Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Beneath Crown on Bunnykins Type Figurine

by Carol

Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Beneath Crown on Bunnykins Type Figurine: Donath?

Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Beneath Crown on Bunnykins Type Figurine: Donath?

Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Beneath Crown on Bunnykins Type Figurine:- Hi, Peter, I recently bought 4 animal ornaments on ebay, 3 squirrel's and 1 rabbit, having looked on your site I was wondering if they were made by P Donath?

Not really bothered about the value but I would like to increase my collection of these delightful little creatures,

Attached are 2 pics as requested, hope the quality is good enough for you to see, thanks.




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To:- Pottery Mark Query - 'S' Beneath Crown on Bunnykins Type Figurine: Donath?

Hi Carol

Thanks for your interesting query - Yet another slightly different of 'S' under Crown backstamp on a figurine! There has been a rash of these lately - and the thing is - none of them quite match the various makers shown in the books (Donath/Tuppack or Voight/Sitzendorf)

donath tuppack s crown mark

sitzendorf voight s mark beneath crown

See my other entries on this subject here:-

Crown above S post (beautifully sculpted figure of a boy pulling a cow - serious art this one)

Crown over S post The original post from a person who didn't upload photos of the 'S' below crown pottery mark, unfortunately.

Your pottery mark 'S' under crown, could be one of these German figurine makers from the Silesia region, there again it could be a far east faker cashing in on the 'wooliness' of the marks from this region.

My view is the S/crown mark of the boy pulling a cow is definitely Germanic art - very high quality and impossible to reproduce by lesser artists. Your little animal caricature, I am not so sure where these were made - they could be either post war Japan or post Soviet rules East Germany (after 1945).

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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bunnykin 's' beneath crown
by: Anonymous

hi peter did u manage to find the maker of this stamp just we have 1 the exact same was just wondering who made it and where it comes from ty darren

by: Ingrid

hello,I have two figurines, with pottery mark s below a crown. What the age could be of these figurines??

thank You in advance


by: Anonymous

I have a figurine of a lady holding a dog with a s under a crown do you no anything about this and its value

Crown over S Horses and Dogs
by: Anonymous

I have this exact same mark on four pieces three horses various colours on china plinth and one alsatian. I believe they were purchased from a Department Store in the 1980's and given to me as gifts. I always wondered where the mark originated from but I still do not know.

l have a figurine with stamped bottom
by: Anonymous

My figurines of 2 grey haired boys slightly bent forward in a long white night gown with a blue collar and their arms held around their backs by cupped hands, looking like they are about to blow out a candle, l say a candle because they are accompanied by another girl whom is protecting a candle with her hands. All 3 figurines are separate from each other. The stamp on the bottom of the boys is a crown with a large S underneath it, with the letters GDA followed by the number 14. The girl has the crown with the S underneath but no other markings or numbers. Would be be able to tell me anything about them please as they are very well made and look so pleasing to theeye on my sideboard. Thank you in advance for any information you could share on these 3 pieces. Lorraine. uk.

Frog band
by: Anonymous

I have a set of six porcelain frogs in a band they have a blue crown over s back stamp can you tell me anything about them ?

Small pink pig NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi have a small pink pig with crown over s just wondering if you have any ideas who it could be by

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