by Gary
(Calgary Canada)



LORD NELSON WARE STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND:- any ideas as to how old this is? It is a cream drinking mug with a glamour girl on the front with her hands behind her head, legs in the air, pink skirt and a 1940's hairstyle with her red shoes kicked off.

Any help will be brilliant

Thanks gratefully!



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Lord Nelson Ware - Novelty Mug
by: Blake

Dear Gary, According to the "Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks" by Geoffrey A. Godden, the mark on you mug was first used in 1956. The mark is listed under Elijah Cotton (LTD.) Mark #1119 with a picture of the mark followed by "Printed mark, 1956- .". The Godden book is regarded as THE authority on marks but was published in 1964 so I do not have any information on when or if the mark was changed or is still in use.
This site, however, provides some information of value: http://www.thepotteries.org/allpotters/320.htm
Much of the Lord Nelson Ware is decorated in Chintz type floral patterns and there seems to be very little information available about novelty mugs such as yours. I would think that mugs such as these with Vargas style pin-up subjects would be extremely collectible but after several Google searches I was able to find only one referrence to a mug such as yours. The description has quite a bit of information but I cannot find the price this mug brought at auction. (I asked a friend who has a subscription to this site to check the price but it will not display the page for him.).

I hope this has provided some help.

Yours, Blake

by: imran ali

mrkotli61@yahoo.com i live in kotli azad kashmir pakistan i have a cup of nelson ware it made by englan 1944 its color white it was my granfather he get from british army face book id imran ali ph no 03465196393

Lord Nelson Ware- Beer Mug?
by: Gordon

Hi Gary! I came across your enquiry and Blake's comments while I too was researching a very similar mug which I bought today from a local charity shop. I thought it a handsome piece and wanted to learn more about it. I have nothing to add to what Blake has written but if either of you come across anything new I should be pleased to hear of it.
My mug has a coaching scene with a coach and four outside "Ye Olde Fox Inn" and the picture of a little fox on the reverse.
Bytheway,for many years in the fifties I worked in the London Buying Office of Eatons of Canada. Maybe I shipped your mug to Canada.
Regards to you both. Gordon.

Nelson Ware
by: Megan Kalu

Hi Gary, can you possibly help me out with this. I can't seem to find any reference to my Nelson Ware milk pitcher. It has the scene of "Homestead" on it. The only thing i keep finding is items with Lord Nelson Ware. I'd like to send you a photo of the piece and the bottom insignia, but it says BCM/Nelson Ware made in England and then with the mark "1". I would like to post this for sale, but i have no idea if it's one dollar or $10. Thank you in advance.

Pin-up mug
by: Anonymous

Did you end up selling or finding a value for this mug? I just found the same one and another pose as well. No info to be found.

Set of 3 jugs
by: Barbara

Hi , I have a set of 3 jugs with the markings on the bottom ! Lord Nelson, Elijah Cotton, I have had them for about 30 years now, I bought the set in a country antique store , I was just wondering what they would be worth now ? Thanks .

Glamour Girl Beer Mug
by: Lorna

Hi Gary,
I live in Cape Town South Africa and have the same mug as yours, just the actual pose of the glamour girl is different. Mine is wearing a green sleeveless polo neck top with a pulled up pink skirt displaying her legs.
On the reverse side is a little pic of the top of a side table on which a top hat, cigarette smoking in an ash tray and a cane are lying.

Have no idea what it is worth.

Would like to know as well.

LNW beer mug/stein
by: Sue

I have a beer stein as well..."Thirsty days hath September, April, June and November; all the rest are thirsty too except for him who hath home-brew." And on the back, "What's your s"?

Front shows an elderly man (green jacket, white shirt, blue tie, brown hat) with his head tipped back drinking from a clear mug...his huge bulbous nose taking up half the mug. The back shows a beer mug, a martini glass and a highball glass against a bright blue background. It belonged to my grandfather who lived in Vancouver, BC

Elijah cotton Lord Nelson
by: Christine

I used to work there when I left school at 16 1979 till I was made redundant and then I went back when it reopened and then there was a fire 😟 It was a great characteristic place to work. I was a lithographer and gilder bander Most of the ladies I worked with were very old and really like a big family, although I was only there for a year or two, it was a good experience with jolly people.
Can't help on the attractive mugs though, before my time.

Thanks Christine
by: Peter (admin)

I love these types of first hand memoirs. Thanks so much and keep them coming. This really makes it real for me!

Peter (admin)

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