O. B. Pottery Mark on Ott and Brewer Belleek

by Becky
(North Ogden, Utah)

O. B. Pottery Mark on Ott and Brewer Beleek

O. B. Pottery Mark on Ott and Brewer Beleek

O. B. Pottery Mark on Ott and Brewer Belleek:- I have been researching this find I believe it to be the early Ott and Brewer Beleek. I was wondering the value and the pattern.



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O. B. Pottery Mark on Ott and Brewer Beleek

Hi Becky

The short answer is I don't know. Research patterns with replacements.com - I tell you how on this page....


Values, we don't cover in this section which is more about identifying what you have. Go here for some personally delivered expert advice on valuations:

The ”Bring in the Experts” antique china and collectibles evaluation page

But often you can great information by 'saving a search’ on eBay and monitoring the bid prices (be sure to get your search terms right though): go here for a page of tips and instructions:- How to easily find prices and values on vintage and antique china online ..... more

Meantime so as to make this page useful for people finding it on Google or Bing searches, here are a selection of Ott & Brewer marks I know of:-


Ott & Brewer were first established in 1863 as Bloor, Ott & Brewer. Brewer had the forsight to employ great design and worked with sculptor Isaac Broome
who worked superbly in the fashionable parian ware of the time - a white marble looking ceramic body. Broome famously created the Baseball Vase and also won many awards for his work.


The Ott & Brewer historic parian busts by Broome, like the two above - guess who those two guys are! ;-) - tend to go for four figure sums. The amount varies according to the subject matter, but I have seen $1000 to £4000 at auction hammer prices

Ott and Brewer also figured out how the Irish made Belleek (the secret was a special clay body - you can read more about this if you use my in-house search engine at the top right of this page - keyword = "belleek") and made some of the most outstanding American porcelain ever made. I saw that a small O & B beleek vase went for $2350 in 2004 in a sale at Rago Auctions, Lambertville, NJ

So I am pleased to have had this submission if only to have put this great maker on show a little.

Please post if you have any Ott & brewer to tell us about. I like this maker very muchly.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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pottery style
by: bill lindblad

First, item is not belleek, but either ironstone or semi-porcelain (hard to tell from photo). Notice the browning and I assume a good deal of crazing is also present. They (most of Trenton potteries) had a problem with the cool down stage and this caused the crazing. It's not just age, it was the process. Brewer remarked on this and the lack of decorators when seated in Congress.
(Ref: Stern, Pottery industry of Trenton. Your item is transfer decorated.
To tell the difference between a belleek item and semi porcelain/ironstone/delft/faience - hold the item up to strong light - if it's translucent it's a poercelain - if not, body is one of the others. There are some exceptions, but it's a good general rule.

Relative? NEW
by: AnonymousRiichard Ott

My last name is Ott and just saw the piece on Ott and Brewer and the museum quality vase. I am wondering if you might have any info on his family. I am 78 and my Grandfather’s name was George Ott. Anything or anywhere you can guide me would be appreciated. George was in New Jersey and still have family there. Most were from Newark. My email is bethott@swbell.net. Thank you, Rick Ott

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