Pottery mark query - "Sunderland Ware"

by n jewsbury
(dartford ,kent)

pottery markings - sunderland ware

pottery markings - sunderland ware

Pottery mark query - "Sunderland Ware":- About 15 years ago my nan passed away leaving a few bits, which i have kept. I have been trying to find out more information about some of the bits left to me, but i just cant find this marking anywhere! By design i would say it was Art Deco, it has what looks like gold trim.

The markings on the bottom are a shield with a bird on a perch in. Then in the banding around the outside of the shield it says 'SUNDERLAND WARE MADE IN ENGLAND'

Please help me put this ghost to rest, i have searched the Internet many time & way into the small hours without success.



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Sunderland Ware
by: Blake

Dear N., I thought this would be simple to solve but it has turned out to be rather a puzzle. I can tell you that words "Made In England" in the mark mean the china was made after 1887. Several different combinations of family names are listed as owners of the pottery which began by making wares for sailors which had verses on them. Later Sunderland became famouse for making Lustre Ware.
I found this site which looks promising as a source of information:
http://www.searlecanada.org/sunderland/sunderland143.html Be sure to click on the index link which will take you to more in depth information. You also might try contacting the owner of the site for more information.
I went through all of my marks books and did not find your mark which was surprising to me. From the style, my best guess would date the mark from 1920-1935. I'm going to email some experts and see if they can come up with something. I'll post as soon as I learn anything new.

Yours, Blake

reply to blake
by: nadine

Your help is very welcome. Happy to know that im not the only one who's having trouble with this pottery mark. I know of the Sunderland lustre, but the markings are so different. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

sunderland pottery 2010
by: janice

I have not worked out the date of this article
I am writing Oct 2010.
I have just got interested in Sunderland Pottery, picking up a library book a.m. so still raw....printed Thos Reed for Tyne/Wear Museum..1983

Marks do largely seem to boil down to names.

I found a similar mark to the raven under Goddens(2052 - 2054) Peter Holdsworth of Ramsburg...speculation Ramsbury equiv to Raven****
Not familiar with heraldry or the significance of the position of the bird's headin each case.

This may be garbled but I am making a commitment and may return after the book is read.

by: nadine

Many thanks for taking an interest. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Sunderland Tea Set
by: Anonymous

I have what I think is a Sunderland (oversized) Tea Set. It is pink lustre wear. The mark on the bottom is very lacking. It looks like a small cross. It also has letters (looks like CS) which are overlaid onto each other. My mother had a note in the sugar dish that said it was the "Strawberry pattern of Dr. Wall period". Not sure what any of that means. I found a tea cup on ebay that looked very similar to the patterns on this set.

If photos would help with identification I can do that. Any help would be useful.




Peter (admin) says:-

Thanks for the information Leslie, each little piece of information will eventually add to up to body of knowledge, so thank for posting.

I encourage everyone to post here with whatever they know about Sunderland lustre, even if it seems small.

What your mother meant about the "Dr. Wall period" I presume was referring to the famous Dr Wall of Royal Worcester fame (he was the founder and the genius behind the success of this great English maker).

I am not sure of any connection between Sunderland and Worcester. If anyone does, please post here. The thing is, Dr Wall was active in founding Worcester around 1750, but as far as I know, Sunderland was a 19th Century movement - possibly inspired by the commercial success of Worcester and the long tradition of Staffordshire.

Peter (admin)

Sunderland ware coffee set
by: Polly

My Aunt has a 1920's looking coffee set with the Raven stamp on the bottom, and 'Made in England'. It looks Art Deco and has distinctive yellow primrose flowers over it. Its coffee pot is a very attractive shape. Has anyone seen a similar Sunderland ware set, or be aware of its value?

Sunderland Ware 1920C Primrose Pattern Large Serving Platter
by: Alison


Just found this informative website. I too was passed on a piece of this pottery. It too has the same bird (Raven/Robin/Bird logo)and primroses. All I can tell you is my Nan was in service during the 1920's so I assume it was either a high end piece that went out of fashion or utility item (personally knowing my Nan I think the former is more likely). My Nan was given many items by her employer Mrs Ostomier who resided in London) -NOTE the spelling may not be correct. My Nan has also given me other items given to her by her employer including pottery/china etc from Till & Sons, glass & crystal perfume bottles which I have yet to research. Hope this helps

Kind regards


by: joan link

I too have a cup in a primrose pattern, slightly triangular shape with a deco style handle and stamp Sunderland Ware, Made in England, with a bird facing down to the left in a shield shape. Pretty but not very useful as I broke it a while back along with it's saucer, both glued and saucer now mislaid..... but it's nice as an ornament....

Sandland ware mark
by: esther rose manson

Hi I have a small butter plate with a man on a horse a group of 7 hounds in front of his Manor? It's bro en with a gold coloured border on back is a sandland stamp including a couple of hands in a handshake other markings associated we ith the stamp a couple of strokes of the same gold paint as the border as well. Secondly I h a very two small egg cups cream in colour stamp is different sandland ware L & Safety ltd Staffordshire England painting on egg cups appear the same and appears to be a little shop writing on shop notice in the painting appears to say the posy shop with bunches of flowers outside. Do believe they are historic items ad worth being valued. I also have 6 dinner plates 1 bread butter plate and 3 tea cups with mark cream petal grindley stamp of a ship in a iodinesort of frame please advise. Er

Primrose teapot NEW
by: Carli Susu

I have an art deco-style teapot with exactly that hall mark, a bird on a shield with 'Sunderland ware Made in England' around the shield. It has triangular handle to the lid in a Claris Cliff style and gold line with painted primroses. I am wanting to sell it but am trying to find out more about it.

Sunderland art deco berry dish NEW
by: Barbara

Hi I have just found a lovely matching plate and berry dish in cram pottery with a distinctive orange and black art deco design similar to Mackintosh.
It has the raven design on the back.
I am thinking it is 1920s.
I have no idea how to value it. I bought it at a car boot sale.

Update on Back stamp NEW
by: Barbara

I have just found a matching set of china plates for sale on e bay. Some have the Raven backstamp and Sunderland and some have Crownford Burslem Ware back stamp. So I am guessing the two potteries are related.
Interesting update.


Hope this helps

Sunderland Ware NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have Sunderland ware, breakfast and dinner set. 1920’s. It has the Raven on the back. Would love to know more about it.

Sunderland ware coffee set NEW
by: Another Barbara

I inherited from my mother a Sunderland ware coffee set (with the bird mark, as described).It was a wedding present to her in 1937. Cream, green and gold with sweeping deco lines for the coffee pot and milk jug. I was interested to read your comments as I have searched extensively for information about the manufacturers.

I have the same! NEW
by: Lesley

Hi Nadine,

I have an oval plate with exactly that same design on, I only have the one, but are you by any chance related to Jo?

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