Pottery Mark Query - Lion & unicorn "M. & Co." underneath

by Wendy
(Walker, MI)

Pottery Mark Query - Lion & unicorn

Pottery Mark Query - Lion & unicorn

Pottery Mark Query - Lion & unicorn "M. & Co." underneath:- I received this piece from my dad, it was likely one of my grandmothers. I found a Trenton pottery mark that was similar, but it did not have the diamond in the middle or say "M & Co." beneath.

Any info appreciated.




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Pottery Mark Query - Lion & unicorn "M. & Co." underneath

Hi Wendy

Many thanks for submitting but the first thing to say is that just because there is a documented mark of a Trenton maker similar to this device does not mean that much. This Royal Coat of Arms of England is one of the most common devices used on pottery marks, and many examples can be found from both US and UK makers. However, you might be right.

The thing is I have not come across the Lion & Unicorn with the letters M & Co before. M&CO was used by two well documented makers - both of them English and from Staffordshire.

Neither are documented in my encyclopaedias as using the Royal Lion & Unicorn. However that doesn't mean to say they didn't use it.

The first and less likely is the small and short-lived earthenware producer called Moore & Co (1898 - 1903)

Your tureen looks from the photos as if it might be very finely designed and made of porcelain. This styling would very much fit the profile of the second possible M & Co company - Minton.

Minton were large and very high quality firm - one of the greats. Around 1841-73 they are recorded to have used many different marks which use the initials 'M & Co'. Too many in fact for every one to be recorded in non-specialist encyclopaedias. They tend to list only one or two. It may be that your mark is one of those not documented. I feel this is the most likely answer, in which case your dish might fetch a good price.

The tureen certainly has very stylish and well executed design values, so could be from Minton.

If it was, the combination of being by Minton, the very stylish design and the age, this tureen might have more value than the average.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Minton? Lon & unicorn
by: Maggie

I also have iny possession which I would call a large planter(?) size 7 1/2" high fluted 9" across bottom diameter 6". A sera friend gave this to me she said her Mother always had it from the time when she was a child my friend is 87 years old. . This piece has a white base with blue palms gold splattering and detail. I thought he perhaps it was from England? My friend was born in Philadelphia with parent originating in Germany.


East Liverpool, OH author
by: Donna Gray

Your covered vegetable was made by the Mountford and Company pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio, between 1891 and 1897. See Gates & Ormerod,
The East Liverpool, Ohio Pottery District
Identification of Manufacturers and Marks,
Journal of the Society for Historical Archeology
Vol. 16, Nos 1-2, 1982.

Lion & Unicorn "M. & CO"
by: Anonymous

I have a rather small vase that was my mother's. I don't know where she got it. It has the exact mark on the bottom as the picture on this page. I was wondering what the value of such a vase is?

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