lovely studio art pottery bowl with illegible handwritten signature

by L P

lovely studio art pottery bowl with illegible handwritten signature

lovely studio art pottery bowl with illegible handwritten signature

lovely studio art pottery bowl with illegible handwritten signature... found this beautiful bowl in mum's cupboard recently and wondering if its art deco, who its by, my mum suggested Gaudy Welsh, if so I wonder what the pattern is called, looks like seashells & octopus and is lovely and brightly coloured. and also I can't decipher the name of the artist that is signed Chris...? would love to know,




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The nearest I can get to deciphering this scribble is Gurli Pottery Chris Luttel. So this is what I Googled and with some special Google ninja-fu managed to locate Chris Luther Pottery located in Seagrove, NC - - Not sure if this is the one or not. Chris Luther seems to have some really nice work on show and is a real skilled artisan. Good luck to him, and hope he thrives and sells lots of his art studio pots.

Knowledgeable contributors please try to help more with this one (check out the comments section below for replies). Do you have any Chris Luther work and tell us the story behind it?

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by: owner

this one is Gwili Pottery in Wales, artist Christine Latter I have been told now, fairly modern but very collectible, hand-painted one-offs like this especially.

Coloured shell bowl
by: Anonymous

HI, Im Chris Latter, i painted the above bowl at Gwili Pottery in Carmarthen. We still produce this design and many otheres ( More than 40 other designs in fact!) at Gwili POttery. Have a look at for a small selection of what we produce.
P.S. Sorry my handwriting is so illegible!!


Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Chris, you are very welcome, thanks for posting here. I will go over and have a look at the website - thanks for the link.


Seashells bowl
by: Bev

I too have bowl very similar to the one shown with seashells. I bought it from Aberystwyth Uni in the mid 90's. I Couldn't read the writting on the bottom properly so I assumed it was made by a student. It certainly is beautifully painted.
Perhaps mine is made by the same person.

coloured shell bowl
by: Anonymous

Your bowl probably was painted by Pru Green. I didnt start at Gwili until 1997 so chances are it was actually Pru that painted it. Pru has now retired from Gwili and i run the business. If any of you are in Wales please come and visit and say hello! Visitors are always welcome!! Chris
P.S. We all have illegible handwriting!

Illegible signature NEW
by: Clare

The bowl was made in a studio in Camarthen called Gwilli probably in the 90s and early 2000s.
Pru Green was the head and trained others.
Pru started in Alvingham, then Gwilli, moved to Wivenhoe and finally Kelvedon.

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