'JM & Co' pottery mark on two-tone Jug

by Oliver
(Harrow Middlesex)

'JM & Co' pottery mark on two-tone Jug

'JM & Co' pottery mark on two-tone Jug

'JM & Co' pottery mark on two-tone Jug:- I bought this several years ago in a car boot sale for a few pounds. I believe it is 19th Century but there are 4 choices of potter that I have found so far. My best bet is J Maudesley & Co in Tunstall 1862-4. There is also a Rd No 89967 as well as some impressed marks on the base 'G' for example. The rest is separate and hard to decipher.

Thank you



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'JM & Co' pottery mark on two-tone Jug

Hi Oliver

There are several candidates who used the JM & Co mark in various guises.

I thought at first this one might be John Marshall & Co of Borrowstounness (abbreviated to Bo'ness) Scotland open for business from 1766 - 1958.

I found a specialist site showing over 30 differently intricately designed marks from this company (Godden's Encyclopaedia shown only 2 basic written marks from this firm) - and yur mark seemed to be in their style. However, this variation was not shown.

So I tried another candidate - a firm called James MacIntyre, earthenware makers based in Burslem, Staffordshire from 1860 - 1928 - and BINGO! This is their mark - dating from about 1867 to 1894.


Peter (admin)

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JM & Co jug
by: Lucy

Hi Oliver!

I'm just curious to know if you found anything else out about your jug?

I got something very similar yesterday from a second hand shop, it has the same mark as yours and I can just about make out a 'macintyre' backstamp. Mine is missing it's lid, unfortunately but is exactly the same shape, all one colour (sage green) with a gold beaded band around the neck an 18c mark on the base. I haven't found much similar other than your jug so far apart from a fancier version agate mochaware one on ebay, which is listed as pre-Moorcroft James Macintyre from approx 1870's.

I'd be interested to hear anything you found out about your jug.

kind regards,


JM & Co two-tone jug
by: Sue

Hi Oliver,
I have an almost identical jug but with no lid. The pottery mark and Rd No are identical to yours but the colour is different. Mine is an ivory colour at the base and the top and handle are a pale terracotta colour. I was given it by a great aunt who died some 40 years ago who told me it had belonged to my great grandparents.

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