Parrott and Company "Coronet Ware"

by Paula

Parrott & Company, Coronet Ware

Parrott & Company, Coronet Ware

Although my Grandfather was from England, I "believe" my mother purchased most of her collection of bone china teacups and saucers here in Canada but I can't swear to that. I was the youngest of nine children and I am a senior now, and the collection was kept in my parents' home for as long as I can remember. Before my Mother passed, the collection was given to me by my Father. It has remained with me, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, displayed in a glass, antique cabinet (also from my parents). I have Royal Winton, Royal Vale, Adderley, Salisbury, Sutherland, Phoenix, Regina, Parrott & Company, Royal Albert, etc. etc. I had tracked down all the markings except for my Parrott & Co. marking until I came to this site and Peter gave me the history of the potters. I am now going to share the marking and the pictures of the Parrott only teacups and saucers.

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Thanks ...
by: Lucy Artisan

I love this pieces ..the colors are amazing !!!
Thanks for sharing...

Glad you like them!
by: Paula

I'm so pleased to be able to share - this site is awesome!

Parrott and Company Cups and Saucers
by: Julie W

Thank you for sharing the cups and saucers. I have a dish depicting King Charles the First and the actress Julia Nelson by the same company. The dish is 220 x 120 cm. I am unable to read the artists name but I think it is Fred Terry? Terny?

Biscuit Barrel
by: Jo

I was given a biscuit barrel, still boxed, when my Aunt died this year. It had been given as a wedding present to her from my parents, this was approx. 65-70 years ago.
It is green with several flowers on lid and side.
It has the usual Parrott & Co markings along with in pen, 1650 3.
Would this be a collectors item or is it one of many?
It has never been used.
Just wondered if anyone had seen one before.

Thank you.


Reply to Jo
by: Paula

Sorry, Jo, I personally have never seen one. Have you posted a picture on this site following Peter's directions? I'd love to see it. Also, ask for Peter's help if after exploring this website you haven't found anything that helps you with your question. He helped me.

orange jug
by: lisa D

i have a parrott and co. orange jug coronet ware
it is very unusual, with re indian head dress or sun affect. it has the parrott & co marking with number 494 on it. can anyone help with more info. and is it valueable?

thank you

Parrott (Coronet Ware)
by: Paula

Lisa - re your item - the best place to ask about this would be directly to Peter Holland - he can direct you to where you may find out value. I posted my teacups in hopes of someone responding that could shed light on their value but to date (years later) I am still no further ahead with that but I do wish you good luck in finding out and if you do, could you come back and post where you got your information so I can find out the value of mine? I'd really, really appreciate it! Thanks!

Value of Antiques and Vintage China
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks Paula, I appreciate your comments. This forum is great for identifying wares and generally helping each other out, but when it comes to value, I deliberately shy away from discussing values here in this section because it's a whole other ball game - a very complex and tricky area.

You see, even amongst experts, they often disagree on values, and also there could be vested interests who try to to downplay the value of something because they want to buy it, or people may want to up-play the value, so as to talk something up. Also, I can't oversee every conversation and someone might genuinely get misled because wires get crossed etc etc.

As you say I do have an expert liaison service, but there are also pages which help people to research further into values themselves. One such page is value of antiques - click here to go there. Check this one out first and foremost.

Peter (admin)

Nell Glynn plate depicting street scene and kings theatre building.
by: Anonymous

I have found a Nell Glynn hexagonal plate with signatures on the front and it is a street scene with Kings theatre on the building.
Any idea of the value or what the scene is depicting?

by: michael

i have a large colection of biscuit barrels, jam pots and cake plates. Have collected for over 15 years

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