Ceramic marks C & Co. Ltd London on pair of Posy Dogs

by tracy
(dorset, UK)

Hi Forum members - I have recently acquired a set of two small vases and would be interested to know more about them if anyone can help me. They were lurking in a box of bric-a-brac that I bought in order to purchase a small Sylvac matchstriker rabbit which was among the contents.

They are in the form of two bulldogs and they are carrying irregularly shaped hexagonal posy vases on their backs. They may of course not be posy vases at all but that is my best guess at what they are for.

Anyway they are black and feel pretty light as though they may be made actually be made of cellulose or similar - a bit like some of the old Sylvac models.

The eye sockets are rather "empty looking" if you understand me - it looks as though they may have had glass eyes at some point.
The makers mark is on the base. It says C & Co.Ltd London.

I have tried to find this maker on the internet but am unable to track it down.

I believe the dogs to be pretty old - maybe 1930's or so.

I would be really grateful for any help the forum can give me on identifying the little "beauties".


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Peter (admin) says:-

This mark C & Co LONDON Ltd, is a very obscure one , with very little on the internet and not mentioned in Goddens at all.

I saw one listing on ebay showing this name and the seller was calling it C & Co as in Coloclough & Co, the original Colclough incarnation (they changes their name to H J Colclough in 1937). This is wrong, I feel because Colclough were always a Staffordshire outfit (he was Lord Mayor of Stoke) and never anything to do with London, as far as I know.

Anyone know, please post...

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Best regards

Peter (admin)

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by: Paula

I have also tried to find information on this as i have 1 of these black Bulldogs, it is exactly as you have described. Unfortunately i haven't found anything about them.
If you do find any information about them i would be very grateful if you would let me know.
My email address is, paulawinnell AT
yahoo DOT co DOT uk, if i find anything i will let you know.
Thank you

i too have 2
by: Anonymous

hi i also have come by these two but as yet have found nothing i will let you know when i do

by: Anonymous

I have a turtle by the same manufacturer, also finding it difficult to find out anything about it. Going to stick it on E-Bay tonight and see what happens.

Dish/pot NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a green ceramic dish/pot marked no 2 c & co ltd. London and would love too know if you find anything out about the maker. Hazel

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