Regal China Japan - Pottery Mark Query

by Tracey Morgan
(Lafayette, Louisiana )

Regal China Japan - Pottery Mark Query

Regal China Japan - Pottery Mark Query

Regal China Japan - Pottery Mark Query:- I have a set of China from when I was a young girl of about 11/12 (i'm 52 now) and we moved from state to state with my dad's job and instead of hauling our home with us we went to local estate auctions/reg.auctions to buy our home needs and my mother bought a set of China from an estate sale in Middletown Ohio around 1968/70 and it's incomplete as well as a few pieces are chipped. I've searched for info about the set but can't find anything about it nor what type of flower the plate has on it nor does anyone I know who's into flowers and gardening have been able to tell me what kind of flower it is. The mark on the back of the plate says Regal china and in the banner it says made in Japan. If you could tell me anything about this set I'd really appreciate it.



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Regal China Japan - Pottery Mark Query

Hi Tracey

Nice story about how you got your wares. Human stories like this are of great interest to the site.

I included the photos you sent in on your behalf as a thank you for your contribution and great childhood story.

I have looked around for information on your Regal China backstamp which seems very hard to pin down. I am not sure even the pottery mark experts could solve
this one.

However, I will tell you what I found out during my research.

The “Regal“ pottery mark is only listed in my books as a ‘brand’ of both the Hull Pottery Co of Crooksville Ohio, USA and the Globe Pottery (GPCo) of East Liverpool, Ohio, USA. I don’t know if these two firms were linked in ownership at any time, but it seems likely.

However, reading further references, “Regal China” is reported to be a Japanese maker used as an outsourcing manufacturer by the Hull Pottery, particularly the popular Red Riding Hood cookie jar, patented in 1943 and designed by Louise Bauer. Hull Pottery is reported to have kept it a secret they were outsourcing to a Japanese maker.

I can’t find any further information about Regal China, or whether they were in fact a small maker in their own right or a branch of a bigger concern like Noritake. The ‘occupied Japan period’ was a development of the post-war rebuilding period in 1940’s to 1950’s.

These slightly overdone marks, with rich pastel coloured pottery marks generally date to this period immediately following WW11.

Anyone needing valuations only, please go to this vintage and antique china values page. You can also take the opportunity to liaise with experts on that page who are able to value items from the style, quality, country of origin and time period etc etc, without having to pin down the exact maker.

Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Regal China Japan
by: Tracey Morgan

Peter thanks so much for the info you were able to find on my China, i know it wasn't very much but it's more than i could find
in the weeks i searched online. i really appreciate your help
Sincerely Tracey

Regal China Japan

My set has the same image but does not say Made in Japan, just Regal China Japan. It is a light subtle yellow background with gold trim, a greyish blue trim with tiny triangles and little flowers with 5 other 1.5 inche boquet of flowers on the plate. I want to find out more about it.
At first look at your lovely pattern, my guess is that a wild rose.

Regal China Japan
by: Izzy

I too have a set of Regal China. Mine is called REG25. I googled and found it on a replacement website, but i didnt get too much information about it. I would love to find out more. It is in extremely good condition. I found my set when i was going thru an old barn. I came upon two cardboard boxes, which appeared to have gone thru some type of flood. It was apparent when i opened the boxes and they where full of mud and matted newspaper which was used to wrap the china. It was very hard to clean but after alot of soaking i was able to. My husband isn't sure where it came from, but it had obviously spent along time in the barn. The set takes pride and place in my china cabinet, where i get alot of comments.



Peter (admin) says:-

Hi Izzy

Nice contribution. It always amazes me how china is so delicate yet can survive shipwrecks and the ravages of time so well. Your china has a story to tell and we have uncovered a part of it at least.

I am interested in the connection between Regal China of Japan and the US makers Hull Pottery from East Liverpool. Did they get things contracted out to Noritake or another big Japanese maker and call it Regal China? Or was this Regal China a separate concern altogether?

Perhaps someone who used to work for them in the 1950's and 60's remembers?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Set of Regal China
by: Jackie

I inherited a 12-place setting of Regal China (Japan) from my aunt who had inherited it from her aunt. It is the same exact pattern as shown in the photo. I am missing a lid to a covered casserole or serving bowl. I am thinking this might be even older than WWII era due to when my great aunt was married and set up housekeeping. I searched for this pattern on and couldn't find it (they were missing photos for some of the patterns). If anyone knows of the name or number of this style, I would like to find out.

Colourful Japanese Pottery Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Jackie

The fancy colourful marks shown in the top photo are pretty well documented by specialist Japanese mark sites like to be specifically from the post-war era.

So it would be interesting to have you list some dates that your Aunt was setting up house and see if these relate.

For example, I am in my 50's and my aunts and uncles were young adults in the 1950's & 60's, but just kids in the period before the war - so not setting up house yet.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

reg25 regal china japan
by: kathy

My other passed away ad left us a 60 piece set of regal china, but not the pattern pictured on this site.
She was 94 when she passed and has had the set for as long as i can remember
My father bought out mansions and estates in Palm Beach and I suspect that is where he got it.
I have searched the whole internet for the pattern and only found it on as reg25 and only one dish was available.
I would like to know more about this set. It is really beautiful and has gold around the edges and on the handles and knobs. There is a floral design with yellow under it around the circumference of all the pieces.
I have pictures of it and would put them on this site if the option was available.

by: Susie

I am also searching for info on Regal China. My pottery mark is identical with the exception that below the wording "regal China" I have a symbol and the word Japan

Below the crest shows Coral Rose

do you think this is part of the Hull Pottery Co. mentioned in the previous inquiries?

The worth of China?
by: Anonymous

I as well have a set of Regal China marked Japan. It was my Grandmothers. Mine is cream with light blue edging, five floral grouping with a white center. I have not found those pattern on any sites. Was wondering it’s worth as well. Does anyone have any idea?

Regal China, Made in Japan, REG5
by: Camilla

Thank you! This site led me to where I found the pattern of the china I have that belonged to my great-grandmother. She would have been married in about 1905, but I don't know if that's when she got the china. She was a collector of lots of figurines and knick-knacks and a formidable spendthrift and I think that the gold trim on my set is a bit too geometric for the Belle époque era, although I'm not an expert. My china set has the exact same Regal China mark with the words "Made in Japan" that the REG25 pieces shown here have, but I've been able to identify my pattern on as the REG5 pattern. It also has gold around the rims, but it is in a sort of geometric design. Inside that design, there is a ring of alternating blue and pink flowers with rounded petals. The blue flowers have a yellow center and the flowers are surrounded by gray-green leaves and vines. There are four "nosegays" of flowers, at 0°, 90°, 135°, and 180°. Inside of that is a second ring of gold trim, this one small arch that have a gold ball where the leg of each arch meet the leg of the arch all around the plate. The center of the plate is bone white and there is a faint silver circle with about a 3-1/4" diameter in the center of each plate. I have many pieces of this set, including a gravy boat and some serving dishes. Many cups are missing. I only have four of them. What I'm really interested in is finding out when this set of china would have been produced. Thanks if you can provide any information!

Regal China, REG5
by: Anonymous

I have a set of Regal China, REG5 with the blue and gold "Regal China, Made in Japan" (so 1950s).

Note that this not the Regal China company from the one that made kitch in the 1960s.

My set is missing some pieces–all but 4 of the cups–and a few of the plates have some rust discoloration them. I also have several serving pieces.

I only see one piece of this design on It's a small fruit bowl selling for $8.99. A dinner plate just appeared on eBay.

My set belonged to my great-grandmother who died in 1962. She was born in the 1880s and married around 1905. I wish that I had her big collection of knick-knacks and the large curved glass-fronted cabinets in which she displayed them. She specialized in elephants, but had a lot of other things, too. I have a souvenir plate from the Wisconsin Dells from the 1920s, when they would have driven their 1921 Model A Ford from Chicago to central Wisconsin on country roads. Also a few small decorative plates with the "Nippon" mark meaning that they date from 1920 or earlier. Family legend has it that Great-Grandma was an unrepentant spendthrift!

Regal in blue wreath and Japan
by: Janet

I was told that these predate WW2 because they do not say "occupied". Also,that the older patterns did not always have names,sometimes had numbers. I would think they are from the 20s or 30s.

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