Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S

Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S

Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S

Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S
Well Known Makers Marks Using a Crown and the letter 'S'  - uploaded by Peter (admin)

Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S:- Hello, I have a pair of blue, white and gold porcelain figurines standing about 5 inches tall. She is carrying a basket and he is feeding birds. They appear to be matched and both have the Crown over S in black on the underside.

Can you tell me their origin and vintage.

Much appreciated,


Reply from Peter (admin) below - just scroll down


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S

Dear Kim

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to upload the very clear photos and become part of this friendly online community.

Now, about your naive figurines and S underneath crown query.

I have had a series of these exact marks sent to me lately and the short answer is I am unable to positively identify this particular mark, because it is not one of the known marks - it appears to be a modern mark designed in homage to the older makers (see the three well cataloged marks I uploaded above).

Or perhaps, it's just a plain and simple sneaky and dubious marketing technique from Far East Mass producers?

There are three German makers who have used variations of a crown over S mark over the years.

However, this newer-looking S mark is not exactly like any
of these older marks from established and more collectable firms.

My conclusion is the mark is either a more modern variation of one of these German factories (in which case I don't quite understand why they would be doing such poor quality rip-offs and bunnykins type rip-offs), or a Far East maker who is trying to pass off their wares as having an association with one of these German makers.

The clue is in the range of products we have now evidenced from various visitors. This particular clean and modern looking stamp has a range of goods which look as of they are trying to pass off as other older ranges.

For me this shows either a lack of marketing 'focus' and/or a tad of desperation. For me it is either modern Chinese or 1950's Japanese, or less likely, a more modern Eastern European maker.

In any case, I don't think the wares would have a high value, unless they were by one of the older more reputable firms mentioned on the above summary page (which I don't think they are - but I could be wrong...)

Hope this rather long answer helps!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

Comments for Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S

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your site
by: victor wall

used your site once and found it to be very good for information on makers marks.
will use again

by: Anonymous

I have a girl in diving gear that looks like the hummel figureines but it is marked with a crown over s, does anyone know who made these please, iwould post a photo but dont know how too, many thanks, lesley


Peter (admin) says:-

There is already a couple of threads on this subject. Start on this page and follow the links to various other postings.


The short answer is this mark is not positively identified anywhere - it is not one classified as one of the well known German makers, and so my current feeling it is a post-war Japanese maker trying to sell cheap versions of German looking popular items.

The Crown with the S under.
by: Richard

Hi I have a victorian man and women sat at a table playing Chess, it is in prestine condition, and it is 10 inches in lenght 6& half inches high and 4 inches wide.
It was past on to me and is well over 40 years old please would any body know the manufacture and to what value would it be worth.

my email address is [email protected]

Crown over S mark
by: Anonymous

I have 3 very nice figures of ladies with this mark, two of the ladies are accompanied by dogs. My Mother has had them for a number of years. I wondered if they were Crown Staffordshire China as we live in the potteries and she aquired them there.

crown and s
by: Anonymous

I have just acquired a decorative jar with floral detail and a butterfly on the lid, although there do not appear to be any marks on the item there is a gold shield shaped label with the same mark in blue and the word SAXONY in red

by: Anonymous

I have a tiger with a black crown and a letter under it could you possibly tell me what it is thanks

Crown over S
by: Hulda

I have a boy/young man with a cow with the S under a crown mark. It is somewhere around 50 years old, probably a bit older. Im trying to find out who made it and where.

by: Kathy

I have a figurine about 4inch high of a little boy pour a watering can and at his feet is a flower which he is watering,he is wearing a has blue pair of trousers with straps that go over shoulders and white shirt,also he has in the same colour blue a hat over his blonde curly hair,on the bottom is a Crown over an S with the word foreign etched in the porcelain (it's not inked)like the crown and s could you tell me about this please.
Thanking you for your time Kathy

Goose girl
by: Anonymous

I have a porcelain figurine - goose girl with crown over S hallmark. Can you tell me my thing about it?

5 prong crown mark with S under it
by: Anonymous

I have a figure of a girl in a Pierrot suit and hat sitting on top of a pair of dice. It is Matt and in pastel colours.
Any idea what it is?

Same mark as Kim
by: Sarah

While tidying up our attic came across a Grampa bear in armchair figure with same mark as Kim, mine has a gold coloured made in Taiwan sticker on it, which supports your theory of the Far East replicas

Mystery Solved
by: Kasey

I have a figure of a diver boy holding a big fish, the Crown over S stamp on the bottom. The shield shape tag attached to the figure reads "Saxony" on one side and "Your Guarantee of Quality" on the other.

white doves crown over S stamped in blue NEW
by: Brenda

I have a pair of white doves porcelain 7in height 6ins wide the tail feather are in a fan shape they have the crown over S & letters GOR in blue on base are they any value
thanks Brenda

figures NEW
by: liz

I have three figures one girl with dog, boy with dog, and boy with rabbit , all white , on the base it has a crown and an s in black ink, are the worth anything.........

figures NEW
by: liz

Three white figures one girl with dog , two boys one with rabbit , and the other has a dog . They have a crown and the letter s on the base in black ink, are the worth anything ...........

Cron over N with word starting Z NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have inherited a figurine ( 1 women playing Harpsichord , 1 playing a lute and a male standing over the harpsichord .) Underneath is a crown over an N and a word under it I cannot read starting with a Z with a horizontal stroke through it . Any ideas .Thanks in anticipation ! Amanda

The Crown over S mark belongs to German porcelain maker Carl Scheidig. NEW
by: Anonymous

The Crown over S mark belongs to German porcelain maker Carl Scheidig.

Bird eagle NEW
by: Anonymous

Adjust sorting some things of my mother in laws and came across a eagle on rock.it had the crown under neath and a s would it be worth keeping please.

Porcelain Mark Query - Crown over S NEW
by: Teresa

Thanks, that was extremely helpful to identify the same mark on a porcelain ornament I recently bought in a charity shop. Luckily, I am impressed with the quality of the ornament so don't mind the fact that it isn't an original variety.

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