany with their various protected marks.

As a result, unlike the Meissen company which was a recognised firm with a recognised history and lineage of ownership and protected trademarking, and which regularly protected it's marks with legal action, the Capo di Monte 'N' mark, became free for anyone and his dog to use.

For a period, it became popular with German (particularly Thuringian) makers to use the N mark for export wares. These wares are often of high quality and are by no means fake.

Other makers, for instance I have seen modern Italian makers do this on their websites, swearing blind they are the one true Capodimonte maker. Importers to the US also make this implication - using the name Capo di monti as if it were a real historic trademarked brand with a history going back to the 18th century.

Please don't be fooled, if I felt like it, I could produce a range of Capodimonte style figurines, put an 'N' mark with a coronet and start talking about the marvellous and rich history.

Capodimonte nowadays is a style not a factory.

Be warned.

This does not mean to say the 20th century figures marketed as Capo di Monte or Capodimonte, or have an N mark, are worthless. There is some nice work, they have a following and are collectible.

It was in the 1920's that the Capodimote porcelain tradition of Naples was rediscovered and marketed.

Figurines in the Armani Collection bear the following identifying marks: Factory designation, Copyright mark, Artist's mark or signature, Capodimonte Crown and "N", Limited Edition figurines are numbered.

Generally, whenever visitors ask me for a valuation, I send them straight to the following page which has been written especially to help you in your search for how to value your porcelain wares or china collection:

My unique identification & valuation help will allow you to see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Antique Capodimonte small box
by: Anonymous

Hello there--

I have a small Capodimonte antique trinket box with the usual cherubs in relief all around it. I am quite sure it is 19th century. The N crown mark is somewhat faded and partially covered by a torn very old tan sticker. What bothers me is that the word FRANCE is also painted on the bottom. I know that the French took control over the Capodimonte factory in the early 1800s but have you ever heard of a piece actually painted with the word FRANCE(very obviously old-style printing)? Any help would be appreciated.

N Mark with Crown - France
by: Peter (admin)


Methinks this is expert territory. Not so good on European marks.

See my page here for possible solution:-


Peter (admin)

by: Freda Judd

I have five large figurines all bearing the "N" mark and saying made in italy, also capo di monte.
about 10 inches high, each one doing something, such as holding a fish, sitting on a bench with a wind instrument. Help please - must sell

by: Anonymous

i have a three rose basket capodimonte how can i be sure if its original or if its fake? it has a big (n) and a three d crown above it its made in italy can you tell me how old it is, and if its original thank you


Peter (admin) says:-

There can be no such thing as a Capo di Monte fake as there is no single Capo di Monte factory. Capo di Monte is a style rather than maker, so anyone can make in the Capo di Monte style and put an 'N' mark on their wares.

by: carie

I have a white figurine of a couple the woman is reading a book and they are both dressed in period clothing maybe from marie antoinette days? On the bottom is a blue N with a blue crown stamped on the bottom. Is it worth anything and how old is it?



Peter (admin) says:-

For valuation advice go here:

Vintage and antique china values page

italian tea set
by: Anonymous

#50 on the bottom of each item. Larger pieces have six digit numbers in addition

caperdemonte figer of and old man on bench with letter N on the underside
by: Anonymous

i have a caperdemonte figer of an old man sitting on a bench with the letter N on the underside ant information or value would be very appresheaited thank you

n crown mark dated1998 florence d arte
by: Anonymous

my figurine is numbered 1306f but cant find it on any site is it a fake or valuable


Peter Admin says:-

The can be no such think as a fake "Capodimonte" as it is just a style, not a manufacturer.

Many different makers mark their wares with the N of Naples and call their wares Capodimonte. Fair enough...

But beware any maker claiming to be 'genuine' Caopodimonte on their website or anywhere else, because this disqualifies their product instantly from that epithet.

'Genuine' Capadimonte would refer only to the original period of Naples in the 18th Century (mostly tucked away safely in museums and private collections).

Everything else after the end of the 18th Century is only "Capodimonte Style". The details of this history is complex and is the chomping ground of experts, gnashing their gums in an ecstasy of tiny and detailed pontification.

Use my search box above to research this further, if you dare.

For valuation advice go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

cant find info
by: debbie

I have a 12 rose basket floral with yellow and pink roses and leaves the underside is a crown with balls for the tips of the crown with a N under that

Boy with Candle
by: Anonymous

Can any one help i have a lovely boy with candle i dont no how old he is i am guessing old as its been passed down its in perfect condition only problem i have is i dont no who its by it has a N with a crown ontop with artist mark B.MeaR? not sure cannot make out Meal or Mear. Would love to no back ground.

Fake or real??
by: Anonymous

I have a vase of flowers that I have been lead to believe is Capodimonte Porcelain, it has the marking of the N with crown above, but we think this is in black or very very dark blue. Fake or real?


The Forum Help Elf says:

The work 'fake' is a misnomer when applied to the term "Capodimonte". There has been no company of that name since the late 1700's. After the Royal factory closed, the term was used to describe a style, not a specific maker with a registered trademark.

Many companies make wares which they legitimately describe as Capodimonte style. Therefore, it is more or less impossible to make 'fake' Capodimonte wares. The only fake claim would be to claim in the sales blurb - "This is the true original Capodimonte ware" (unless it came from the Royal Naples or Madrid plants of the 18th Century).

Hope this helps.


Capodimonte floral centerpiece with birds
by: Linda Riley

I just acquired a beautiful centerpiece. It is marked Capodimonte on the bottom with a N with crown over it (smudged) Made in Italy below the Capodimonte name. The printing looks to be black to me, or maybe dark grey, but definitely not blue. The centerpiece is quite large, weighing over 11 pounds. It has 7 large roses and two white doves on either side. If the writing is in black what does that mean? I would appreciate you sharing your expertise and knowledge. I certainly do appreciate and thank you.



The Forum Help Elf says:-

There are a thousand different version of the N mark of Naples (Capodimonte) from 101 different makers, but none of the variations mean anything unless associated with the original Naples factory of the 18th Century. Virtually all items of the original factory are in museums or priceless private collections, so are very unlikely to be knocking around. No original items have the words Capo Di Monte or Capodimonte that I know of. This was a later invention, began in earnest in the 20th century.


age of piece
by: Anonymous

I have a hobo on a park bench, with a bottle of wine on one side and his shoes on the other. There is also a suitcase on the ground with a pigeon next to it. Do you know the approximate age of this piece. It has the n with the crown stamped on the bottom of it.


i have been given a a long base, doubled handled vase with flowers and green leafs. my elderly aunt says its capodimonte and it has a royal blue n mark with a dotted crown above. i have read other comments about no such thing as a fake etc but could this be original? it has been handed down the family to each female from the age of 10. my aunt is 80 and can remeber it as a child in her granny's cabinet.

what u think? any info?

thanks A

Large figurine
by: Anonymous


I have a very large piece of a lady sat at a baby grande with a gentleman standing playing a violin and another lady standing playing a guitar.

It appear to have a chimney stump at the back with a hole in the centre - which I guess could be for a light fitting?

On the bottom there is a stamp which says "Capodimonte Made in Italy" with a crown and a letter "N".
This looks as if it was made with a stamp rather than handwritten.

On the back in gold lettering (handwritten is the name "maria ?????" The second name is illegible.

Please can you shed some light on its origins and an approx value?


The forum moderator says:-

As for value, we don't discuss this in these identification forums, as this aspect is best left to professionals. Values are always changing, and there is a strict unwritten code as to who you should trust to value your wares for you, but marks identifications are evergreen. These posts stay online for years, so values are dealt with in a different offline section here:-

The vintage and antique china values page

Pair of Swans
by: Anonymous

I have 2 swans gray with gold details.
The base has a gold crown w/ an N under it and the name Capodimonte Made in Italy.
Does anyone have an idea of the value of the pair? excellent condition- given to me by a 80+ yr old woman.

a dog hanging on to a boys trouser leg whilst the boy is running
by: colin

i have a capodimonte it has the artist's initials which is g.a I've got a certificate with it the written is Italian i think.

il read it and can someone tell me what it says "Decoration faite a la main style capodimonte" then it says "L'artistica decorazione di questo pezzo,viene eseguita interamente a mano e nel rigoroso rispetto dello stile" that is what it says inside it then on the back it says art.n. 432 controllo n.3 if any one now what it says and what it means i would be very grateful if someone told me what it all means so plz email me on

thank u



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Colin

These words translate form the Italian as

"The artistic decoration of this piece is done entirely by hand and in strict compliance with the style"

These words are meaningless marketing speak trying to big up this maker. I know of no decorated figurine in the world ever which has not been decorated by hand. What are they going to use? Robots? Monkeys? Martians? Perhaps Micky Mouse's flying paintbrush from Fantasia?

Anyhow, that is not to denigrate Florence figurines (as they are known). Yes, they are made of resin, not porcelain, but they a sculpted and decorated to a very high standard.

They used to be the big noise in the 1990's but the market has changed and they are not so valuable as they were. However, they still can fetch a couple of hundred dollars at auction - depending on what type they are.

You should get your looked at by an expert. Click here find out more about the appraisal service I run:-

Antique China Values

Peter (admin)

by: bobby

I have a large Capodimonte open-weave basket. It is 14" x 12" x 7". It has the Crown N mark under the glaze. It is also marked Bassard Made in Italy. Can you identify it for me? Thank you.

by: Dee

I have a newsboy figurine and am trying to find out more about it. It is an older man with a beret and a newspaper draped over his left arm that says PARIS SORIE. It is approx 9.5 inches tall. The markings on the bottom are as follows. 3 crowns each with 5 circles, and a capital N in the middle. It also says handpainted underneith thes marking. I have been told it is bisque. But most likely NOT ceramic. He also has a glaze and matte finish. Any ideas???

thanks for a great to the point explaination
by: cmd

i love this sentence!:" the Capo di Monte 'N' mark, became free for anyone and his dog to use. " Perfect! Solves a lot of mystery in a few words! Thanks again

by: neil

I have a capo di monte poodle statue,it still has the guarentee certificate,it also has some kind of hallmark,I'm sure it say's c 1983 florence,I lived in Naples during the 80's,it has the N with a crown on,its sighned G Armani,also has G Armani plaque under the signiture,I would like to know the value of it now...
yours greatfully
Neil Baxter.

Backstamp Crown and GNC initials
by: Chelle

I have searched every site imaginable to find the identity of this pottery mark. The piece is a Trinket Box Round with a pastel pink rose on the lid. The bottom is stamped with a mark that at first I thought was a woman wearing a crown but now I realize that the eyes and mouth of the woman are scripted letters G N and C. Underneath says Made in Italy. Any help would be Greatly appreciated. I did find some leads in the Naples files but still don't have the identity.
Best Regards,

What is it? How old?
by: Sarah

I bought a 17 inch urn of yellow, orange, and pink roses. On the bottom is written by hand Made in Italy. These's also a hand painted sloppy n with four straight lines over the n and dots over the lines. What is this? It's very heavy and well made. Sarah

Thank You
by: Chelle

Thank you for your group reply. Can you possibly direct me in the proper direction to identify the mysterious mark on my Capodimonte. The back stamp obviously is from a sculptor or factory. I was pretty much aware of the great information you provided for all the mysterious N pottery marks but I was looking for the "specific" potter of this piece. Thank you so much.

francesco pottery
by: Anonymous

hello i have been given a few pieces of pottery they are like vases with feet and petal flowers all over them on the bottom i have the mark N with the crown above and FRANCESCO MADE IN ITALY are these very old pieces or late 20 centry they were given to me by a neighbour she is in her 80's and don't like to ask her about them


admin comment:-

Very likely late 20th century - from 1970's onwards. Anyone can use the N mark - there is no trademark control to speak of and the general term people use for this type of ware is Capodimonte (not a maker, just a general description). This mainly Italian ware began in earnest in the 1920's and was reflecting back to the late 1700's when the Naples Royal factory made very high quality wares.

Quite a lot of N marked figurines of reasonable quality were made in Thuringia, Germany in the late 19th Century and made for export to the Victorian new merchant middle classes in England and the USA.

Cherub box
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have a two lid box covered with cherubs. The two panels on top have a scene of cherubs around a basket of flowers. The box's only markings are the words, 'Capodimonte,Italy' along with the number 4633.

My question is, have you encountered this before?

Thank you for your help.


The Forum Help Elf says:-

Capodimonte is not a maker, just a vague Italian type of decorative ceramic style. Originally the name originated from a nick-name of the Royal Naples factory ('The place at the top of the hill'), but this porcelain works closed in the late 1700's due to war and political instability.

Today, people seem convinced the 'C' word denotes a maker, but it doesn't. Therefore there are thousands of random variations of backstamps using the term - all of which have no real collectible value or significance.

There is a decorative value to Capo Di Monte items - what avid collectors of the style will pay, but no real collectable value, unless the items stem from the original Naples factory, in which case they are more priceless than Ming vases.


A pair of Coffee pots
by: Anonymous

Hi i have two identical coffee pots with the letter "N" and a crown on top, it looks like it has been printed on but not sure!

The coffee pots stand around 12" tall with coloured roses on the front!

I can not find any pictures, or dates or even value to the coffee pots on the internet, not sure you can help?

Many thanks

Mr S V

CapodiMonte ?Coffee Pots
by: Helen

I have a pair of 17" approx CapodiMonte coffee pots with a spout on one side and a very large handle on the other. They have a creamy background but the front is decorated with ornate flowers and so is the lid of each pot.
They also have the N and crown mark on the base.
What would you opinion be on them please, and thank you?

cornaccopia/mer-man handle
by: Becky

I have a piece of Capodimonteold which is farely large in size. It's the shape of a cornaccopia that is covered with cherubs. No two are alike and all of them are outlined with gold leaf. You pick it up by a handle that is a Mer-Man. Tha's right! Please, if anyone is familiar with this I would like to hear from you. Thanks

Capodimonte statue/ figurine
by: Anonymous

this piece is about 2 feet high and and base is 12" round of an people playing different music instruments it has the crown mark and also the N for Naples and says made in Italy, can u please tell me if this is genuine piece.

thank u

by: nancy

hi,i read your piece and how interesting,it was,i have i think a capodimonti vase,cup,it has one golden leave,painted on the bottom,nothing else,it stands about 8 inches,and depicts a medieval wedding,in one colume and the banquiet, in the other with two more,with like to vicars,with horns on each side of there heads,the wedding columes are in lovely colours but the others are in grey,it looks a very important piece.

boxes with cherubi
by: Anonymous

I have 2 boxes such as has been described here.
Would love to know something about them.

"Gulliver's World"
by: Marina

Please answer this question - if it is a popular figure of "Gulliver's World" tea together, but there are no labels and signs. The very figure of 25 small factory defects. This is the real figure, or what it is. Thank you for your help. Marina

G Armani figurine
by: Anonymous

Hi, I inherited a G. Armani figurine of a cat in a wicker chair playing with a ball of yarn. It is exactly like what others are listing as item #166-C. However, the one I have is slightly different. All the others I have found have a blue crown with a letter N under. My figurine has the blue crown with what looks like a blue letter S on it's side with a vertical slash through it.

Does anyone know what this symbol means?

thx for your help.


Capodimonte nun figurine signed by artist Franco
by: Joe

Does anyone know where I might be able to find this beautiful piece?

Man making copper pot
by: Kim

After I moved my mother in laws belongings to my house, I found a Capodimonte Crown D tall figurine.(took a while to identify it) It is a standing coppersmith banging out a copper pot with other pots at his feet. It says made in Italy and has a signature difficult to read. I think it says: G Giaretty. I have searched and searched to find one similar to it but haven't been successful. Is there a way to figure out how old it is? Thanks!

Quio Pezzoto

Everybody else seems to have an N on their Capodimonte - mine has a P in a box with a crown over the box and a lion either side. The words are Capodimonte by Quio Pezzoto. I bought these in Italy in the 1970's I believe. One is a 6 inch Gondolier - holding a wooden stick - quite an old man and the other is an 8.5 inch piece with a boy playing a mandolin and a girl by the side of him - behind them seems to be a wall with a tiled roof and a water fountain in the middle of it. I've searched and searched for these but just cannot find them anywhere. Both are in perfect condition having resided in my loft covered in bubble wrap as they never seemed to fit my room!!

G. Armani
by: Vic79109

I have a statue of a pheasant girl holding a cat with a small dog jumping at her skirt. She is wearing a hat decorated with petite flowers which are also inside the pocket of her skirt. The "ground" on which she stands also has many delicate flowers and the entire thing is mounted on a 4 1/4 square wood base. It also has the "N" mark along with a Copyright logo 1986 Florence. I can't quite make out the artist signature. It looks like G. Danwiley?? It is a beautiful piece I received as a gift. I know it isn't old and after reading previous comments I think it may not hold much value but I am still curious? Any ideas?

man holding newspaper
by: Anonymous

I have a statue a man holding a newspaper that says Paris Sorie or sorie has three crowns and the letter N. I have done some research but can not find the value.

by: Anonymous

hi i have a capodimonte figurine that has the crown marking but under it appears to be an "F" not an "N" and it is dated 1906. Any idea if it is authentic or not?? thanks.

large pedestal column depicting figures and cherubs
by: Anonymous

I just acquired my pedestal piece from a thrift store in Oregon for $25. I found the same piece on ebay going for $399. On the bottom of my piece says MADE ITALY CAPODIMONTE 7424, as is the one on ebay. The piece on ebay says it's depicting gold battle gods cherubs. While my piece is not in mint condition, it's beautiful and a very stunning piece. In the scene there are columns and on each of the 3 columns there is a m written. I would like to know more about this piece and from which era it is from. I heard the earlier pieces didn't have any mark nor signature. Also, there's a figure holding a fluer de lis that is often referred to as a fatter fluer de lis, rather than the later thinner ones. I would be grateful if someone could identify my piece. Thank you.

Man and Woman figurines
by: Lori

I have a 10" and 11" pair of blue and white figurines. There is an "N" on the front, but no crown. The gold tag on the bottom says Comademonte style made in Italy. They look victorian to me, but the woman has a knee length dress. She has a bread or fruit basket on her lap and a hat. They are both sitting on stumps and he has a ruffled shirt, knickers and a diamond shape hat. My father in law purchased these but I have no idea what they are worth. Thanks for your help.

Drunken Musician
by: Lem

I have a figurine I'm now confused by. It's "possibly" capodimonte. It is the drunken musician, that much I know for sure. On the back of the piece it is signed by "Pucci" and on the bottom there are two crossed arrows, pointed down. And it's numbered 55/1450. But nowhere on this piece can I see the "N" with the crown over it. I have read many of your answers about there not being a fake capodimonte but do all pieces have the N? What is to be made of this situation? Thanks

N mark or no N marking?
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Lem

Thanks for your post.

I am not sure how best to explain, as you have read my previous explanations, but still don't understand. That's my bad, not yours.

Anyone can use the N coronet mark as there is no single company from the past or present who can come at you to sue you for using their mark.

Hope you can see this crucial point.

It's like, I would love to use the Coalport label for my sculptures. I used to have great success with that Staffordshire brand in combination with my own name. The company that own it now don't want to use it anymore or do figurines, so it's gone. But I can't use the Coalport label unless I pay money to the holding company, which would make it too expensive and restrictive for me. If I could use it for free, I would.

The company that invented the N mark and first used it went out of business, for ever, over 200 years ago. So there are no rights, no one owns it. Anyone can use it, or not use it.

This old porcelain factory was a royal factory in Naples, Italy, right back in the beginnings of European porcelain making - not a commercial concern. It had a nickname:- 'Capo Di Monte' because it was set on top of a hill.

So nowadays, there is no factory called Capodimonte, just a bunch of factories all claiming to be carrying on the traditions of the old Capodimonte Naples firm. These firms began in Italy sometime after the 1920's, copying the Germans who had used the old Naples N mark back in the late 19th century. They must have though "Hey! If the Germans can do it, so can we because we are actually Italian, at least!"

So when various waring factions (Napoleonic wars etc) closed the old original Capodimonte Royal Naples Factory, a company called Doccia (Ginori - still around today trading as Richard Ginori) salvaged some of the old Naples moulds and started to do reproductions. They carried on using the old N coronet mark, even though it wasn't strictly speaking theirs.

They soon began to relabel, putting the word 'Ginori' on the backstamp under the N, making it clear who made it. They have labelled clearly ever since, so if it doesn't say 'Ginori' it isn't Ginori.

Capodimonte style figures with a Pucci signature sometimes have the N mark, sometimes don't.

The fact is, N mark or no N mark, the general description for this type of item is 'Capodimonte'.

With regard to Pucci stuff, I just quickly had a look at a couple of pieces for sale. They had an N mark and a Pucci signature and one had a date of '1970'. They didn't say 'Italy', so they may have been made outside Italy for all I know (for example the Far East).

Some items purporting to be in the Capodimonte style with the N mark may have a connection with Italy and be of superior quality, some might be complete rubbish chucked together for export mass-production.

What is the answer? Each person has to decide what they like and pay the appropriate money.


Peter (admin)

flower pot
by: Anonymous

I have a enquiry on price of a capo di Monte ref no.999/18

Scribe writer
by: Lynne

I have a figurine of a scribe writer bought in Italy in the 1970s with the N and the crown. Can't find anything similar can you help

campodimonte light
by: Crisie

I have a small hanging light with cherubs on it and I can't seem to find it anywhere or any info on it.

Capodimonte "N" Crown Vase
by: Anonymous

I am interested in knowing the value of a Capodimonte Vase, that has the blue "N" marking, with the crown above the "N" painted in gold. It is also signed in very beautiful writing, also in gold, "Capodimonte Italy". There are also red markings with the number 75.05, initials is what it appears to be. It is a very beautiful and intricate vase with gold painted in the neck and base of the vase. I have not found anything that resembles it and would appreciate any help! Thank you kindly!

Capo Di Monte 608 tea set
by: Sandi Miller

Hello I have a Capo Di Monte tea set with the number 608 on it and and N Italy marked on it, do you know the value of this and where I could go to sell it?

need answer
by: Anonymous

Got a figurine with blue crown and letter A under crown stamped on base can anyone help??

silver stamp/mark on lamp
by: Anonymous

I have what appears to be a Capodimonte lamp. It was given to my sister several years ago by an elderly family friend. She purchased a pair of the lamps at a jewelry store. On the top of the porcelain there is a silver stamp with the crown above what looks like a fancy lower case g or possibly a c. Whatever is under that has been worn almost smooth, except the last two letters which are 'ly'. Do you know what I have?

fake or real
by: Anonymous

I acquired a capodimonte piece but it has a sticker with the marking I'm thinking is fake cause it's not an ink stamp

Crown Mark Signed Redaelli
by: Anonymous

I have a cute gnome couple. It is marked Florence dated 1982 and also has Redaelli on the side and has a blue mark the is a what appear to be either a conjoined CN under a crown or a incursive c. Can you help with identifying this. Thanks .

The company is called 'Florence' or 'Florence Sculture d'Arte Studio'
by: Peter (admin)


The answer is already here n the thread above.

The company is called 'Florence' for short, or in full their title is 'Florence Sculture d'Arte Studio' and the name they put as their main artist is Giuseppe Armani. I am not sure of the existence of this person, or how many of the models he actually created for Florence.

I know that for a period in the 1980's and 90's a colleague of mine (I am a professional ceramic sculptor) called David Lyttleton travelled from the UK to Italy to regularly deliver his sculptures to the 'Giuseppe Armani' Florence studio.

Florence used the N mark which people call the 'Capodimonte' mark, but as you may have gathered, this mark is used by many different makers from various countries as there is no real Caopdimonte factory and hasn't been since the early 1800's, therefore there is no legal protection possible for the backstamp.

With regards to Redaelli, I have no knowledge of this modeller apart from that the name appears on some of Florence's work - mostly those lines that aren't 'pretty lady' figurines. I have seen both gnomelike or little people, and religious subjects.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Query about a figurine
by: Julie

Hi I have a figurine with a man and a women in period dress both sat down the man has a basket of flowers and the woman has a hat on her knee - any advice would be appreciated ty

Capodimonte , lady & girl ( by fire stove)
by: Anonymous

Please can you help me , as i have markings on back of my figurine blue crown also a signature i can not make out colzpie it looks like , i also have authenticity certificate but it in italian ?

N surrounded above by 3 crowns
by: BonnieRose

I have 3 figurines, approx 10 inches high, 2 peasant women and 1 peasant man (shoemaker). On the bottom of each there is the capital letter N and above in a semicircle above the N are 3 crowns. It also says 'Made in Italy' on all 3 figurines. There is also a little gold sort of a gold swirl at the bottom front of all the figurines.
I purchased two of them (man & woman) at an antique store many years ago for $85 for both, and recently purchased the other woman at Value Village for $7.
I'm assuming they are legitimate antiques because of where I purchased the first two but never got any history on them.
Do you know what they are? and are they worth anything now?

Thank you

Looks like a Capodimonte mark but not 100%
by: Dan

Hi I'm having trouble identifying this makers mark on a figurine due to it being slight smudged. Do you think its a Capodimonte if so which factory do you think it says!? Thanks

Link to image:

by: Dawn pratt

I have a beautiful jug 31cm it has remarkably made pink roses and very ornate in the style. The signature underneath has the N AND signed by F.F.Pigato is this Capodimonte . Thank you so much for your help.

Is my figurine capi dumonte
by: Anonymous

I have 2 large figurines of men I was told they were capi dumonte but I cannot find no markings
The both figurines have a wood base I'm not sure if these have been added on by the previous owner

by: Anonymous

I have two doves opposite each other which have just broken into pieces. I got them from my grandad in the 80''s and they have a sales gold kind of tag round it's one of its necks which says I think p506 or r506 and control no. 6.
It says certificate Di garanzia on the front of the gold label and inside it says in the English part hand decoration capodimonte style.
These doves were sitting on a round branch with a dark eood plinth that it was mounted on to. Unfortunately I don't have the doves any more but we do have some more pieces around the house that we don't want.

Figures with the 'N' mark
by: Mary Caroline

I have a great deal of Capodimonte with the N mark that I want to sell but don't know how can someone advice me please by sending me an email to - I surely have about 50 all in very good condition just as I purchased them about 35 years ago but now I would like to sell them but don't know how - please advice

by: caroline

hello I have 2 figures,boy and girl,they stand 29"high,they have the N mark with the crown in black paint,are they real,fake or what

Carlo signature
by: Julie

I have a Capodimonte figurine lamp. It is a man courting a lady. 4 ft by 2 ft. Beautiful shape. There is no stamp, except Made in Italy and has "Carlo" signiture on rim of base. The C curves at bottom as to underline the rest of the name. There is no last name. Any hints on who this Carlo is?

Cant Identify my figurine.
by: Kelly

I recently was at an estate sale and found a beautiful figurine of baby Jesus being held by Mary it has what appears to G.O. Then it also has an n and on top of the N and has a line and then what appears to be at looks like a stick figure Crown do you have a phone cell phone number or email address where I could send you a picture I am having extreme difficulty identifying it it kind of looks like a Antonio Borsato. I appreciate your time. My email is

by: Jo

Hi, I have (what I believed to be) a Capodimonte Watchmaker figurine which belonged to my grandparents. I have been looking online to try & find the value of the piece but have discovered that my piece doesn’t feature the ‘N’ & crown Mark or a signature. Did all of these figures sport that mark & a signature?

Giuseppe Armani with N Mark
by: TBar

I have a figurine of a young woman, 10" base and figure. All white except for eyes and lips which are blue and red respectively, carrying a fruit basket on her left shoulder, right hand on hip. Giuseppe Armani with Blue N Mark at the back stamped on an all white tree stump. G Armani signature at her feet on the white, with a metal plate that also has a G Armani signature in the Brown base. at the base in the white pottery is a "C" (copyright mark) 1982 Florence. What can you tell me?

Henry the eighth & cobbler
by: Anonymous

I have to figurines cobbler shoe maker & Henry the eighth both have a certificato di garanzia 5 prong crown my father brought these in the 70’s I have found a similar one of the cobbler worth 250 however Henry the eighth as a number which I believe is limited edition I cannot find anything the same could you help I would like to know why I cannot find another & how much is this worth both have been in the loft for over 30 yrs

Trademark Stamp verification
by: Pam

Hello, Do you know if Giuseppe Armani figurines use only one trademark? I came upon a figurine with the traditional trademark that I see on many pieces but this one just does not say "Sculture d"arte"

any info would be great


10 roses on a white bowl
by: Anonymous

I have a figurine about 7.5 inches high. 10 roses with some leaves in a white bowl. With Capodimonte N crown on the bottom. Very heavy. How to tell if it's an original. Belonged to my late grandma.

2 figurines
by: Pablo

I have two sculptures about two feet high each. One is a boy sitting on what seems to be a log. The other a girl which appears to be walking. Both say made in italy in the bottom and have a N with a crown about it. Where in New York would I be able to get them appraised?

Wino in the park sitting on a bench holding a small cup, and ragged old clothing.
by: Wood

I have a large figurine. Looks like a bum sitting on a wooden plank bench holding a small cup. Shabbily clothed. Black jacket (worn) and black pants (worn also). He just looks like a little wino sitting in the park. His ragged hat is pale gree. The crown in shown on the underneath of the piece and I think the letter N, I am not sure as my sight is not great right now from surgery, and that is all I can tell you. Have you any knowledge of a piece like this from Capodimonte?

Sincerely, Wood

Cant fond the maker of nu capodimonte lamp NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought this capodimonte lamp on a wooden platform and i can not find anything about the artist. I was hoping you might help me out?
It is not Made out of porcelain and is mostly greyish and some gold accentures. It has the N with a Crown Mark engraved on the front side of the stature. On the right side of the statue i believe the engraved name reads "Rollig" and Above it, maybe r/B, 9. As i can not find this name on the your list you listen above a wanted to ask you.

The stature is a man sitting on a bench playing huis organ with jus dog next to him. I realtime hope you can help me.

With kind regards

Last supper
by: Anonymous

I have a large porcelain last supper with the crown and N marking. How can I find out who was the artist?

Wonder if….
by: Bianca H

I received as a gift from my mother a piece of porcelain with paper that says certificatio di origine. Porcelane Artistiche Capodimonte.
Carlo Savastano, it’s a basket shaped and painted like a wishing well with two white love doves and a single red rose. On the bottom it has a seal with n underneath it , Made in Italy and then I assume the sculpter Carlo Salvastrieno (?) name under it.
Is this worth keeping?

Thank you, Bianca Hamblin

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