Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle

by Andres
(San Diego, CA.)

Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle

Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle

Italian Ceramic Clown Figureine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle:- Found tall ceramic candle stick holder in the shape of a clown - dressed sitting down elephant. It has a pottery mark of a shield with a crown over it, all surrounded by garlands (wreath or laurel) and all inside a circle. Under the circle the word Italy. Who made it, when, I am guessing probably after 1945 because of the word Italy, i dont know.


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To:- Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle

Hi Andres

Thanks for the picture and the interesting pottery mark submission.

I don't know Italian ceramics personally. There are various makers who make clown figurines - Belcari, Gumps, Zampiva etc, but I can't equate your mark with one of those.

Feel free to await an answer from someone else in this public forum who might know, but if you would like an expedited answer, go to my page here:-

This will allow you to see if the mark is identifiable by Italian experts without you having to pay any money upfront. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Sorry I can't help more. If anyone reading this has any relevant information, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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Ceramic Candle Stick Holder - crown shield and garland & elephant
by: Linda

I also found a candle stick holder of a elephant sitting on a throne with a similar mark of a crown shield and garland. All in white crown in on top shield an then garland. Didn't say Italy I thought possibly Chinese.

Elephant Shield Wreath Pottery Mark
by: Peter (admin)


Seemingly small details like this will really help us to crack this mystery mark. Thanks for your contribution.

Peter (admin)

I have the same mark
by: Napoli

italian vintage novelty candle holder

I have an old candle lantern with the same mark for a while now and cannot find the maker. At least now I know there are more out there.

Italian Ceramic Mark With Crown Wreath and Shield
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

We need photos to help with this query. Could you guys please send me photos of your wares and I'll place the pics in for you.

Click here to e-mail me your pics
If for some reason the above link is not working for you, then just copy and paste my address:-

Be sure to tell me your name and that the pics are for inclusion with the "Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle" thread in the forum, otherwise I'll forget and get confused! (EASILY DONE!)

I want this one solved - it should be an easy one for anyone with knowledge of Italian ceramics.

One theory is that this mark is not that of a maker but a US importer - possibly based in the New York area. The importer would then may have been able to add an "Italy" mark to those items made there and left blank those items made in the Far East, see Linda's comment above.

If anyone knows more, please post.

Peter (admin)

More Clues on Italian Ceramic Clown Figurine Pottery Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle
by: Susan Williams

Hi Peter,

I was online looking for the maker of these figurines and I came across your page. As you can see I have a pair and they are political... elephant & donkey... red, white and blue stripes on hats. Mine are not candle holders... just figurines (although under the label on the hat it feels like it may have a cork... also back labels says "net contents 4/5 quart). They each have a paper label on the top of the hat, back of chair and bottom under the chair legs. The embossed mark on the bottom is the same as the one on your page, but mine does not say "ITALY".

The bottom label reads "Imported by Morand Brothers Beverage Co., Chicago, Ill. (USA). Would love to know if you have additional information since your post (could not find a date of post on your page).



Mark With Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle


Peter (admin says):


Interesting new clues. I blew up the pic of the label and I think it says "Imported by Morano Brothers Beverage Co., Chicago, Ill. (USA)" Not "Morand". This would be more applicable to an Italian product.

You are right, to say this must be a wine bottle - look at the label closely and you can see it says "Chianti".

Where does this leave us?

We still don't know who to attribute the pottery mark - the shield, wreath and crown in a circle.

Is the Italian maker, or is it the importer's mark?

Many thanks for your contribution.


Sitting Elephant Wine bottle
by: Lettice

I also have this item. Just found it yesterday at a thrift store for $1.50. I momentarily thought it was a candle holder but with closer inspection believed it was a bottle. I really had no idea what I had found but was intrigued by it, I figured it was easily worth the cost!

I researched for hours on the internet and even browsed through a site with a 1000 page manual but found nothing until I came here. Mine looks very similar to Susan's except without the paper labels. Also my pottery mark does not say Italy...I took pictures to add but can't figure out how. I'm looking forward to learning more.

Follow Up
by: Andres (San Diego, CA)

Peter, Linda, Napoli, Susan and Lettice,

Hello! and thanks for all the posts, follow ups and research. I posted the original comment and pictures ages ago! I still have the elephant figure on my "unknown" box, it is probably the longest an item has been there. I also have gone through several pages of ceramic marks and have not found a match. I was shocked it is not a candle holder, but a bottle!. I makes more sense I guess. My item had no labes at all. I do hope we can figure this out some day.

I have one question, how can it be the mark of the importer and not the maker? They tell the maker upfront or what?

I keep on researching, thanks and good luck to all.


The Forum Help Elf says:-

Hi Andres

Yes, we want to get to the bottom of this one too. I think we will. Sometimes it takes time, but like with many other mystery marks, we get there in the end. Why? Because Google starts to cherry pick all the searchers for this mark and sends them here - then as each person adds their own little contribution to the knowledge pool, we end up getting the answer in the end. Not instant gratification, but it matures, like a good wine, let's say.

Now talking of wine, how it could work is this. A distributor/wholesaler has an own brand label which supplies a certain sector. In this case we are talking about the Murano Bros. Because Morano Brothers Beverage Co., Chicago have a large customer base, they have the buying power to both create a special label and make contract orders to the Italian manufacturer which can be branded any way they choose because they have the minimum numbers required to dictate this.

Maybe it worked something like that. If someone knows exactly how the Morano Brothers Beverage Co of Chicago worked with this Italian maker, please contribute.


Sitting donkey
by: Marilyn Simon

I also have a seated donkey bottle in my posession with the same ceramic mark of crown, shield, and laurel. It belonged to my grandfather and I have no idea when he got it. Are they worth anything?

Figural Ceramics
by: Matthew Scharein

I was doing some research because I too have ceramic decanters with the same emblem, and have found that the label that was posted on this site actually does say "Morand" Brothers Beverage Company. This company was later known as the Romano Brothers Beverage Company and has since been purchased by Southern Wine & Spirits of America inc.

My decanters, which are different than the others posted on this site, are of a child or cherub draped in grapes sitting on a wine barrel. The stamp on the bottom is the same as the others but does not have "ITALY" stamped under. I also noticed three letters etched into the bottom, in seemingly random spots; C,A,D. One decanter has a cork inside it that visibly reads "re" and "Ital", I assume that this bottle contained an Italian Red wine. I will post again if I find anything new. (I hope this helps)



Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Matthew

Many thanks for a great contribution to this thread. Sharing your research work has really helped.

Peter (admin)

Sitting Donkey & Elephant Italian Wine Bottles
by: jim / Hemet,Cal

I have both bottles,they are unopened.They have the shield & Italy embossed on the bottom.A label on the back indicates that they were imported by Mission Cellars International Los Angeles,Calif.A 2nd label is marked Italian Wine VAL D'ELSA. Below that is CASA VINICOLA BARDI UBALDO.I am trying to find the age and value of them

by: Anonymous

I found the candle holder wine bottle at a flea market, still filled with wine and cork. Mine came with a sticker similar to the one in the picture above. But it said imported from allied wines and spirits in Dayton Oh. Just thought you would like to know so we can figure this out.

MUG with same mark
by: Chris

Well, I have something different baring the same sheild and laurel wreath in a circle. It is a mug depicting the face of a monk, I have seen others with faces of pirates. They are featured faces with 3 dimensional nose, ears, etc. The marks on the bottom are embossed, and say made in italy, RIP. Vietata, C.C. Art. 2598. Signed embossed loos like E.Irving?, a circled c and hand painted. Don't know if this will help. Good Luck!

italian stamp
by: flampour2010 from Greece



Crown shield wreath in a circle makers mark
by: Green Bear

We have a set of political decanters with the same marks, a crown on top of a shield surrounded by a wreath enclosed in a circle. We have looked EVERYWHERE. Has anyone on this forum found an answer?

Thank you.

Just another one
by: Kay

I have tree with yellow bird, i thought it was a single stem flower vase.... no labels same mark, shield, wreath and crown

Pottery Mark - Shield & Wreath Within a Circle
by: Anonymous

My whiskey decanter (was my mother and father’s from probably around the 1940-1960’s) has the same wreath/crown marking in a circle minus the word Italy.

Interesting though is the fact that my mother and father were both born in Italy and loved Italian pottery.

They are both gone now or I would ask them about this piece.

I just thought I would add another piece to your very large puzzle. Here are the pics...

Please feel free to share any of these pictures with the posters on the forum who are trying to get an answer about this mysterious marking.

Thank you, Joy


by: Anonymous

How do you post a pic please?
I would like to post a picture of the bird on a tree one i have....


Admin says:-

Yes, just sent the pictures to

and we will post them up for you here.


Italian Ceramic with Sheild Wreath
by: Michelle

Interesting information, I also have a bottle with raised markings of the Shield Wreath and Crown in a Circle located in the center on the bottom, on the left side it says "Hand Painted, Made Italy" on the right side has a backward capital letter "F" carved into (not raised)

Same Mark
by: John W

I have a figure with the same "shield, wreath and Crown in a Circle" mark. Mine is a Scottish Bagpipe player. I found that it is likely an Italian red wine bottle made in Italy by Casa Vinicola G. Calamassi. One of these sold in April of 2011 for about $35.

Mystery Solved?

Same markings on cat candle holder
by: Jain

Hi all, I have a cat candle stick with exactly the same pottery mark on the bottom. It looks hand painted. If I can work out how to, I'll add a pic later.

Candlestick holder with battle scene
by: Sarah

I have what I believe to be a ceramic candlestick holder with what looks like an engraved battle scene. Same makers mark.

Candle holder
by: Summer

I have the same candle holder as Napoli,
Napoli where did you get yours? Do you know anything about it? Mine has the mark on the bottom as well as a tiny cross.
I've spent hours researching but haven't found anything apart from this forum.

Would love to know what this marking
by: Chris

I have an angel with a cork in it with the same marking don't understand why it would be a wine bottle with an angel on it.

Photos sent to Peter.


Sin-ko_Inc of Toledo, Ohio
by: Peter (admin)

Some photos of a candle holder imported by Sin-ko Inc of Toledo, Ohio - with the same marking. Sent in by Chris.

All I could find out about Sin-Ko Inc was that on 20 Feb 1987 an involuntary petition in bankruptcy was filed their behalf as a Debtor.

I guess they were a distributor who imported this range (maybe even commissioned it?). Then the bottom dropped out of the fanciful Italian mass-produced wine decanter market in the 1980's.

This is a putti, much beloved in Italy and connected with wine in some way.

Here's the backstory as far as I know it . . .

Basically, Bacchus was the Roman God of Wine, often depicted on his chariot and attended by a retinue of various satyrs, centaurs, nymphs and putti.

More than that, your guess s as good as mine. Roman mythology not my strong point, but just to say, a different ball game to later Christian angelic associations.

Peter (admin)

Here are Chris's pics


Same mark
by: Cathy

I have a flask or bottle with same mark and made in Italy. It also has aD and cross lines. It is very pretty with leaves,grapes.corn and walnut on front. It is footed and shades of green and purple on brown. Back side is shades of brown with Imbossed crown and shield. It has a black chain through ceramic on each shoulder . Never found any info on it. No other labels . Thanks!

A Clown Wine Decanter
by: Tim Russell

Hi All

One more to add to this mix.

A clown decanter, with the same information on the bottom.

Tim Russell


Italian mark
by: Thomas Schröder

It is a typical coat of arms in Italy. With crown and laurel with oak leaves. If one finds the coat of arms, one would at least find the region.

crown mark
by: Anonymous

I have a ceramic wine bottle with the same Mark. It also has made in Italy next to it

Italian - crown shield wreath
by: Linc

I found an old decanter which was the head of a farmer with a pipe in his mouth - I’m in Italy now and was in a small town Corona in the Ticino area, in an old +++ shop searching for treasure, the stamp seems the same, but I’m inclined to think there may be originals and then just copies of the mark produced elsewhere???

Herend, Hungary?
by: H

The closest match I could find for a piece I was considering buying was Herend, Hungary. Doesn’t have the wreath though, but hope it helps.

Pottery mark
by: Anonymous

So, i have the donkey with the same pottery mark on the bottom. There are 3 labels on the back, 2 of which i can make out. The first asys Red Chianti Wine. Underneath that on same label says Casa Vinicola Bardi Ubaldo
Certaldo italy. The label underneath that says imported by J. Lewis Cooper Co. Detroit Mich 48215. If i knew how to upload photos, i would. Hooe this helps.

The mark
by: Anonymous

To be clear, the MoranD brothers were an importer in chicago from 1917 and prior. It is MORAND and not Morano.

The mark everyone is talking about appears to be a company who made decanters for a few different companies. The importer mark IS NOT the mark on the bottom of the bottles.

A great forum,Thank you.
by: Aliam moore,nonymous

Hi There I have a bottle about 1 ft high,very colourful,as a medieval queen with crown.It is full,on the bottom is a wreath encircling a shield and topped with a crown ,within a circle .and underneath is a scroll with the numbers 122

Wine jug (crown, shield, wreath in circle)
by: Alun

I just came into possession of a 26cm wine jug, no Italy stamped under the circle but an (L).
The jug is themed man and woman crushing grapes in barrels. Purple and yellow grapes and green vine leaves over opaque.
My thoughts on the wreath are that it was grapes, and the Shield I think is vine, dividing it into 8 spaces.

Candleholders with grown and olive wreath
by: Anonymou

I have 2 candleholders with the same mark. They are boys sitting n wine barrels. With grapes around them

Crown shield wreath NEW
by: Anonymous

Riprod Vietata decanters/candle stick holders made in Italy.. you’re welcome 😊

more on this
by: Linc

Im on the border of Swizerland & Italy and i found a ceramic figurine candle holder of a farmer with a straw hat and pipe, i saw the mark on the underside and did some digging, even before fining this thread where many of the contributors have article with the same mark as my piece. I believe it to be one of teo companies either HEREND , or Shaeffer & Vater, they have stamps that are similat. Some of the original stamps were copied because of the value of the original hand mde ceramic figurines/pieces. My one has a number underneath. I will send pictures to the link a few posts above for some input

Queen decanter NEW
by: Jo

I also have a medieval queen decanter - always thought it was a candlestick but your page has helped identify it and now I even know where she's from.
Thanks so much for your content and help.

The pottery is called Riprod Vietata C 1960's NEW
by: Julia Morrison

Riprod Vietata, Italian pottery.

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