New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

by Dianne Osborne

New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query: New Chelsea China  Mark - used from about 1936 onwards

New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query: New Chelsea China Mark - used from about 1936 onwards

New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query:-

Hi Peter, Please can you help, my mother has just died and she has as new a tea set with side plates, pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and large plate in New Chelsea Staffs Fine Bone China. Is there anyway you can tell me if there is any value to this.

Many Thanks



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

Hi Dianne

Thanks for your interesting query about the New Chelsea China you inherited. I'm sorry you got hold of it in sad circumstances.

First of all I need to stress I don't do valuations. It is a specialist area requiring vast amounts of knowledge and research material.

Your query really sparked my interest because it brought to light some very interesting discussion points and something of a mystery.

I did not really know about New Chelsea China so checked with Goddens encyclopedia and online.

Based in Longton, Staffordshire, a company founded in 1912 called New Chelsea Porcealain Co. (Ltd) changed its name in 1951 to New Chelsea China Co. Ltd. This newer enterprise lasted only 10 years when it either merged with or became somehow associated with a company called Grosvenor China Ltd 1961 to 1969. Grosvenor China was previously the brand of a company called Jackson & Gosling (founded 1866 and ceasing in 1961).

These intertwined company dealings are typical of Staffordshire makers and makes the history quite hard to follow at times.

What makes this New Chelsea pottery mark more of a mystery to me is I read in what is normally a reliable source that New Chelsea was part of the stable of R. H. and S. L. Plant Ltd (known for their Tuscan mark which later became the bone china maker for Susie Cooper).

This link is not been mentioned in my edition of Goddens and is not mentioned in any other of the sources when I cross-checked. I can only think the New Chelsea association with Tuscan/Plant is either a typo, or very little is known even by the best sources.

From about 1943, New Chelsea China Co. Ltd started to use the 'Royal Chelsea' pottery mark. I presume this was a marketing ploy as I don't know of any warrant to justify it.

If anyone else can shed any light on this mystery please leave a comment below.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Comments for New Chelsea China - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query

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Trade marks
by: Anonymous

Really interesting site. I to have found some New Chelsea but the mark has only the anchor and New Chelsea Staffs could this be another option.

New Chelsea Staffordshire
by: cherie

Hi I have a "tea for two" set which is stamped new chelsea staff made in england and the anchor stamp. it has been in the family for many years but i know nothing about it.
It is a beautiful fine china with an hanging auturm leaf design coming down from the top ogf each piece in brown leaves with a yellow bud and a red inside the yellow bud as the flower is closing. I have loved this set for many years, but can you tell me any more about it or where i can have it valued???



Peter (admin) says:-

Highly recommend my liaise with the expert page. The service is not expensive and very thorough - akin to going onto the Antiques Roadshow. You get a certificate, so if you want to re-sell at any stage, it comes in handy.

Me too! New Chelsea Staffordshire
by: Helen Walker

I too have old bone china I inherited from my mother marked New Chelsea Staffs and the number 5327, which I assume is the pattern number. The pattern is cobalt blue and gold on a white backbround. I have a sugar & creamer, 3 cups, 6 saucers, 4 small plates and one large plate. I can't find the pattern on the site. Any info on value would be appreciated.

egg cup and plate on stand
by: Annette forsyth

in africa recently i came across and old junk shop and spotted this nice litte piece of new chelsea china with the name henwoods on the base of the plate and henwoods durban on the base of egg cup can you tell me any thing about this it also has a scrab beetle pattern round plate and egg cup


Peter (admin says)

Here's an extract from a fascinating and well written article about ex Art Director of New Chelsea, Palin Thorley

    "New Chelsea Porcelain produced exclusive designs for better-grade department stores such as Harrods in London, Plummers in New York, and Henwood in Johannesburg, South Africa."

Hope this answers your question.


Peter (admin)

fairy village 4885
by: nicky

I have found the most beautiful tea set in my mother's loft. Its called fairy village, new chelsea, staffs. No. 4885. I just wondered if it was worth anything. It's fairly clarice cliff in style - can you advise.

New Chelsea tea set
by: Margaret

I've read your comments with interest, can you help me please?
I'm searching for a tea cup in the lovely Kirby pattern.

New Chelsea Staffs,
Made in England, with the anchor symbol above,
no 4050 A

This was a wedding gift to me in 1950. Purchased in Australia, probably Perth, Western Australia.
Lovely floral pattern all around with ?foxgloves appear to be handpainted, with intact gold trim. It's a complete set of 6 cups, saucers and plates with jug and ?sugar basin as well as a cake plate. Never ever been used and apart from the age crack on one cup, it's in perfect condition.
Best regards, Margaret

New Chelsea Tuscan link.
by: craig

Hi. I found this conversation because I searched for New Chelsea Tuscan online . I collect Tuscan China Teacups and recently baught a New chelsea set which are an identical shape and the same lovely quality as the Tuscan ones I collect so came to the conclusion there must be some sort of link between the two companys. I can't find it yet but this conversation leads me to believe there could be something in it. Regards, Craig.

New Chelsea Sets
by: Jacqueline Parsons

I have also have a New Chelsea Set which I inherited from my mother 14 years ago, she inherited from her mother in the 1960's so it has been interesting to read all the comments regarding this company. My set is Cherry Ripe. A lovely complete 6 piece teaset including Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug. It appears there and quite a few designs. Lucky to own.

New Chelsea 12 piece Pimpernel Tea Set
by: Susie

Have a beautiful but incomplete Pimpernel pattern no. 4610. I am missing one cup and two saucers, but everything else is there. Is it possible to find the missing pieces? The milk jug has also been broken and mended, so it would be great to find a replacement for that too. Any ideas where to look?

looking for info
by: Gordon

I have a demitasse cofffee set Henwood New Chelsea China ( the logo is a hen standing on a wooden log (!) and the batch number is 4382. The pattern features a bird ( blue in colour)standing on a branch. I basically need to know the approximate value. Can anyone help?

Chelson China
by: Anonymous

After reading all your comments, I am more confused than ever as to why the name Chelson China was used. I have a lovely set of demitasse cups and saucers, decorated with on glaze enamel Japanese scenes. These items bear the anchor back stamp and Chelson China, as well as a second stamp 'Soane & Smith'. As yet I have been unable to find anything remotely similar, or anything relating to Soane and Smith. Hoping someone can enlighten me re the Soane and Smith stamp.

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