Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot

by Mrs. Smoak
(Rhonda, Columbia, SC)

Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot

Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot

Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot:- I received this from my grandmother before she died years ago. Could you give me any information about it?


Mrs. Smoak


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Reply by Peter (admin)

to Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot Query

Dear Mrs Smoak

Many thanks for your query and photo. Unfortunately, I can't see the impressed makers mark on the photo so am unable to help.

Please send in another form with the words that are impressed on the base of the teapot and I will try to help.

Case possibly solved! Melissa (at least I am guessing Melissa because the name box wasn't signed) has posted some brilliant work on this one!

Scroll down to the comments link at the bottom of the page to see.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Teapot Mark Possibly Arthur Wood
by: Anonymous

I have a strong hunch this is an Arthur Wood teapot.

Check out this sold item from www.rubylane.com:


It is marked 5113. The shape of the base is identical to Mrs. Smoak's 5114 teapot. You'll notice that "Made in England" and the pattern name Monarch are impressed. The Arthur Wood mark is printed on and somewhat blurry.

An identical 5113 teapot is listed on ebay. The seller remarks that it looks like it should be marked Arthur Wood, but isn't. Same mark as Mrs. Smoak's teapot.

Another small tantalizing clue that may or may not mean anything...

http://www.replacements.com has a listing for Arthur Wood pattern 5114. Of course it is one of the few patterns they don't have a picture for! But it is described as "pink rose, gold lines." If you browse through the Arthur Wood pattern pictures, they're almost all teapots. Apparently a specialty.

Take these clues for what you will, hope they help!

Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot, poss. Arthur Wood
by: Melissa

Hi Peter, yes it was me who posted!

I just wanted to add the info I found on the company on http://www.thepotteries.org:

"Arthur Wood, Bradwell Works, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent in operation from 1904 to 1928. From
1928 to 1989 traded as Arthur Wood & Sons Ltd. Since 1989 part of Price & Kensington Potteries, Longport. The company specialised in making teapots."


Pottery Mark on Base of Teapot, poss. Arthur Wood
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Melissa

Great! I thought it was your post - who else could solve all those tricky ones with so little to go on. I think your hunch is right about Arthur Wood.

Thanks again!

Peter (admin)

price kensington gravy boat
by: Rucky

can any one help. i have a pot thats looks like a gravy boat. The kitemark on the bottom is price kensington made in england 31 49 can any one give me some history on it the colour is Blue and Gold.
hope someone can help.
Many Thanks

Price Kensington novelty teapot
by: Melissa

Price & Kensington, Longport, was founded in 1962 from an amalgamation between Price Bros. (Burslem) Ltd. and Kensington Pottery. Much of the Grade II listed factory site is dilapidated and unused today, but there apparently is a shop open on the site. I don't know if that means the factory is still in production.

Photos of the factory:


Note the sign "Price's National Teapots" in the last pic. Possibly a specialty of Price Bros. that carried over to the new, combined company?

Examples of Price & Kensington novelty teapots "especially for the tourist trade," as the site says:


They made "normal" pots too:



Great work yet again M. Best regards, Peter (admin)

by: Patricia

I have a Price England teapot 1830 and a v or y in gold plus a small mark looks a bit like 70, its yellow gold , banded around with a flower on each side, it was my aunties but do, you know any info on it? ......

price brothers earthen ware teapot
by: Anonymous

can anyone tell me how to date a teapot I have. It is definetly price brothers and it is brown with a whiteish top and the base has white leqves on it and it loks like clusters of a blue fruit.

Price kensington vintage teapot
by: Anonymous

I have a price kensington teapot made in England no. 2667. Have been unable to find it. It has square handle, trimmed in gold with blue and pink roses.

Novellty teapot
by: Anonymous

I have a novelty teapot made by price Kensington pottery and I cant find another one like it anywhereifs a motorbike with a rider on it,like a racing bike ?. Can anyone help with this

Price Kensington Motorbike
by: Kevin

I also have a Hand painted motorbike, with rider, made by Price Kensington. I have no idea of value. It appears to be in pretty much mint condition.

Pottery Dog Question
by: Dorothy

Hi. I have 3 Price Bros Pottery Dogs. a, A white scottie/Highland terrier. b, a black Poodle c, A wired haired terrier. they are approx. 12inches high and are in very good condition. I can't seem to find any information with regards to these figures. Can you shed any light on them for me please? regards, Dorothy.

Number on bass
by: Steven

Hi I have a sunflower jug with a number on the bass off it 39 can you tell me is it to do with the year it was made or is it number 39 off the line thanks Stevieboy1972@hotmail.co.uk

Arthur wood
by: Gina

hello, I found a Arthur wood horse pitcher at an estate sale but the bottom I not stamped like all others I have seen, it has been hand carved wood with 79 under it has no made in England stamp it is beautifully detailed not like others I have seen online the wood 79 is under the glaze, I would like to know a bit more about this pitcher

Thank you Gina

Arthur Wood Reapots
by: Maureen Z.

Arthur Wood and Sons closed their doors in 2003. The new owners moved out of the U.K.

I have one of Mom's lovely Arthur Wood and Sons teapots #6257)

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