Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?

by Isobel

Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?

Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?

Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?:- Hi, I bought a 6 piece cup and saucer set at a car boot sale recently. I have searched high and low to identify the pottery mark but cannot.

The set has a blue and white pattern and has crazing all over as well as a slight yellowing/browning of the glaze

I would be grateful for your help!



Reply by Peter (admin)

to Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?


Hi Isobel

Thanks for your photos and interesting story well done for finding such great looking items at a car boot sale. Joining the Newsletter means we know you are a friend to the site so I have picked out your query for a prompt reply.

Now, this set looks to be very old, just by the treatment of the pattern and the crazing. The type of small insignificant mark is also typical of older wares too.

The small sun or star is very specific and distinctive, with the carefully drawn rays and the hole in the middle. It looks like it should be instantly recognizable - and attributed to a well known factory.

The trouble is, it
is so distinctive it is NOT attributable to any of the typical small star or sun marks of well known makers that I can find.

In other words, there are plenty of factories which should fit the bill, they are early makers who used small stars, but none of the pottery marks on record in my books match exactly.

I think you may need specialist reference books to get the answer, but I can tell you a list of factories whose small star/sun pottery marks nearly match, but not quite:-

    Nove of Venezia, Italy (founded in the 18th Century)

    Ginori of Doccia, founded in 1735

Other factories known to have used a small star at some time in their history are Derby, Caughley, Wedgwood, Wallendorf of Thuringia, Baranovka of Russia and Hochst of Germany.

Not easy this identifying pottery and china business is it?

Here are some general tips to help your online research further:-

You can do a certain amount of your own research online by knowing the most efficient way to search. On my China Replacement page, I show you how.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Star Mark
by: Rosei Frost


I also found a plate at a car boot sale with this interesting mark on it. After hours of searching on the internet I think I have found a possible maker. William Brownfield. My plate had another mark which had a W.B. on it.
This is the link I used to find out about the maker:

This also might be of use to you, it is a blue and white transfer cup and saucer by Brownfield:


And here is another link from a seller on amazon who has taken a clear photo of the star mark:

I hope this is helpful for you and anyone else who has found this mark.

William Brownfield Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Rosei

Just reviewing some of the forum submissions and came across this one - which I somehow missed.

BUT WOW!...... What and amazing bit of research!

You did better than me and I pride myself on my research skills!

However, I console myself with the fact that you had the extra clue of the WB initials - which I didn't.

I checked your links and, sure enough the one the one that proves it for me is the iAuction listing
(photo below reproduced with the kind permission of iAuctionShop Ltd - http://www.iauctionshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_167&product_id=1650

William Brownfield Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?

This particular cartouche mark was a standard mark with variations used through the various iterations of this company. Below is another example - giving a precise date . . .

William Brownfield Pottery Mark Query - Tiny Blue Sun or Star?

Interestingly, the diamond registration kite mark dates this item to 1854 (this is the 'J' up top). So we known William Brownfield used this small star or sun mark in the mid 1850's.

This puts the date for the set in the original query above by Isobel in the mid 1800's.

So now, thanks once again to Rosei, we know the date and the manufacturer.

Well done!

Peter (admin)

by: Antony

Old Pitcher with Floral Decoration and Unknown Circle, Crown, Belt and Leaf & Branch Swag Pottery Mark:-

brownfields mark

Hello, my name is Anthony and I live in Scotland near Edinburgh, UK. This pitcher (photo's attached)was given to my wife by her mother a number of year's ago and has been rediscovered in the attic recently when I was doing a 'tidy up'. There is no exact history available except it has apparently been in the family for several generations.

It stands about 12" high and the registration mark tells me that it was manufactured 26/11/1864. It seems to read 'Queen's Border' within the outer circle and the letters 'No.' and 'WB' in the inner circle. The circles and crown sit upon a garland of thistles on one side and flowers on the other, which surround the rest of the mark.

I am not really interested in the value as it is one of a number of family heirlooms that we will not part with, but any/all information about its origin would be welcome. I have not yet been able to identify the mark or manufacturer after consulting a number of pottery mark books and other sources and would appreciate any help I can get.

I have heard about this forum from a friend and wondered if someone can help!



Comment by the Forum Help Elf:-

The WB is a mark of William Brownfield & Sons of Cobridge, Staffordshire which is why we moved it to this Brownfields thread.

Just to say a bit more bout the company. They were founded 1850 and continued to 1891 when they changed their name to Brownfields Guild Pottery Society Ltd and then 7 years later to Brownfields Pottery Ltd.

This type of circular printed cartouche pottery mark was used by the company with slight variations through all three regenerations.

The company appeared to have finished altogether in 1900.

Apparently, they were known for their ornate jugs.


Small blue star
by: Kev

I also have a riased dish with the same small blue star, it also has other markings. A small plus + sign in blue with four dots on each corner and the numbers 4140 along side. I have photos of these marks and the dish, which has a raised base. Email me for photos if you think you can help or would just like to see it. Thanks

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