Grafton China Tea Set - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

by Abby
(England- West-Midlands)

Grafton China Tea Set - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query:- My grandma recently acquired a Grafton china tea set from a friend of hers who had had it for a long time. It is very pretty and i have not seen anything like it when searching on the internet.

It is blue and white and each is patterned with tiny flowers. The rim of each cup and the saucers are also shaped like flowers. (Sorry if I explained this badly)

Please, please, please could somebody give me any information about the tea set? i.e. what time it might have been made, or the average value of Grafton china?

I know nothing except that Grafton is a Staffordshire make that was discontinued...

I would be very grateful to anyone who could do so, thank you!

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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Grafton China Tea Set - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

Hi Abby

Thanks for your query and a big thanks for also flagging up the fact I had not cross-referenced 'Grafton' under "G" - just under "R" for 'Royal Grafton'. This is now fixed. It's great when visitors help in this way as I try to make navigation of my site as simple as possible. Many china information sites have great content, but their navigation is not helpful at all. I have tried to make this complex subject easy.

I've also designed the China Replacement page to help people get a rough idea of the value of their china wares. You'll find links to the
best 'China Replacement' sites and also a lesson in how to search on ebay to find the current online auction value of your wares (not all that easy - but OK when you know all the tricks).

From that page, you will find a link to Use their website to identify your pattern name. Go to the china section, then the Grafton (or Royal Grafton) and use the thin blue vertical image bars on the left of the page to identify your pattern. This will help you search for value for similar. If it's not there, register with them (this is free).

Due to the fact that you are using the name "Grafton China" and not 'Royal Grafton' suggests the tea set is dated before 1949, and therefore older and more valuable. After 1949, most pottery marks were stamped with Royal Grafton. I am not sure which license of warrant they actually held, or whether it was just a marketing trick. In any case, you can get a full rundown of their marks here:- Dates of Grafton China Marks.

Your set sounds old, interesting and rare. You may well have something of value to Grafton collectors. A photo would've been nice! Feel free to submit one at any time and I'll add it to this submission.

NB: photos are always a good idea on this public forum as it helps us to identify the wares.

Hope this helps, Abby, and good luck with identifying your tea set.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Grafton Strathmore
by: Peta

I have my mothers coffee set she bought for her glory box before her marriage in 1947. It is Grafton China "Strathmore". The set consists of 6 small cups and saucers, a milk jug, sugar bowl and a coffee pot. The main colour of the pattern is grey with pink, blue and mauve flowers and green leaves, along the rim is yellow with a grey checker pattern. It is a very pretty set. Like Abby with her set I am having trouble finding any information on the internet can anyone help please?

Grafton Bluebell Tea set
by: Anonymous

I have a mixture of an incomplete 'ABJ Grafton China Bluebell' set (Made in England). From the link to the pottery marks this mark is dated 1935 - and as it is not marked 'Royal Grafton' I am assuming that this set was made between 1935 - 1949.
The items edges are shaped like flower petals and are so delicate and beautiful.
In total I have:
2 tea cups
4 saucers
8 Tea plates
2 cake/biscuit plates
1 Sugar Bowl
They also have a number on the bottom (of most of these items) '5514'.
I would like to know if these have any value.
Thank you for reading my post.

Grafton China Royal Warrant Issue
by: Anonymous

Grafton China became Royal Grafton after being given a royal warrant by Queen Mary.

Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years.

Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating excellence and quality, and are highly prized.


Further comment by Peter (admin)

Dear Visitor

I thank you most kindly for your contribution.

I have edited the content of my main Grafton China entry to reflect your submission.

Great to have you on board.

Peter (admin)

Wanted to know the value - FULL Grafton tea set
by: MJ

Hi I have a FULL Grafton tea set.

- 6 tea cups
- 6 saucers
- 6 side plates
- 1 cake plater
- 1 sugar bowl
- 1 milk jug

The set is hand painted - with blue and yellow flowers, yellow and brown leaves and a gold trim around the edge. Has a stamp on the underside that says:
ABJ Grafton China made in England.
Also has the number 5940 hand painted on the underside as well as a 5 or S.

I am trying to find out the value of this tea set so I can insure it.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I can also email photos if you wish to see.


Expert Appraisers for Vintage and Antique China
by: Peter (admin)

Generally people needing values with fairly easy to find 'standard' tea sets and tableware like Grafton or, say. Colclough, should go to my page here (appraising your antique and vintage china values) and learn how to research values for themselves.

Visitors needing a bit more help with expertise, should seriously think about filling in the 'Bring in the China Experts' form on that same page. It is a paid for service, but you don't have to pay anything upfront. I send the items out for scrutiny, and assess whether the information returned is useful or not and it's up to you if you want to have the appraisal sent on to you.

Remember, experts take into account the changing market in the current economy. Items fetching premium prices a couple of years ago are no longer, and other things becoming 'fashionable'.... the realm of expert appraisers.

Peter (admin)

grafton china 5555 bluebell coffee service
by: claire

does anybody know where I can obtain a coffee cup from in this design ? I have broken one of my set and require a replacment . Please help .

Grafting beverley
by: Anonymous

Hi can anyone help me find out more about a teaset I have it is marked grafton made in England Beverley I have searched everywhere and I haven't seen another one like it I would like to know if it is worth any money

by: norma

Hi I have a Trio of sovereign china made by Grafton china made in England LOFTUS MORAN Pty Ltd 1948 .It has The Chalet Mt Buffalo National Park on all three pieces No Chips Cracks or crazing .It is white in color with black/grey picture .Would you know the value .Thank You Norma

Grafton china
by: Stuart Skaife

I'm trying to find out a little. It of information about grafton china. I think the numbers on the base are either 55275 or 65265. The tea cups and saucers are blue and yellow stripes going a third of the way down. Any help given would be greatly appreciated

by: Donna

Iv had for number of years a China tea set,royal graften,serial number G227 and I would like to know how old it is and of if holds any value beautiful set

Search for ABJ Grafton Teapot NEW
by: Sue Taylor

I have been trying to find a teapot from ABJ Grafton called "FLIGHT". It has bamboo canes down one sode and several mallard ducks in flight across the plates. I am desperate to find a teapot. It's around 1934. Please can anyone help me.
Email me:

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