English Bone China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

by Anna

English Bone China -  Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query: Hales Hancock & Godwin (H.H.& G. LTD) Pottery Mark

English Bone China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query: Hales Hancock & Godwin (H.H.& G. LTD) Pottery Mark

English Bone China? - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query: Hi, I was on your site to find out what the marks mean on a china set I have, but had no luck. I was wondering if you can help with any information on my set. It states: English Bone China, H H & G Ltd, England and has a picture of a guy on a throne reading.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peter


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To: English Bone China? Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

Dear Anna

Greetings to you in Ireland. Thanks for your query. Interesting to know how your set got across the sea to the Emerald Isle because the set in question was sold in the City of London by the retailers who commissioned its make - namely Hales Hancock & Godwin (Ltd (H.H.& G. LTD).

Hales Hancock & Godwin were not china manufacturers but distinguished china and glass retailers in the City of London operating from 1922 until 1960. They had various trading names throughout their history including:


Hales Hancock & Co Ltd

Hales Bros

The makers they worked with most closely included Wood & Sons of Burslem, Staffordshire and famous (and now very collectible) makers Midwinter.

If your tableware set was made by Wood & Sons it would be very doubtful it was made in bone china. Woods specialised in various non-bone china ware like:

Royal Semi-Porcelain

Ironstone China

Wood's ware

Wood's Ivory ware

Wood's Bery Ware

Paris Ware

I have never seen a piece of Woods & Son 'bone china' - (remember though there were at least 30 other Stafforshire makers with the "Wood" or "Woods" pottery mark all unrelated to Wood & Son of New Wharf Potteries, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

I have seen Wood & Son(s) wares marked in auctions as 'bone china' in the
descriptions, when, actually, the wares were 'Ironstone' (a type of stoneware) and NOT bone china at all.

If your dinnerware set is, in fact bone china, the following rules apply:

1. It will be of a higher value than Ironstone or any other type of ware. The reason being it is much more expensive to produce due to the expensive ingredient of "bone" and also the much higher temperatures needed to fire.

2. Generally, the more expensive wares are to produce, the higher the secondary value.

3. Your tea set (if it really is marked as bone china) will be rarer because Hales would have sold a lot less quantity of these items than the less expensive ironstone or semi-porcelain.

4. If your tableware set is bone china, it would be interesting to find out who the maker was because it was not the obvious Woods & Son(s) option.

That's as far as my knowledge goes, Anna. If you can see any more information on the pottery marks, please send in more photos (use more than one submission form if necessary).

For a more definitive answer, you could always visit my page:


It's one I've written especially for visitors needing extra help with valuations and identification. Here you can contact a bona fide professional appraiser (one I’ve checked out myself) who can tell you if your mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

One final point. I love the pottery mark with the little man sitting on the throne, reading. Surely a reference to how people occupy their time on the loo!! It is one of the funniest and quirkiest of china markings I've seen!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Love the Man on the Loo - English Bone China - Antique China and Fine China Comment
by: James

English Bone China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Comment.

Dear Anna and Peter

Just a quick note to say I was impressed by the detail of your answer about the Hales Bros (HH&G) English bone china ware.

However, I was more impressed by the little man sitting on the can. My mother taught me I'd get piles if I did that LOL.

I couldn't make out the logo on the photograph at first, but then it all becomes clear! "Well, fancy that" I said to myself, those English are so prim and proper (NOT)!

Thanks for a great information site!

Antique china collector

I also have the Loo Guy
by: Lynette in So California

I have a piece of pottery, a condiment caddy with handle, with same stamp as yours with the addition of "Savoy" at the very top. It also has an "A" in red-orange and a "10". I believe it was used at the Savoy Hotel at one time. That was how it was sold to me. If you would like a picture, let me know. Thanks for the info about the mark.

by: Anonymous

I've just acquired 5 blue/cream and gold plates with Savoy, the man on the loo and HH&G Ltd
Do they have any value?

H.H & G Ltd English bone china set
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have the same set of english bone china by H. H & G Ltd as the above lady. There is also a figure 6 on mine. Can you give me any information on the value of it. regards maureen

H H & G Ltd
by: Cathy

I was very interested to read the comments about the above. I have a large meat plate and medium platter - 'Romance', H H & G Ltd England Rd No 767345 with, of course, the chap on the loo stamp. I wondered if anyone could date it for me or give me any other info? Many thanks

H H & G Ltd Bacchus
by: Gavin

I have a set of 6 square (but with round corners) tea plates and an oblong sandwich plate all perfect are they worth anything please

'Man On Throne'
by: Anonymous

The 'man on the throne' is in fact HH&G's Toby Jug back stamp. Sorry to disappoint you all!

Grannies china
by: Claire

Hi my granny left my mother her H. H & G Ltd English bone china tea set. It consists of six cups No.3550A and saucers No. 3705, six tea plates No.3705, a milk jug No. 3705, sugar bowl No. 3705 and a large serving plate No. 3705. Granny got them for a wedding present in 1928. They are royal blue and gold on white. Are they worth anything? Thanks from Ireland

Loo? oh no.
by: Jill in Leamington

I took him for a Toby jug. But did H.H. and G have a particular reason for liking the Toby jug motif?

by: Tina Quinn

Hi there, i am after finding H.H&G English Bone China tea set. I would love to find the origin and time it was made as it was my mothers. Also I am based in ireland. If anyone could help me i can send pictures through email to try and find out more about it. Any help would be be grealty appreciated. Tinamaryquinn@gmail.com is my email adress.
Regards, Tina Quinn

by: Ray

Hello,I found a cup,with raised gold,and jeweled pattern,but I can't find any information about mark,the mark looks like golden crown and words William Rouse,thank you very much for any answer.

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