pottery mark with number and usa below it

by laurie
(petersburg wv)

pottery mark with number and usa below it

pottery mark with number and usa below it

pottery mark with number and usa below it:- i have numerous pieces marked with a number and USA under it.

Can anyone volunteer any ideas about who this maker might be?

Thanks to all who might be able to help.



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pottery mark with number and usa below it

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Numbers with USA marks
by: Blake

Dear Laurie,
Numerous American potteries used marks such as you describe. Some also would have had a paper label or sticker on the piece which often was peeled off by the buyer or lost when the piece was washed. Others were sold in stores with displays that had the makers name on the display. In other words, there isn't a single distinct pottery you can point you finger at and say they made this because they used this type of mark.
Identification is not hopeless though, several of the biggest pottery companies used this type of mark & by learning their styles you will reach a point where you can name the maker without even looking at the mark. McCoy, Shawnee & Haeger are probably the 3 most prolific makers that used this type of mark followed by Camark, Niloak, Hull, RedWing, RumRill and a host of smaller potteries.
Two quick ways of finding who made what you have are searching on eBay and Google. For example, say you have a lily shaped vase marked 425 USA, go to Google and search for Lily Vase marked 425 USA. Be sure to try variants of your search term; sometimes dropping the USA helps. Also try searching Google Images and visually looking for a picture of your vase. The same process also works for eBay except you can limit your search to the pottery category.
Another option is to join an Art Pottery group on the web where you can submit questions with pictures. (I belong to the Art Pottery Group at YahooGroups; just go to the Yahoo site and search for Art Pottery Groups.)
I hope this helps.

Yours, Blake


Additional note from Peter (Admin):-

Thanks again to Blake for very sound advice. I would only add you can 'save a search' on ebay so if you don't find anything in current listings, they will email you when future listing come on. See my article here:-

ebay 'save a search' help

....scroll down to the lower part of the page to the headline "If YOUR results are still zero"

USA pottery mark with a number beneath
by: Anonymous

I believe this mark is one of McCoy's pottery marks where they didn't put on the name of the firm on the backstamp - just USA and a number. I have seen examples just like this one.

Not only McCoy
by: Barry Lay

They were only one of many potteries who used the numbers and USA marks on their wares. Having USA and three or four digits does NOT confirm that your piece was made by McCoy at all. It could be any one of MANY companies.

Probably Haeger
by: A. J.

Looks like the foam brown glaze that Haeger was known for. Pictures/cameras can "lie" on color, but that's what it looks like.

Similar mark NEW
by: Eva

I have a similar mark on a small dark green teapot. I can't seem to find whi made it. It was my mom's who got it from her parents. One of these days I will figure it out.

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