Pottery Mark Query - Old Chamber Pot, "G" Inside Star

by Shane
(Fresno, CA. USA)

Pottery Mark Query - Old Chamber Pot,

Pottery Mark Query - Old Chamber Pot,

Pottery Mark Query - Old Chamber Pot, "G" Inside Star:- Hello... I found a really pretty chamber pot that has managed to stump nearly everyone to whom I've shown it. Part of the issue is that the mark itself is blurry. It says "Wistaria" at in quotations at the top (the first letter is blurry... I'm assuming it's a W).

There is a G inside of a star in the center. Stratfordshire England is semi-readable along the bottom edge, but at the top are two blurry words. The first word starts with the letters "GR" and it is hard to read the rest... I think there is a "V" somewhere near the middle of the word. The second word is "DE"

Below it is the number Ro No 424760. Any help as to the mark/age/rarity of this piece would be very appreciated.

Thank you!!


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Pottery Mark Query - Old Chamber Pot, "G" Inside Star

Hi Shane

You have chamber pot made by one of the greatest bone china makers ever to grace the planet. Grimwades is the name, or more properly, Grimwade Brothers - a company started in 1855 by two very clever and creative brothers and Sidney and Leonard. The very word chintz comes from them - their company developed the process to make chintz patterns possible (rotary kiln, lithography etc etc). 'Marguerite' was the first Chintz pattern, launched in 1928. They are one of the few companies to rightly use the title 'Royal' as King George V paid a personal visit in 1913 and chose a tea set for himself. They changed their name to Royal Winton in 1929.

The word 'Wistaria' is the pattern/design named after the lovely flowering tree of the same name.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Shane

Many thanks for the info... I couldn't make out that blurry word, and this helps a lot! -Shane

Grimwade/Wistaria 424760 Chamber Pot.
by: Joan H.

I have two of these beautiful pots. they have the
wistaria pattern but in purple color..
the number on the bottom --424760... they are in
excellant condition... can you tell me the value/
and age of these.. thanks.

Grimwades - Wisteria chamber pot.
by: evabury@bmts.com


I'm looking to buy a chamber pot like the one above. Grimwades Wisteria patern.

Thanks Eve

I have
by: Rosemary

A vase and bowl in Wistaria 424760, I would like to know the year these were made

by: Anonymous

Shane, that 424760 is the registration number for the Wistaria pattern, and it was registered on July 15, 1904.

Chamber pot.
by: Anonymous

I have one of these wistaria chamber pots.Rd No424760.Grimwade with a G in a star.Does anyone have a value for this please.

Grimwade Pettery NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi ... I have a beautiful large jug that probably came as a set with a basin. It is a beautiful deep pink & has the name Wistaria on the base together with the Grimwade Staffordshire England stamp. It has a G in a star in the middle of the stamp. The markings are very sharp & clear. Love it & would like to know it’s history. The pattern number is 424760. I live in Western Australia but bought it from a collectables shop in Queensland. Sorry I don’t know how to add a photo.

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