Unusual Royal Worcester Barr Pottery Mark 1896

by Tony Summers
(Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)

Unusual Royal Worcester Barr Pottery Mark 1896

Unusual Royal Worcester Barr Pottery Mark 1896

Unusual Royal Worcester Barr Pottery Mark 1896:- Does anyone have any information with reference to this RW factory Mark. I have acquired several pointers about this stamp. It is agreed that it was a new type of body (Clay) mix which is slightly heavier than porcelain clay.

Theory 1 - Made in 1896 only but was unpopular.

Theory 2 - The potter who made this body was associated with The Hadley group and after producing this mix emigrated to the U.S. 1897 and took the secret with him.

Theory 3 - The body was made by the Hadley group who refused to hand over the clay mix there-after.

Any confirmation or further information about this Worcester factory mark appreciated, I have three pieces in my collection so marked - I am advised they are quite rare as only produced for 10 months 1n 1896.

Tony Summers

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Hi Tony

This is a great submission. It would have been top if you could have uploaded a photo of the wares too.

However, many thanks for submitting anyhow and sharing your theories - hope you are finding the site useful.

I am sure some of our knowledgeable contributors will have a field day with this, but for me it's outside my sphere of knowledge plus time is tight for me to break off and research right at this moment as I am trying to finish a major sculpt to a deadline (see my Facebook page ….more)

There have also been a flush of forum queries all at once which doesn't help my time constraints.

However, I will publish this submission anyway and with a bit of luck, one of our knowledgeable contributors will help out on this one – (check out the comments section below for replies).


I checked out Goddens encyclopaedia and this confirms this mark was used only c 1896 on an experimental body.

Great submission, thanks (but we need photos of wares!! - especially of this rare type).

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Royal Worcester Mark Research
by: Tony Summers

Hi Peter

A page from my research notes with reference to Royal Worcester coloured factory marks, that you may or may not find useful.


Tony Summers

Royal Worcester Mark Research

Same mark
by: Linda Brookes

Hi, I have a vase with this same marking, except mine doesn't have the date number beneath it. My vase is in Imari colors.

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