Samuel Radford China Dish - The Rest of the Story

by Amy W.
(Oak Harbor, Ohio)

Samuel Radford China Dish - The Rest of the Story

Samuel Radford China Dish - The Rest of the Story

Samuel Radford China Dish - The Rest of the Story:- Peter was kind enough to identify the mark on the back of this dish as that of Samuel Radford (click here to read).

I thought I should show the front of it now that I know what it is. It's a garish pattern and not something my grandmother would have chosen for herself. I think, therefore, that it was a gift from a friend. It's the only piece from this pattern that she owned--there were no matching plates or cups. I think the pattern may have been named "Imari" but I'm not 100% certain of that.

This piece sits on top of a cabinet in our dining room. I don't ever put things in it because that would cover the pattern. I want people to be able to see the colors. I still don't know what the dish was meant to be used for. It's an oblong, shallow dish and would hold something like candy really well. Anymore information about it would be very nice! It's becoming more and more interesting as time goes by!



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antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

Thanks for this great follow up, Amy.

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Samuel Radford
by: Julie Barrett

I have three side plates and saucers and two tea cups. The design number is 2755 and is called Louvain. It is a similar design to your china dish.

I would love to know more about my auction purchase.

Inheritance of RS coffee cups
by: Cassandra

I have just inherited a set of pretty coffee cups and on scanning the internet, fell upon your page with the exact same intertwined pattern of RS on the base, and the same pattern as the plate belonging to 'Amy'.

Are the cups valuable? There are 6 cups intact and 8 saucers.

by: Geoff

Thanks to Amy for asking my question and to Peter Holland for the answer.

I was stumped trying to cull through the ponderous amount of information to identify the intertwined RS.

Amy's question was also mine and, again thanks to Peter for clearing things up

I have six desert plates and one pedestal sweets dish. #1055

What to do now?

Some more pieces
by: Holly

I have also just inherited some pieces of the same design, 8 cups, 12 saucers, 12 small plates, 2 larger plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl, so clearly this was part of a 12 piece tea set, and the cups being rather delicate got broken along the way. Sadly no teapot either.

Many thanks for making the identification of these pieces much easier than expected.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hideous
by: Peter the Grape

One good source for value is Replacements, Ltd, and because I am considering a bid on a Samuel Radford cup and saucer, I was interested both in this discussion and in what I might find at Replacements. What I did find among Samuel Radford's designs were the truly garish, the syrupy insipid, the hideous beyond merely ugly, and several interesting and several more very handsome patterns. I don't consider the pattern we are discussing here at all garish, but "To each his own," said the old lady as she kissed the cow.
What I didn't find was this pattern. The closest to it, RAD11, when available, sells at $40.00 for the cup and saucer, the only occasional offering in that pattern. So value-wise, I conclude this is a medium-priced pattern of good but not superlative quality; not Sevres, Spode, or Elite Works.
Low bowls are often used as planters; but the material and pattern suggest otherwise for this piece. If it were cut glass, perhaps it could be used for celery or olives. Flowers of just the right colors, white and/or rust, could be floated in it. It could be used as a bread basket, perhaps, with linen wrapped around the bread to keep it warm. It could be used for certain flat vegetables for a few diners, scalloped potatoes, perhaps; but probably not asparagus to serve more then two. It would be adequate as a tray for deviled eggs. I suspect it will be most useful in setting a table for a cocktail-buffet. It will come into its own when one needs something not found among the usual china pieces. "Ah, I have just the thing!"

Rust Imari c1902 - Samuel Radford
by: Jackie Wright

Many years ago my husband and I saw and fell in love with a trio, plus milk jug and sugar bowl, in this design, at an Antique Fair at Chester in the United Kingdom. Over the years we have slowly added to it as and when we have come across it. We now have a collection of 25 pieces. We would love a teapot/coffee pot but so far have not seen any. We moved from the UK to Spain several years ago but every time we return to the UK we look for our beloved china.

Samuel Radford China
by: Mary

Jackie, I think you will not find a teapot or coffee pot to match your Samuel Radford collection, the reason being during this period tea was a very costly item and most people who could afford to drink it and afford china tea set's also had silver teapots. If they were a little lower down the social scale they more than likely had silver plated or metal teapots.

PS I also live in Spain. Costa Brava.

Samuel Radford tea set
by: Jenny

I have a complte Samuel Radforf teaset eith sugar boel & milk jug in perfect condition , does it have any value?

Amy - your plate
by: Anonymous

Hi Amy do you still have your plate and would you be willing to sell it?

by: james p

Newbee to the site.
just inherited about 30 pieces of Samuel Radford
MIKADO patern china,the pattern number is 1941.
from the markings on the base, I can identify 2
different painters (14) & (j)
S>R encircled,
ENGLAND underneath on a reddish brown colour.
The handpainted scene on all pieces shows 2 birds,very colourful,in red,green & black.
possibly phesants, stood on a riverbank.a yellow mountain to the rear,with a sailing boat on the river,with some oriental houses on the opposite river bank.
I have a milk jug,3 cups 2 large cake plate sizes
and a good mix of saucers and side plates.
I have scoured e bay, replacements ect, to find out more pieces, but to no avail,so I would be greatfull if anyone could enlighten me with any information on the set.
I have been told they are Victorian, & could be worth something.
Thanks in advance.

by: Peter (admin)

Hi James

Welcome to the site. Without photos its hard to make an assessment, but the accumulation of numbers of pieces you have in the collection of this fine Victorian maker will mean it is worth a bit. So definitely don't give it away in a garage sale or anything like that.

It can be sold either at alocal auction house that does international online promotion, or on eBay of course, if you can get your head around the listing procedures.

Either way, if you were thinking of selling at some point in the future you can either go to the china chat forms and upload photos etc. I eventually get around to answering all these, but it takes me weeks, if not months sometimes, as there is such a volume of queries. Otherwise, I have expert helpers who help run my appraisal service which is quicker, but there is a small admin fee, of course.

Many people find my appraisal service useful because if you ever intend to sell and get the best price, it comes into its own because you need to know what to accept and what to reject as a try on.

Bear in mind that what you would get at auction should be about the same as a dealer/appraiser should be offering you. The retail value (which is the insurance value) is where a dealer buys something at auction, or from guys like you at the best price they can possibly negotiate, then puts on a nice healthy mark-up, and sells for profit using their retail outlet.

A collector, however, might be much more prepared to pay the retail value – which is a lot higher.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Looking for set
by: Mary S.

My granny in Ireland had a set like this but after she died, my aunt used it for every day dishes. We were only able to save a couple of saucers and a bread plate. I'm looking to replicate the set if at all possible. From teapot on down. I am interested in anything and everything. My granny was only 60 when she died. She passed 2 weeks after my daddy left Ireland and I am named for her.

by: Anonymous

I have a tea set of Samuel Radford with the marking of the crown with ENGLAND below and ROUEN above. If anyone can give me any information about it I would be grateful.

Tea set Samuel radford
by: Irene

I have 5 cups saucers plates and bread plate if anyone is interested mint condition please get in touch

Unmarked Radford
by: Teresa

I have a partial china set similar but not exactly the same as the dish above-I ID'ed it as Radford looking at a photo on a website, but it has NO marks except tiny numbers on the bottoms of the pieces. Not sure what to make of that. Is there a time period when Radford put no markings? Thanks for any help!

samual radford r242144
by: Anonymous

I have a full 40 piece tea set, 12 cups, saucers, small plates, 2 large plates, 1 jug and 1 bowl looking to have a value put on them if possible they are in good condition. The approx ere or these are 1880, they belonged to my nana

Looking to buy pattern 1005 NEW
by: Mary S.

I'm still buying up pieces of this pattern as I can. I have quite a few cups and saucers and several bread plates. I recently purchased the milk jug/creamer. Am looking for any larger pieces. I don't know if there are any dinner plates or other items. I've seen that there are some bowls. Still seeking the elusive tea pot and calling my aunt nasty names under my breath while I search. If you have anything to sell, please let me know!

Salad Plate - same backstamp - Pattern 974 (I think) NEW
by: Tina

I am so happy I found this thread... I have a piece with the same backstamp with what I believe is the pattern number 974. It is similar, but not quite the same - same colors as your dish. Anyway know the date for sure or the type of china. My plate is heavy, a salad plate size. It aslo has the word England underneath so I am presuming it is after 1891 when England was added to british backstamps? Any info would be welcome...thank you. Tina.

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