Weller pottery mark

Weller Pottery Marks - Art Pottery

Weller Pottery Marks - Art Pottery

I am puzzled why a Google search results in no actual pictures of Weller pottery marks. I found a roughly twelve inch wide by 4 inch high ceramic dish with a shape of a five point star. It is a sky blue outside and an off white inside. (It could be a jello mold or just have that design as a decorative). On the bottom is written in cursive the word Weller and the cat. # C 6. Can anyone provide info. on this piece? Value?



ps..this piece is pretty worn, with discoloration on the inside-the off white shows dark kind of a leach effect intermittently...The outside blue color is quite intact...

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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Weller Art Pottery Marks

Hi John

Many thanks for your query which bring up a subject we need to be covering - that of important US Art Pottery maker Weller.

I uploaded a selection of their many marks in the absence of any pics from you. Just Google search "Weller Pottery marks" and click on Google 'images' and you will find many examples of Weller marks. Quite a few are unmarked.

These important pieces of historic art pottery also fetch good prices. Anyone needing valuation guidance, please go to my page here (this public forum is about makers and marks not about valuations):-

vintage and antique china values page

I did some reading up on the specifics of Weller operation, as we have not really touched upon this important firm yet on this site.

The following information is all my own original words taken from various offline and online sources too numerous to mention specifically, but here are two of the websites with good information which I read and researched on (this website is strongly against the illegal practice of copying and pasting content from other sources without giving full recognition).



Summary of Weller Art Pottery History

Weller Pottery was in the same area of American Art Pottery wares as firms like Roseville, McCoy, Van Briggle, Rookwood, Grueby, Niloak, Marblehead, Hampshire, Teco, and Pewabic.

Weller Pottery was founded in 1872 by Samuel Weller. A few years later
in (1895), he bought out Lonhuda Pottery also.

After this purchase began Weller's best selling line called Lonhuda. There were over 500 shapes included in this line - quite mind boggling and gives you an example of the size of the Weller operation.

At the same time Weller took on a new Art Director called Charles Upjohn who introduced Dickens Ware amongst other lines in his 9 years with the pottery.

Jacques Sicard took over developing the Sicard line. Ending in 1907, this line is highly collected today.

Around 1906 the hand-decorated lines like Art Nouveau, Modeled Matte, Etna, Aurelian, Eocean, had been introduced.

In the 1920's the economy of the time saw the end of the Art Pottery hand techniques into a more mass produced type of product, but still interesting hand made wares were being created such as Hudson (very high quality) and LaSa (John Lessell).

Other 20s patterns included, Knifewood, Blue Drapery, Warwick, Glendale, and Louella. The 1930s saw the development of Sabrinian, Stellar, Bonito, Raceme, Chase and Geode.

The 1930's (c.1935) saw the end of hand decoration altogether and Weller then made only pottery from molds. This later production would be of less value than the earlier wares and new collectors should note the various names and dates. The link to the wisconsinpottery.org website shown above gives visuals on many of the patterns talked about on this page. 1948 saw the end of production.

Anyone needing valuations, please go here:-

vintage and antique china values page. Valuation appraisals and pottery mark identification research are two different things.

For general advice on how to either price up your collection or find replacements for it, I wrote this page: The Searching Secrets To Finding Your China Replacement Online ….more.

For specific advice on how to ‘save a search’ on eBay (for pricing or finding your desired item) go here: How to easily find replacements, prices and information on vintage and antique china online ..... more.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)
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