Pottery Mark Query - "Italy 1431"

by Jen Benson
(West Mids, UK)

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query -

Pottery Mark Query - "Italy 1431":- Hi, I have recently inherited some pottery after my mother passed away. Some of the items are clearly marked from Staffordshire potteries, but 1 or 2 of them are marked with a hand written "Italy" and then a number such as 1431 (this is a square lidded trinket box, decorated with a hand painted cockerel and other patterns).

I am having great difficulty finding anything out about these pieces, and would be grateful for any assistance you could give.

I am a complete novice to trying to identify anything, and the value is not so important to me as the heritage, but it would be nice to know!!

I can remember the box in particular being in my mothers bedroom on her dressing table from my early childhood. My parents married in the 1950's and so the items could have been acquired then, or they may have been passed on from an elderly friend.

I have found this site to be really helpful in the past, but there didn't seem to be anything that quite fit the stamp mark I have here, and so I do hope there is someone out there who might be able to give an insight into where these items come from, and what heritage they have.


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Pottery Mark Query - "Italy 1431"

Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Jen

Thanks for your submission. I am glad to hear you have found this site a useful tool for research.

Before I talk about the Italian majolica box, just to say about the wares you describe as "clearly marked from Staffordshire potteries" - This might confuse some readers because "Staffordshire Potteries" is a phrase more often than not used as a general term for china makers within the area of Stoke-on-Trent. As is happened, there was a firm who took up the specific name 'Staffordshire Potteries', but this was not until
fairly recent times (1950), and I feel it was a marketing ploy more than anything else, as they were known by other names long before this name was thought up.

The firm in question Keele Street Pottery, founded 1915, buying out Paramount, Winterton Pottery, Thomas Cone, Alma Works, Collingwood Bone China, Conway Pottery, Piccadilly Pottery, and Lawton Pottery in the immediate post war period - became "Staffordshire Potteries Ltd" in 1950) is not to be confused with other longer-standing firms with the word "Staffordshire" in their title. A good example of this would be the famous "Crown Staffordshire" of the Minerva factory.

So your use of the term "Staffordshire Potteries" is not quite a straightforward as it might seem.

Now, about the Italy trinket box. I do not know too much about Italian wares apart from people get confused about what is a factory and what is a style. - e.g. Capodimonte is not a single firm with rights over the name - the word merely describes a general style of wares which doesn't even have to be Italian in origin.

Anyway, another Italian style of wares is majolica - which is a richly coloured and decorated, low fired, often tin-glazed and style of earthenware. I have noticed on my travels in Italy that whatever town or area I visit there is are normally several ceramics 'shops' making and selling their own designs of majolica wares.

These are often beautiful little outlets with a nice sense of Italian style showing very nice merchandise run by lovely local people. The wares seem to marked for the tourist rather than for identification purposes - so they are often just marked with the word 'Italy' with added numbers. Not sure if this is a traditional way of marking or not, but it is certainly different from the English or German way of marking.

If someone knows more of this Italian way of pottery marking, please post below.


Peter (admin)

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Italian pottery
by: Susan

In response to Jen's question on italian trinket box mark, I have a pitcher which is in the form of a Rooster which has similar marking. Almost looks like the same person wrote it. Marking is "Made in Italy 786". I have not found anything definitive so far as to origin.


by: Anonymous

I also have been on the hunt to learn the origin of a vase I got from my mother. Colorful, earthenware that certainly matches what others are saying here, my vase also ITALY and looks identical to those shown here. numbered 49. would love to know more if anyone has a lead

Italy Pottery Marks - "Koscherak Brothers/ New York" (KBNY)

by: Steve

I have some pottery with that exact mark Italy but it also has KBNY, usually written as KB/NY is the importer's mark and it stands for "Koscherak Brothers/ New York". They had a major showroom on Fifth Ave in Manhattan. The company had been importing fine ceramics and crystal wares since 1895. They only sold wholesale to the finest department stores and boutiques in the country such as B. Altmans, Bloomgdale's and Macy's. They imported a large amount of the ceramic output of Ugo Zaccagnini.

I have seen this same mark without the KBNY mark as some of the items that imported in did not have that mark!

I would guess that 1431 is a pattern number could be the factory or artist who painted it. Other pieces have similar, but different, numbering systems
Hope this helps, Check online under the brothers name and you will come up with more info!



Comment by Peter (admin)

Steve, you are a star. Thanks for solving this mystery mark not only for the posters here, but also for the hundreds of people who will Google (or Bing) this in the future!

Italy mark
by: Bjo

HI. That there written looks like a Bitossi signature.

Italy mark
by: Bjo

That looks very much like a Bitossi mark. :)

singing rooser
by: Laura

My pattern matches this picture. I got mine from my grandmother who inherited it from Italy, not some American department store!! I am not sure how to spell the name, but it means singing rooster. It can be quite valuable if is an older piece.

by: Jen Benson


The above link is deruta majollica, from italy. This could be something to do with this style of work

Thanks Steve, but...
by: Jen Benson

Thank you for the information Steve, but I am in the UK, my parents never travelled to the USA, and did not have any friends of family there so the chances of something coming from New York to the midlands are pretty low I think!

I think the Orvieto rooster patterns made by Deruta are a more comparable design, and this is possibly a copy made by another Italian ceramic manufacturer ... I am under no illusion as to it being worth much, the fact that it was my mum's means more to me than anything else.

Thank you for all the comments though - it is great to have found out so much information.

majolica candle holder
by: Ken

I have a 4 5/8" high majolica candle holder marked as follows:

HC (underlined) probably the decorater's initials

5010/20 probably the pattern number

ITALY (identical to Jen's mark)

M. & C. probably the manufacturers initials

I have photos but don't know how to upload. Contact me @ kdavies@telusplanet.net & I'll forward for you to loo at. I live in Alberta, Canada. No idea how this item made it into my parents stuff.

Deruta Italian Ceramic Manufacturer
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks for all the contributions so far.

Piecing together all the info so far, there are obviously a few Italian 'majolica' companies such as Deruta and possibly Zaccagnini exporting to markets such as the USA and UK via distributors.

Like the local firms, these Italian makers seem to have the tradition of marking their wares by hand rather than by print or stamp.

I googled Ken's M&C mark associated with Deruta and found this plate with M&C seeming to be the initials of 'Manolo e Claudia' who are something to do with Deruta.

"M & C" PLATE photo


So the M&C or 'Manolo e Claudia', seem to be none other than the painters at Deruta. If the handwriting and mark is the same, then presumably the mark is Deruta. The style certainly would be a fit.

The 'singing rooster' pattern translates as 'Canto Gallo' and this appears to be a popular theme amongst different makers selling this type of ware.

Peter (admin)

p.s. send any photos to me at


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Porcelain ship
by: E. of South Africa

Hi Sir.
Could you please help me too? . I got a Large Antique porcelain ship with light, named,"ORION" H60cm x L50cm x W30cm with Phoenix emblem on glass/ceramics sail.
Mark "Italy 574"
Where does it come from?
Does it have any value?
Would appreciate your help!
Keep up your good work
Kind regards
South Africa

Same Italy mark, numbered, M & C initials
by: Michelle

I have just found a beautiful little Italian vase with what is I believe the same Italy mark, but it is numbered 5010/81 and has the initials M. & C. (I think). The middle "&" could also be an "R", it is hard to read. Also, and I think strangely, the vase has a winter scene on it. I have no idea if it is old or new. Does anyone have any suggestions on this one?
Thanks so much,

Italian mark
by: Anonymous

What I have found about that particular mark from a piece I had is it was massed produced strictly for export. I am not sure if other marks on it means where it was made such as the number I cannot find any reference to a number.

Similar mark
by: David

I have some kitchen jars (3) with the same Italy 'signature' and a series number after. Have you got any closer on the origin?

Glazed vase with same Italy marking
by: Noelle

Mine is very similar to the one originally described above, however mine says '25/7 . DM' then beneath is the familiar 'Italy' from the very first post. I am wondering if DM is an artist or just the manufacturer. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate it!

italian ceramic wine bottle
by: Anonymous

I have a ceramic wine bottle made in Italy
It has a mark with a crown and shield with olive branches
It has a gondola and is hand painted

by: Anonymous

I have a bowl many colors that say B 1029 Italy does it have any value.

by: Anonymous

I have a small pitcher and bowl that say 1656 Italy on the bowl and 1535/103 Italy on the pitcher. Beautiful colors on both.

Any ideas?



Is it safe to use?
by: Kayt

I have a set of multi color flowered small plates with similar markings from my grandparents who traveled extensively to Spain, Portugal and Italy. The markings on back are Italy 461 and a sideways "H". There is also some cutout triangular shapes on rim.
Does anyone know if they are safe to use as dishes or would they contain lead? I have to believe they are from around the 1950's.
Thank you for any help identifying them.

Safe to use
by: ERM

I have a sugar and cream set with the same Italy 231 marking on them. A cousin of my mother brought them back from Italy in 1958, so I know they came directly from Italy. I use this set every Christmas since the main color is green. I have not poisoned anyone with the creamer, but I do not know if you can put hot food on them. Hope this helps.

Thank You
by: Kayt

Thank you ERM and happy to find out that there have not been any poisonings using these.

P over a V and made in Italy
by: solomonbythesea@gmail.com

I have a small black saucer with made in Italy and above is P overAV
.Made in Italy

Pottery Mark “Italy 1431”
by: Natalie

I have a plate marked "Italy 1532 " and tried to find information on it with little success until I went to my Mom’s and saw a similar plate with the exact same markings on her’s. I’ve come to the conclusion, and this is strictly my opinion, that this is a souvenir piece and the markings are not a numbered piece but perhaps identify the area it came from.

Pottery mark query Italt 1431
by: Anonymous

I too have inherited items with Italy pottery mark and numbers. Two burnt orangish colored candlesticks with cherub marked 1842 ITALY with a mark V inside a circle. Store stickers from Ovington's NY are still attached. A matching fruit bowl is marked 1824 ITALY followed by a mark ACA. My understanding is these were purchased by my grandparents shortly after they were married in 1932 while on a trip to NYC from their home in upstate NY. With so much information available online now I hoped to find out more about these items. Thanks for the information on your site!

To Steve
by: Anonymous

That would be the Scafatti family that had the showroom. I have a Merlin figurine that I can not identify The Scaffati's are my imediate family, but the older oes have passed. Anywhere I can upload a pic to show what I have?

I have a vase with "Italy 7457" on the bottom
by: Karen Hansell

I grew up with this vase in the house. My dad was an officer in the British Merchant Marine, so we traveled all over because officers got to take their families on these freighter ships. As long as I can remember we had this vase, and it's been through a lot, as we used it for screws, safety pins and any loose stuff we didn't know what to do with in the moment. The ceramic itself must be super tough, because it is not dented or chipped and went through a lot. I was born in 1959, and this vase predates my birth by an unknown amount of years. I believe my mother purchased it in Europe somewhere.

Italian porcelain pitcher 1056 marking on bottom.
by: Angie

My great grandfather passed down a large white floral pitcher with 1056 on the bottom, in the ceramic. How can we tell if the is a monetary value?
Thank you

by: Heather

I have a brightly coloured pitcher by Bitsotti marked FF147

Italy 39 NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a ornament with Italy 39 on it. It has a hand painted castle on top of a vase. Don’t know if it is valuable?

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