J with R Marking on tea set

by Jim
(Monroe CT USA)

J with R Marking on tea set

J with R Marking on tea set

J with R Marking on tea set:- I have a tea set with the J combined with the R marking.

Need help to identify. This set was purchased at an estate sale in Niskayuna NY at Maureen O'Sullivans (Played Jane in original Tarzan) estate.

I've read some other listings that suggest this is french, but the marking is not quite the same. The mark on my tea set has more of a sweeping R.

I don't think it's Robert Joseph, is this a knock off or by another maker?


Best regards



Reply by Peter (admin)

to J with R Marking on tea set Query


Thanks for your interesting query, I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to contact the site and share.

I think you have wares of the same mystery maker as described here:-

R pottery mark or J combined with an R submission page (make sure you scroll down to the lower section of the page for the further posts).

If you read the discussion, you will see I favour the small Dresden maker argument. But read the post and see what you think.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Did you find out who the J and R Pottery Mark maker was?
by: Anonymous

Wandering if you found out the maker. I have a piece of pottery marked with the same letters. Can't find it anywhere in the books or internet.

Latest on J and R Mark
by: Anonymous

No luck yet. Hopefully someone will stumble across it and post the results.


further comment by Peter (admin)

Don't forget, in a previous post Kim describes how she took this mark to three separate expert appraisers and got three different answers - see J and R Mark (scroll right to the bottom to get the updates).

The one I favor is the Dresden maker answer. For me, it has to be a small Dresden maker/decorating shop, perhaps using older molds.

Here's what Kim told us the expert said:-

"Your piece is German but not Rauenstein but one of the smaller Dresden makers. I forget the name right now."

That's my bet.

Peter (sdmin)

Another Theory for the
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

I am pretty certain I have (at last) found the answer to this one.

The details are a bit sketchy and until I can do more off-line research, this answer is 'to the best of my knowledge'. I have no citations, so don't quote the following as fact, but I am putting this together to the best of my knowledge at the moment.

If you know more and/or can correct, please post here.

One of the ex-library reference books I just purchased (Porcelain Marks of the World by Emanuel Poche) suggests this exact mark is that of "G. Richard of Milan". However, the book shows a series of marks from 1842 showing various J R (or RJ), initial markings with this one being from 1870.

I don't get why they have the name G. Richard of Milan, when the well known person in all other references I can find is J. Richard (Julius Richard - the founder of the "Ceramic Society Richard"). Is this a typo within the Poche book?

The confusing thing is, I can only find the founding date of the "Ceramic Society Richard" as 1873, not 1842. Maybe he made ceramics before founding the society (he was a rich merchant with lots of business interests).

If so, and if the G. Richard is a typo and should read J. Richard, then we have our full story.

The mark is identical in every detail - which is important because there are dozens of slightly differnt 'R' and cursive JR type marks. It matches - even down to the swirl on the right and the dot on top.

I am not expert enough to know whether the set of wares shown in the top photo by Jim are the type of wares the "Ceramic Society Richard" actually made in 1870, but they do look the part - they have a fancy Italian Naples look to them. Whether they are real or reproductions is something only an expert can tell you.

Julius Richard (thus the 'RJ' or 'JR' marking initials), was a rich English merchant based in Milan, but with merchant activities all over Italy (e.g. Pisa and Naples). He founded a ceramic society in 1873, which then, in 1896, went on to buy the famous old factory of Doccia Ginori (founded in 1737 by nobleman the Marchese Carlo Ginori).

Hopefully, this is the correct deduction, but please be sure to post if I have got this wrong.

Peter (admin)

J with R Mark
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find out who made this tea set? I just inherited the same set from my grandparents. I would love to know.

Flower and Berry encrusted cup and saucer with 'R' and Dot Above Mark
by: Kris (Australia)

Flower and Berry encrusted cup and saucer with 'R' and Dot Above Mark


I recently purchased this little cup and saucer in a box lot at an auction.

It is quite small, the cup sitting on the saucer (as in the second picture) is just 60 mm (about two and a half inches) tall.

The saucer is 115 mm in diameter (about four and a half inches). There has been some loss to various stems as they arch away from the cup or saucer.

Although it seems a bit over the top I was taken by the work involved to produce an item like this. I put the item on the ebay community page to try to identify the mark which looked like a script R with a crossbar over the extension of the upright.

They pointed me in the direction of Joseph Gaspard Robert or a later copy of his work. On taking closer photos for this submission I found that instead there is a bar that terminates the upright and then a dot above that.

When you look into the cup you can see a flaw that would have happened in the firing along with some tiny bits of grit in the glaze. The same thing can be seen under the saucer to the left of the backstamp.

I also discovered that a couple of the feet on both the cup and the saucer had been repaired. At some stage they must have been knocked off then glued on again.

I am a bit of a magpie and have quite a few odd pieces that I know nothing to very little about. I am hoping you might be able to give me some more information about this little set.

Many Thanks


J. Richard or G. Ricard of Milan is the R pottery mark with Dot
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Kris

I have moved your submission to this page as we have already identified this mark and set to be most likely made by the Richard Company of Milan c. 1870.

As I said above, my old Poche reference book is referring to a G. Richard of Milan, and I have yet to find any references elsewhere to G. Richard, only to J Richard (Società Ceramica Richard of Milan).

Can anyone solve this little conundrum for us?

Peter (admin)

R Pottery mark on old fruit covered cup
by: Peter (admin)

Kris, forgot to say many thanks for such high quality photos so we could see the inside of this wonderful cup and saucer set.


Thank you for the info on JR NEW
by: Jennifer

I have a highly decorated porcelaine 'pot' and looked for the maker's name. Thank you for your research, I should never have found it myself. My little pot is in the same style as the tea set but white with delicate painted insects on the body amongst the 'stuck on' flowers.

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