CompleteTEA SET Inheritance - stanley fine bone china england est 1875

by Sue T
(Sevenoaks, Kent, UK)

Complete TEA SET Inheritance - Stanley fine bone china England est 1875

Complete TEA SET Inheritance - Stanley fine bone china England est 1875

Complete TEA SET Inheritance - Stanley fine bone china England est 1875:- We have a near complete tea set (one saucer missing) as part of an inheritance and it's from the mysterious Stanley fine bone china England est 1875.

The pattern mark looks like 1025/10. I photographed one of the cups and the mark.

Can anyone validate the maker and identify the pattern.

Many thanks


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The forum Help Elf says:-

Yes, quite a confusing mix of firms used the Stanley, or Royal Stanley mark at different times. You obviously read the article here:-

Stanley Pottery Marks

That is quite a long and detailed article, but the important bit for you is this bit:-

    "The ‘Stanley China Works’, based in Longton, run by the firm mentioned above, called Charles Amison (& Co Ltd). They produced bone china and porcelains from 1889 - 1962. Their pottery marks are distinct from Colclough’s “Royal” Stanley, not only in that they never, to my knowledge, carry the word “Royal”, but also in that apart from their earlier pottery marks, they carry the words “bone china”. Remember, Colclough’s Royal Stanley was an earthenware maker, not a bone china plant, which needs specialist kilns."

Your mark is specifically Amison's dating from exactly 1953 - 62. So that dates your tea service. You can go to to see if they sell your pattern. If so, bear in mind the retail prices you see are not the prices you yourself will get at auction (divide by 2 to 3 to get the likely auction estimate). If they don't sell the exact pattern, find one in a similar vein and price from that service.

The 1875 date is a slight conundrum. These late marks normally show an 1878 date - the recorded date of their founding in 1878 comes from a former incarnation of the firm (formerly Amison & Lawson). I have seen your exact mark before, but always with a 1878 date, never with 1875. So even more mysteries to solve with the Stanley backstamp.

For all these searching tips and more, Peter wrote this page:

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Stanley china...
by: Anonymous

Stanley china of Longton Staffordshire, is not as mysterious as people think. I am the grandson of Albert Stevens who sold Stanley china just after world war II. It came into our family in 1878 when my great grandfather Edward James Stevens married Emily Amison, who was the grand daughter of Charles Amison. we ran Stanley china for almost 70 years, and sold it through our retail shop in Manchester-Stevens china, until the store was flattened by the Manchester blitz. Stanley also manufactured earthen ware pottery , but in a second factory, in Longton. I am currently doing more research on this. hope this helps with info.

Same backstamp of 1875
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

I have the same mysterious backstamp on 3 very pretty teacups & Saucers. How do we explain this when the factory only started 3 years later?

Kind Regards

Mystery pattern
by: Anonymous

I am researching a Stanley tea cup and saucer . It has a backstamp with a crown on top Stanley next Fine Bone China next England next and Est.1875 . The backstamp is in green. Also there are the the following LF4/21 in orange. The pattern is fancy two tone purple pansies. I am trying to find the value of the set for a local charity thrift shoppe if there is anything you could tell me I would be most grateful.

Stanley also with Est 1875
by: Chris

My mother received a Stanley full tea set as a wedding gift 60 years ago. The pattern is roses with thick gold bands around rims of all pieces. The mark, also in green, is Stanley Fine Bone China England Est 1875. A hand painted number 423/16 is on the base of one of the cups. This is the most information I have found on it to date. Thanks.

41/2 inch radius pretty plate
by: MargaretAnonymous

Just wondering how old it might be and if it is worth anything

by: Anonymous

I have a 4 piece teaset with milk jug,sugar bowl and cake plate.It is a white set with gold.The marks are a crown and also an orange mark just before Stanley.Cant seem to find that mark,any ideas?

also inherited tea set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 21 piece tea set which was a wedding present for my parents 67 years ago. stamped Stanley and underneath saying bone china and a gold stamp saying hand decorated and a number which looks like 913.

rare piece here? NEW
by: ian

Hi i have a fine bone china triangular plate with the stanley hallmark it looks old and has JW TURTON written on the back the inage may be handpainted that is on the front its a ballerina can i get any views on this as i can not find another piece anywhere like it and ive been looking for around a year to get some info onit

What Value
by: Anonymous

I have a stanley fine bone china coffee set. I got it as a present over 50 years ago. I think there is a number 416 on the back. anyone know the value of same

1875 -1878 NEW
by: else

I found this comment somewhere regarding the year of est.:
Charles Amison was established in 1889 -
the Est.1875 date comes from the earlier
company of Amison & Lawson
I hope this is a good explanation to the mystery about which year Stanley Pottery was established.

Stanley Fiine Bone China Tennis Set NEW
by: Dawn

I have just purchased a lovely Tennis Set with the green backstamp, Stanley, Fine Bone China, England Est 1875, with a crown above the Stanley. It also has the signature DR in calligraphy with a scroll underneath. I would love to know who made it, so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

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