Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it

by Neil

Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it

Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it

Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it:- Can you identify the stamp on the bottom of our teapot? It's a (brown?) crown with the letter M in a diamond shape above the crown and MADE IN ENGLAND written below the crown.

Many thanks.


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Reply by Peter (admin)

to Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it.

Dear Neil

Thank you for uploading the photograph of your teapot base.

Unfortunately, I would always need a clear close-up (unblurred) photo the base pottery mark. The mark is far too small for me to see properly.


This mark mystery has been solved by a knowledgeable visitor who thinks this mark is that of this is most likely Alfred Meakin. See full answer below


You have to bear in mind that crown marks are by far the most common mark on all English china and there are literally hundreds of makers all using a similar device. I can't see what you describe as the letter "M" - it is too small. Many crowns have an "X" which might look like "M"s.

Some people find scanning the base with a normal scanner gives the best results. Use as many submission forms as you like. The system allows only one photo to be uploaded at a time - but I'll get them all no problem. Send a pic of your teapot as well as the base, please.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it
by: Anonymous

I have an item with the same mark

Hi Peter

I have a plate with the same mark at on this teapot. It is definitely an M above in a diamond shape. The stamp is brown. from the picture it looks like the same pattern as I have.

Did you find the answer to this persons query? am trying to find out what this mark is too.

Appreciate any help I can get.


Further comment by Peter (admin)

Dear Alison

Many thanks for confirming the letter in the diamond is indeed an 'M'.

I have further scrutinized my books and cannot find the exact mark, but can come up with a shortlist of possibles. Perhaps someone else can further enlighten:-

English makers whose name begins with 'M' and who use a crown mark:-

Mason's, Hanley - 1820 to current

Minton, Stoke - 1793 to current

Mayer & Sharratt (Melba China), Longton - 1906 to 1941

Monmartre Ware (British Anchor), Longton - 1884 to 1964

Myott, Son & Co, Cobridge - 1875 to current

Three of the five listed above are still in production, so I suggest you contact them to eliminate them from your inquiries. If these three say the mark is not one of theirs, then that leaves just Mayer & Sharratt (Melba China), and Monmartre Ware.

Alternatively, I list the number of the Stoke Ceramic museum on this page. They take calls from the public on Tuesday afternoons.

Good luck with your sleuthing, hope this helps. Please keep us posted.

Peter (admin)

Thanks - Pottery Mark Query - Teapot with Crown with Letter M above it
by: Anonymous

Thank you Peter. Will try the Staffordshire Pottery Museum, as you suggested.


I have a tea service with the same marks described
by: Marianne

Hi, Did anyone have any luck identifying this mark?

Teapot stand
by: Gary & jacky

We just bought a teapot stand with this mark. Is there any update on its identification? By the way We saw a similarly designed piece by Alfred Meakin on ebay.


Further comment from Peter (admin)

Thanks for the clue Gary & Jacky! I think Alfred Meakin (not to be confused with J & G Meakin) is a likely candidate and one I missed in list above. I could not see this exact crown mark in the marks I have in my books or online, but they are similar in style. SO with the evidence of what you saw on eBay and the fact they are an 'M' manufacturer who used a crown device in their markings, I think we can safely say this is most likely Alfred Meakin. Similar patterns will possibly show up on J & G Meakin wares and Johnson Bros because there are very close family ties between these 3 firms.

Peter (admin)

by: Alison

Thanks for replying with this information all of you. It is nice to know wh the maker is

by: Anonymous

I have a teapot with the mark of a crown with pedernal above it and made in colo
mbia under it.

by: Anonymous

That crown with the M in it is Doric, it's a longton staffordshire based ceramics company from 20's-30's

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