by Bill Osborne
(Trenton Ontario Canada)

Hello Peter, I am Bill from Trenton Ontario,

I had my sisters vase evaluated today January 21st, it is geniune,I sent you some pictures,they are under Lowestoft vase marked with an x.

Sadly my sister passed away December 14th 2010.
One of my many missions in life is to have some
history and value of this item.The evaluator said
the value of Lowestoft vases has dropped. I am sure as you know many variables determine the value of an item.With your help and your many associates, maybe I can find more about this vase.

This vase is over two hundred years old, I realize this is insignificant to most people,especially to the layman. I am grateful to your site,it helps people relate with each other,opens peoples eyes and give the layman, as I am, an understanding and true value of an item.

Many people are remembered through items as they are passed on through generations. I thank you for any information and time.



note to Bill from Peter (admin)


Many thank for you kind words, your time and trouble to report back about your identification and for understanding exactly what this site is about.

Just a not on appraisals. I run an expert liason service which feel is the best online.

For a relatively small admin fee, my experts will not only identify the item but also give you an accurate valuation at auction hammer price.

For those wanting to take advantage of this top service, please go here:-

My vintage and antique china values page


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Update on authenticity of blue & white Lowestoft vase
by: Bill

Recently I found out from showing it to a local expert it is an original. However, he wouldn't advise me of the value.

Now I would like to find the history and value, if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Thanks Bill


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Bill

Normally I like to keep value separate from these identification forums, simply because it gets very complicated for all sorts of reasons and really valuations need to be done by a highly qualified expert - which none of us are.

People on this forum tend to be enthusiasts and collectors.

We know how much we would want to pay for something to turn a profit, but that's not the same thing as giving an impartial appraisal.

Expert professionals tend not to comment on forums like this as it is in their interests to keep us in the dark - as they like to charge for their services in one way or the other.

What do you think their fee is for appearing on the Antiques Roadshow?

Anyway, that said, looking at the general achieved hammer prices at auction for Lowestoft wares over the past few years

Mid 18th Century Small blue & white bottle vases $3000 - $4000 USD (each)

A 18th Century Small blue & white bowl $800 - $1000

A pair of blue & white plates from c.1765 $3000 - $4000 USD

So if an expert confirms the authenticity, quality and date of item, you can be sure of an interesting value.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

My opinion
by: CeramicAnt

Am I the only one brave enough to burst this bubble?
Sorry but no way is this vase a genuine Lowestoft nor anywhere near 260 years old.....and not porcelain.
Your vase would be the biggest Lowestoft item in history cos it looks at least 10 or 12 inches tall....
But to me it looks like 1970s or 1980s Chinese pottery and millions of vases like yours have a cross or number or anything else you can think of.
So because I believe that your item is modern I also believe you are either innocent and gullible after the appraisal by the "expert" or you just made up the whole story to fool people....either way its worth around £8.

I Bow To Your Superior Knowledge (maybe....)
by: Peter (admin)

Hey Ceramic Ant

Burst away, my friend....

This is what this website is all about, bursting bubbles.

I know a bit about 19th and 20th Century china, but little about Lowestoft, so I bow to your clearly superior knowledge... [**much bowing ensues**]

I found this Genuine 12" Lowestoft vase sold by auctioneers DuMouchelles of Detroit just this week on Jan 16, 2015 for $750 (estimate $1,000 – $2,000). Maybe, as the self-appointed Lowestoft 'police' [**sirens blazing**], you might want to contact them and tell them their error. Here's the address:- 409 East Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, United States.

Below is a photo of the vase in question (one of a pair).


So we can all try to get a handle of what to look for in a genuine Lowestoft, here is a recent sale by Bonhams


Looking at these examples above, I feel that the look of Bill's original vase in the photo, doesn't really fit the profile of the two genuine Lowestofts above, but I can't really judge by so few examples, I would have to see more.

As for size, it would be incorrect for us to assume Lowestoft didn't make 12" vases if the above DuMouchelles example is to be taken as genuine (which it is very likely to be).

Peter (admin)

Lowestoft -
by: Anonymous

Hello I’ve got a really old looking plate, there is Slight crazing that as turned dark. It’s a lovely blue on white scroll pattern.
I’ve done some research and believe it’s a Lowestoft .its 14"-11". On the back there’s a Blue winged angel with the word scroll above it and a b&s below it.theres The initial,s I B in blue a X in brown, then there’s also 3 impressed marks.the winged angel, a number 3 and a number 2.
I would really love to now more about this plate age ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Chris.

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