pottery mark query T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S

by ann mcintyre
(united kingdom)

Pottery mark query - T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S

Pottery mark query - T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S

pottery mark query T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S:- Hi i have acquired a pair of vases

T.Forester Ltd, Phoenix works. Nankin. I have searched everywhere for the stamp but can not find it.

It always has sons but mine does not.

They are black with I think oriental looking tranfers print birds and flowers.

I would appreciate any help thanks for you help

ann mac


Reply from Peter (admin) below - just scroll down


antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Pottery mark query - T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S

Hi Ann

These rare vases are by Thomas Forester, also known as T F & S or PHOENIX CHINA or PHOENIX WARE.

Thomas Forester started out in High Street, Longton, then expanded to Church Street. The Phoenix works were completed in 1879. In the beginning of 1883 Forester took his sons into partnership and the T F & Sons was established.

SO... you get the picture of how old your vases are?

The firm ceased trading in 1959.

Unknown Pottery Mark Vase -

Good luck!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Lotus Ware - TF & SL Hand painted
by: Karin

Hi Peter, stumbled upon your page whilst trying to find another Lotus Ware item on the planet. I have a beautiful vase in almost MINT condition & was sure it dates pre 1900 ... found confirmation of the marker OK however everything seems to relate to Phoenix China. Cannot see where i can attach a piccy for your reference

{moderator says:- "pics now added. On the comments sections pics have to be put in by us manually as only the original poster can add pics at the moment - working on a fix for this!, so just send them to peteradmin@theclayartist.com, .....BUT be sure to say the URL address of what page the comment is on, otherwise we might no be able to find it"}.

Sure would be interesting to get a value .. although i wouldn't really part with it. I purchased this about 20 years ago .. since that time & without really looking for confirmation of it's value .. was totally surprised to find a Phoenix & also the number 13 beneath .. which BOTH have a significant signature/imprint on me in life's journey! Any info you can lend is much appreciated.

Kind regards from me in Australia


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T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S
by: Peter (admin)

G'day Karin there!

Thanks for chipping in here. I will add your pics manually to your comments as only the main top submission allows for pics to be uploaded by the visitor unfortunately.

Just email them to me and make sure you tell me they are for the T. Forester Ltd - Phoenix - T F & S comments by Karin, otherwise I am sure to have a senior moment and forget!


Let me know if you want anything valued. I send them to an expert which cost a few dollars, but is quite often worth it, especially if you may want to sell sometime.

find out more in the antique & vintage value section

Peter (admin)

cacho sloyaka
by: Ella

I have some cups and saucers milk jug and suger bowl that has the phoenix china mark and also a name of Cacho solyaka or maybe gacho i can not tell but i can not find any info can you help???

Pattern 404
by: Anonymous

I have a Phoenix Ware tea set. Doesn't have the eagle just TF &S Ltd. There looks to be a pattern number 404. Any ideae the year this was manufactured?

pitcher jug
by: cathy

hi i bought a pitcher water jug and the stamp says phionix wear made in england tf&sons ltd its a flowers pattern with gold leaves just need to find out wat year it was made

by: janet

i was given a sandwich plate of an old dear i looked after it has phenix ware made in england t.f.& s. ltd on the back it has a pattern around the edges in black it has a lot of little cracks in it how old would you say it is please

Phoenixware vases
by: V.T Bentley

I have two Phoenixware vases. Flow Blue and Gold Lily design.

They were handed down to me.

I am curious as to their value, and more so if they had a name.

I have seen similar designs named 'Glamis'

Wondering if I can get some help or direction on how to know their true value.

Regards, V.T Bentley

Creating Phoenix Works website
by: Brian Milner


Our family have owned the Thomas Forester factory Phoenix Works since 1961 which was only a couple of years after TF&S ceased production. I am trying to create an informative website about the life and work of the amazing Thomas Forester. Starting in 1877 he built a business which employed over 700 by 1900.
It is:-

email info@phoenix-works.co.uk

I would appreciate your permission to copy any TF images to go on my blogs on the site which I would attribute to you of course.

Kind Regards

Brian Milner

Phoenix china pattern enquiry
by: Joanne

Hi Peter.
I have recently inherited a T.Forester Ltd Phoenix china tea set.It is white, with a blue rim, and features a parrot sitting on a branch, with green leaves and yellow and orange blooms/fruit. it is hand decorated and dates from around 1925 i believe. it has the number 6406 hand painted onto the bottom of some of the pieces. I am interested to know more about the pattern if you have any information. I can email photographs if required! Many thanks.

TF& S Phoenix vase Fuchsia on 3 feet
by: Frances

My old neighbour left me some old China, vases etc. But the one I cannot find anywhere is this TF & S Phoenix vase/fuchsia standing on three feet. Looks so, so old. Any help would be appreciated Thank you. Frances.

honey comb cup and saucer
by: suzie

i found these 2 really pretty cups and saucers in a charity shop .not looking for antiques they were so pretty ,so i thought i would find out more .they have the first design printed underneath ,with a few gold numbers and letter p numbers 25.6 or 95.cp. Any information please ?

by: Anonymous

hi,,could anyone give me an idea of a price to start these vases on ebay please,,as you can see from pics there in very good condition,,thanks for any help given
just found out there dated between 1932/1939, anyone have ant idea on the artist or value please,,hand painted roses,number stamp on bottom 1909,,stamp is round with phoenix ware,made in england,tf&s ltd

by: Valetta

Hi I've just come across this site after having no luck researching a large lidded vase that is stamped with only a Phoenix with T.F.& S underneath nothing else. It doesn't say Ltd or made in England etc. Does this indicate how old it is. Any help appreciated.

Phoenix ware vase NEW
by: John


Creating Phoenix Works website by: Brian Milner NEW
by: Brian Milner

I have composed another website as well as phoenix-works.co.uk it's URL is www.thomasforester.com which may help people identify Forester's wares and history.

Thanks so much!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks a million for creatingthe siteBrian.I have a beautiful cup and saucer I would love to find the rest of the set to.what a lovely gesture Brian. thanks!!!

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