'W over C' (Crown above) Pottery Mark Query - {editors note: Could It Be Wileman & Co, Foley China?}

by Kathy

'W over C' (Crown above) Pottery Mark Query - {editors note: Could It Be Wileman & Co, Foley China?}

'W over C' (Crown above) Pottery Mark Query - {editors note: Could It Be Wileman & Co, Foley China?}

'W over C' (Crown above) {editors note: Could It Be Wileman & Co, Foley China?} Pottery Mark Query: I cannot find this mark anywhere online. This is on an Imari trio that I bought in England.

Any ideas?

Best regards



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- 'W over C' (Crown above) {editors note: Could It Be Wileman & Co, Foley China?} Pottery Mark Query:

Hi Kathy

Well, what a nice trio you have! I love the Imari pattern, it is stunning. Thanks for taking the time to upload a photo - it always helps with the identification of the pottery mark.

I think I have solved your quandary. The pottery backstamp shown is that of Wileman & Co, the makers of both Foley pottery and Shelly.

The good news is that for some reason or other, Shelly has become a very collectible pottery mark for certain enthusiasts, and the feeling may well have rubbed off on sister brand Foley China.

The only thing you need to be aware of (typical in this convoluted world of pottery markings) is that there are other pottery marks called "Foley" quite unassociated with your china mark.

One is called Foley by W.H Brain (see below).

Another is 'Old Foley' (see below)

A third is J G S & Co
Ltd (J Goodwin Stoddard & Co) which has a globe mark often branded as 'Foley Bone China'. They were around from 1898 - 1940, aka John Goodwin Stoddard, and were based as King Street, Foley, Longton.

You can read the history of the Wileman Foley brand by going to my A to Z Guide on China Manufacturers. Look under 'S' for Shelly.

The story of the E Brain version of 'Foley' goes like this:-

Around 1885 a gentleman called Mr E. Brain bought out his partner (Mr Robinson) at the Foley works, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. On his father's death W.H Brain took over. They had a well known trade mark 'EB'.

Wileman & Co (later Shelley) produced china from the same Foley works between 1892 and 1925.

The Wileman & Co pottery mark has distinguishing overlaid initials W and C normally with a crown above (your mark).

Wileman was also in partnership with J.B. Shelley over that period. In 1925 the company was renamed 'Shelley'.

The 'Old Foley' mark wasw issued by by James Kent Ltd of Longton who produced various pottery marks out of the 'Old Foley Pottery' from 1897, but didn't market an actual 'Old Foley' brand until after 1955.

Hope this information is useful.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Wileman & Co - Foley China
by: Kathy N.C.

I appreciate it very much. I love this trio.

Thank you

Robinson who Mr E Brain bought out Foley from
by: Laura Wright

Is this Mr Robinson who Mr E Brain bought out Foley Works from, the same John Robinson of Robinson Brothers (1897-1904) (later John Robinson became J.Robinson&Sons in Castleford, and Thomas Robinson, the other brother, of Eleven Acres)
I am just wondering at today i submitted a question to your forum about my blue and gold sugar basin backstamped R.B. which i have now found out from google that is Robinson Brothers (1897-1904)
But i am getting very confused about their story so i would like to clarify if this is the same Mr Robinson?
Sorry if this is confusing but i am so confused!
Please help! i have found out quite alot but all the dates and information overlap eachother.

P.S If anyone knows the answer the question to my original post as well, id love to know any information as i have been looking all of this up for days now and i have become very involved in the history of my piece but i'm so confused.

Thanks again!



Peter (admin) says:-

Hmmm! I think you need to go to your nearest library and sort through the Goddens Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain marks. Just glancing at it I can see Robinson is a prolific family name in the potteries. There are 9 separate Robinson companies listed and just glancing, I can see John Robinson, J A Robinson, Joseph Robinson and also an FS Robinson who worked with AG Shelly. There was obviously a whole family of potters at it (very Stoke).

I think if you took the time, you might be able to pick bones out of it, but it's a long job, and unless we get a Staffordshire historian suddenly pop up - it's gotta be you Laura!!


searching for C & W mark on earthenware pitcher
by: Anonymous

I have spent several days looking to find this makers mark on this brown pitcher with black markings making it look like oak. It has a boxed Registration No. 270718 and that is all I have to go on there. It also has a Martin and Hanely Pewter lid with a Reg. No. 101287 and can't find anything on that other than we are looking in the mid 1800's?? Would love to know about this as I have a biscuit barrel in the same pattern. Has applied silver on the edges and a band around the middle to make it look like a stave of sorts ..??
Thanks P. Brown

same marking NEW
by: Anonymous

This pottery mark and number is on the base of my moustache cup and saucer

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