Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL'

by Randy
(Clinton, NC)

Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL'

Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL'

Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL':- I have this Pitcher and Vase I bought at an estate sell. The pitcher has this mark on bottom. I can't find anything about it.

Any help would be appreciated.



Peter (admin) says about - Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL'

Hi Randy

This is an obscure one! Thanks for submitting.

The only maker I have ever heard of with a 'Grecian' pottery mark is a little known firm in Glasgow called John Thomson (this is the correct spelling - there is no 'P').

They operated from 1816 to 1865 but were mainly known for earthenware, not fine china. They mostly were known as JT or JT & Sons or Annfield Pottery. Their 'Grecian' scrolled pottery mark also normally has the JT initials.

That's the best I can do, I'm afraid.

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Peter (admin)

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Nice Pitcher and Basin-Pottery Mark 'Grecian GL'
by: Daisy

Its a pretty pitcher but not sure about the maker maybe someone will be able to help.

Grecian pitcher and basin
by: Gary

Randy,we have exactly same pitcher and basin with Grecian markings but in lilac and white.Been in the family we think for a hundred years.Do you think they are of any value? Regards Gary.

any more info?
by: dillie

i have just found the same pitcher....did anyone find any further information out? i can't seem to find much on the internet. thanks for any information!

Thanks but still no luck
by: Anonymous

No I still have not found anything on pitcher. But maybe if we keep looking someone will. thanks for the replies.

'G & C Ld' or 'G & Co Ltd' in diamond shaped mark
by: Peter (admin)

'G & C Ld' or 'G & Co Ltd' in diamond shaped mark

Thanks for the nudge guys - I had another look at this mark and finally have solved it for you all.

I was somewhat thrown off the scent initially because I thought the word 'Grecian' on this pottery mark was the name of the firm - and therefore the 'G' within the diamond device meant G for 'Grecian'.

Then, took another close look at the mark. I realised it might actually be saying 'G & C Ld' rather than GL. If so, this might be a shortened version of G & Co Ltd.

I looked up this mark and found the maker immediately. The word Grecian is not the maker, but the pattern. The maker with this diamond mark is Gallimore & Co Ltd (or 'G & C Ld' or 'G & Co Ltd') of Melbourne Works, Longton, Staffordshire, founded in 1906 and closed in 1934.

Grecian is a popular pattern name, with many firms using it. For example, apart from Gallimore, Royal Worcester and Wedgwood had a Grecian pattern in their ranges as did Ridgways, Susie Cooper, and many other others.

Gallimore & Co Ltd (or 'G & C Ld' or 'G & Co Ltd') made earthenwares, not porcelains and I presume their items are not that common as they were a small firm with a short history.

Unfortunately, although rare, in terms of value, it is the more notable firms, known for high quality which fetch the better prices.

For people needing valuations go to:-

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Grecian mark - Gallimore & co
by: Anonymous

I also have this exact pitcher but with a totally different pattern - I had the bowl at one time also (exact same shape) but it got broken by one of my children. I got mine as a gift from my husband in 1971 from an antique store in New Jersey. Have always loved it because it was so different in shape and so unusually large. My factory mark is the same...Nancy

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