Vale Bone China Tea Set - Pre 1913? - Royal Vale Page Query

by Janet

Vale Bone China Tea Set - Pre 1913? - Royal Vale Page Query:-

I am interested in your Royal Vale section. Thanks for your very informative site :) Do you know if the firm was called Vale on its own for a while before it became Royal Vale? I have a tea set which is marked Genuine Bone Chine Vale Made in Longton England. It is identical to other sets I have seen on ebay marked as Royal Vale. Would this indicate a date before 1913?



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Hi Janet

Thanks for your kind words!

Actually, the answer is already on the site in the visitors comments section (Royal Vale Backstamps by Dawn), but I didn't flag it up enough to be properly visible to visitors. I have now corrected this - see top of Royal Vale main page.

On the 'comments' page Dawn shared this info:

"In the period when Coloclough's was officially known as HJ Colclough (1897-1937) the 'Vale' marks were first used when the firm expanded to the new 'Vale' works in Longton Circa 1908. The backstamp
you would see in the pre-1913 period was the 'Vale China' mark.

Around and inside a black oval line, in all black lettering:


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Vale Bone China Tea Set - Pre 1913? - Royal Vale Page Comment
by: Janet

Hi Peter

Thanks for your comprehensive answer, I really appreciate you taking the time out for me :)

The backstamp Dawn described is the one on my Vale tea set. I don't have a collection as such, the Vale tea set was my grandmother's and I was looking for some information about it. It is good to have the date narrowed down to between 1908 and 1913, which means it may have belonged to my greatgrandmother as my grandmother would have been too young to be buying china.

My great grandmother may have purchased it when setting her household up again after being evicted in the infamous Kinsley evictions of 1905 and having to live in tents on the common, collecting nettles to make into soup.

Your visitors may enjoy another collection my father has put together over many years. It is not china but maybe you will find it interesting anyway. Here is his website

Thanks for your help


Cannot find Royal Vale Bone China 02
by: Sherri Alexander

I have searched the website and cannot find the pattern I have. It is pink with blue flowers gold trim. I t says Royal Vale Bone China 02 on the back and made in England.

CAN YOU HELP - royal vale
by: tim

Hi i have a plate here that is royal vale and it has a number on it D56 9 i cannot find any information on it i want to know what it is worth can you help me it has fruit on it it is a small saucer i want to know what it will cost and how do i go about finding the whole set on the internet thank you.

yours sincerely



Peter (admin) says:

For general advice on how to either find replacements or price up your collection, I wrote this page: The Searching Secrets To Finding Your China Replacement Online ?.more.

For specific advice on how to ?save a search? on eBay (also for finding or pricing your desired item) go here: How to easily find replacements, prices and information on vintage and antique china online ..... more

Hope this helps


Royal Vale China tea set
by: Colin


I've inherited a Royal Vale tea set, which I suspect dates from around 1930. It has 6 tea cups, 6 saucers, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, 6 side plates and 1 large cake plate. It has never been used and is vg condition. All the pieces carry the identifying mark 3775.

Have you any idea what the set is called; and if it has any value?

My e-mail address is

Tea set Imperial
by: DON fOX

I have a set with the sme number of piecs but marked in GOLD warranted 22ct gold imperial bone china with the number 3 all in gold leters.also i have plates that are marked in red royal vale i know this set was obtained before the WWII started i have haD THEM since 1950 THEY WERE INHERITED FROM A DEAR FRIEND IN RHYL NW SHE INH THEM FROM HER MOTHER.ANY INFO YOU CAN SUPPLY WILL BE APPRECIATED THEY ARE FOR SALE"

by: Michael

I have 6 cups + saucers, 6 plate 1 milk jug and sugar bowl, which are numbered A 1 and D3 etc. They have a cottage on them,are they worth anything ???


I have a figurereen ??? of a lady in a victorian dress sitting down and on the bottom it says Saxoni, any clew as to its value / worth ??

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