Pottery Mark query - red moose head with B

by Cathy

Pottery Mark query - red moose head with B

Pottery Mark query - red moose head with B

Pottery Mark query - red moose head with B:- My grandmother from Poland owned this cup and saucer for many years. Does anyone have any ideas as to who the maker might be?

Thanks ever so much in advance....




reply by Peter (admin) below

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery Mark query - red moose head with B

Hi Cathy


Thankfully, a knowledgeable visitor has generously supplied the answer to this query as being the mark of Gardner of Verbilki (Вербилки), Russia founded 1765 - also known as "Dmitrov Porcelain" (see the write-up on my Makers Guide Page). Below on this page I HAVE POSTED A FULL ARTICLE OF THESE MOOSE OR REINDEER OR CARIBOU POTTERY MARKS. Just scroll down to see....

immediately below is my original reply, unedited, before we discovered the answer.....

Hi Cathy

Thanks for the interesting pottery mark submission. The picture you uploaded to go with your submission, was on the small side - much better to take one clear photo of the mark and one of the item and then upload both. In the past, we only had the technology to upload one photo with a submission, but the technology has caught up and we can upload up to 4 items.

The red moose with a B mark you describe is not listed in my Millers or Kovels books. It may be an obscure Polish or Soviet maker I have never heard of. I am quite good on 20th Century UK manufacturers. Foreign and early wares are specialist niches unto themselves with vast amounts of knowledge and research material required.

Feel free to await answers from knowledgeable others who may come across your submission in this thread. If you want a value, go here:

value of antiques.

This page is written to help you to research the value of your item further.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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Red Moose Head w/ B Mark
by: Vicki

Cathy...I was just reading your query and I have the same query. I found a bag full of cat figurines at the an estate out here in Colorado. One of them has this same mark, I have been trying to find out this maker and was unable to so gave up and listed it on eBay. If anyone tells me anything I will let you know and was hoping you could do the same. Among the other cats in the bag were vintage cats from Japan, a pottery cat from Sweden and a set of 4 cat orchestra players from Beswick of England. I think they are all older pieces so assuming the "Moose Head" one is also. Good Luck.

Moose with B
by: Anonymous

Perhaps it might be the Russian company Dmitrov Porcelain Plant in Verbilki, based on this same motif:


Gardner or Dmitrov or Verbilki or Verbilky or Kusnetzoff Porcelain
by: Peter (admin)

Many thanks for solving this mystery for us. Below is further research to verify your thoughts.

Gardner (see the write up on my Makers Guide Page) are also known as "Dmitrov Porcelain". I am not sure as how they got the name.

Вербилки is Russian for Verbilki (or Verbilky), which is the town where Gardner is based.

Francis Gardner founded the factory in 1765. Prices for Russian porcelain can be immense - I don't know the reasons perhaps its the quality and rarity combined with the imperial Fabergé effect.

In the books I have (Millers and Kovels) there are few Gardner marks and no Dmitrov marks that I can find. So here are some photos I have gathered together along the the citation of the sources:-

Close up pic of the above red moose Dmitrov mark

Verbilki Verbilky Gardner Dmitrov moose mark

Picture courtesy of http://potmarks.activeboard.com/t20381025/unknown-mark-russian

Close ups of Dmitrov black & white mark (modern)

Verbilki Verbilky Gardner Dmitrov moose mark

Picture courtesy of www.rus-sell.com/article5-Russian+porcelain+factories+marks+and+signs.html

Dmitrov Red moose mark with a 1966 date for the 200 year anniversary

Although elsewhere I have seen this version of the moose mark listed as being from 1918-1991.

Verbilki Verbilky Gardner Dmitrov moose mark

Picture courtesy of http://cgi.ebay.com/Dmitrov-Porcelain-Plant-Verbilki-Russia-Porcelain-Medal-/360324851277#vi-desc

Hope this helps

Peter (admin)

Red Moose Head with B Mark
by: ChrisNBG

I recently acquired a cup and saucer with same mark on back during an estate cleanout. Below the moose's chin is the letter C. Above the antlers is a sideways "1" and "5". But the interesting part is the cup still has a price sticker on bottom marked Beriozka 2.20. I looked up Beriozka online and Wikipedia stated the Beriozka shops appeared around 1965 and "existed only in Moscow, Leningrad, the Soviet republics in the capitals and large areas of the centers". If anyone has any further info or an idea of what the value of this set is today I'd much appreciate hearing.

by: Anna

I have a small geese figurine with these markings. This has been immensely helpful!

thank you!

Another similar marked piece with Beriozka price label
by: Laura

Like ChrisNBG I have a piece of pottery (a small pin tray/sweet dish) with a very 60s looking pattern on it. On the back is a very clear and precise red moose head mark and the price sticker which is printed 'Beriozka' and from memory a price of 3.85.
I can't find anything like it on the internet and it was only here that I tracked down the maker's mark.
So is it likely to be a Dmitrov piece sold at the Beriozka shop?
Fascinating stuff, piecing it together.

Mystery solved!
by: Laura

Thanks to this thread I have found out that my little pottery tray is made by Dmmitrov and, using what i found out to search more thoroughly on the internet, it is infact the base/tray for a condiment set sold in the Beriozka shop. Shame I haven't got the salt and pepper pots but thanks to you lot I know what my pretty little piece is - thanks again.

Modern Day Factory Identified
by: Chathyme

Hello all,

Cathy and I own similar pieces. My set has a backstamp of a blue moose head with a capital B, C2 and decorator's initials. Research at sovietporcelain dot com slash factoryinfo lead me to the current porcelain reorganized factory name of ZAO "Farfor Verbilok".

The site has similar cup shapes so I began clicking all the links, found the pattern and used a translator. You can too.

See farforverbilki dot ru slash farfor slash nabory-chashek slash goryun-trava dot html. Our pattern name is "Goryun Grass".

Red moose with letter B Ceramic Flask
by: Anonymous

I too have an item with the same obscure mark. It is a ceramic Flask, hand painted with an image a woman surrounded by flowers. On the bottle, there is also a gold label with what looks like Russian writing. I picked this up yesterday because she looked so similar to the image from a 3 piece tile mural I also happen to own. I had difficulty finding information about the tile, but now I think I have found the connection.
Thank you-

Red Moose with letter B
by: Ken Gilbert

How do I upload a photo of my figurine

Posting your pics
by: Peter (admin)


Please send me them here:-


and I will post them up for you.

Peter (admin)

Green moose head with a B
by: Kelly

I have the very same symbol on my delicate tea set with a green moose head and a B. It is white with black and real gold painted flowers. Your website has been helpful as I know it's the same maker. I just wish I knew what it was worth.

Very helpful
by: Nichole

I have acquired a couple bread plates with the green moose and B but it has a 5 to the left side of the B the c2 is under the B its got to be the same maker. How can I find value?

red moose head B NEW
by: Laura

I just acquired a fox stealing a rooster figurine with the moose and B stamp. The figure is in pristine condition. Anyone know how old it may be and how much its worth? Its the red moose with e B and the number 50 on the bottom. there is a small vent hole on the bottom. The lady fox is bright orange with black and white checked skirt holding white rooster and has touches of gold. Fox eyes are slanted.

Red Moose Mark
by: Chriss

I have a porcelain tiger figurine with a red moose mark with a capital "B" and the number 16 . There is a single vent hole on the bottom as well. I have NEVER seen another tiger piece like it- I wonder if this is a one of a kind? He is hand painted very well- (I collect all things tiger) If anyone knows more about this piece or has seen one similar please e-mail me.. tigarose24@gmail.com I will pay generously for another like it or even a mate!

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