Unknown Pottery Mark (England) - {ed. Identified as Samuel Radford Ltd}

by Amy W.
(Oak Harbor, Ohio)

R S or S.R.  Unknown Pottery Mark (England) - {editor's note: identified as Samuel Radford Ltd}

R S or S.R. Unknown Pottery Mark (England) - {editor's note: identified as Samuel Radford Ltd}

R S or S.R. Unknown Pottery Mark (England) - {ed's note: Identified as Samuel Radford Ltd}:- I can't seem to find the name of this maker. I know from the registration marks that the piece was registered between 1902 and 1903. Can anyone tell me more about this dish?

Amy W.

There's a follow up post from Amy here:-

R S or S.R. Samuel Radford China Dish - The Rest of the Story


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To R S or S.R. Unknown Pottery Mark (England) - {ed. Identified as Samuel Radford Ltd}

Hi Amy

Thanks for your interesting question about the R S mystery pottery mark shown in the above photo. A clear photo like that always makes identification easier.

The R S or S.R. mark is one I am pleased to be able to identify as that of Samuel Radford Ltd, a Staffordshire maker of good quality producing fine china between 1879 and 1957.

They were originally a Longton maker, then in 1885, moved to Fenton. You are right in saying your mark was an early mark dating from c1880 to c1913, so you have a very accurate date for your wares.

After about 1913, the firm developed a new pottery mark called "Radfordian", and developed at least 10 or so different pottery marks, some using the R S or S.R. initials in various fonts, and some using the Radfordian
back mark.

If you go to my China Replacement page and follow the tips on how to search efficiently online, you will find some wares from the same maker. Be aware of sellers who are not properly flagging up the quality and rarity of Samuel Radford Ltd wares. Having gone out of business in 1957 makes Radford China relatively rare. Be careful not to mistake Samuel Radford with other makers with a similar name. They are:-

    RADFORD (signature on printed ware)- Relates to engraver Thomas Radford.

    E. RADFORD - Relates to H.J. Wood Ltd

    G. RADFORD - Relates to Radford Handcraft Pottery

I am not a china expert by any means, just an artisan within the industry, however, I always pass on any information I have for free and publish it for all to benefit from. You can use my in-house search engine located on the home page (and on many other main pages) to check for answers to any other queries you may have.

My own knowledge more centered on famous English china makers, but all queries are welcome.

As for values, people need to take into account the changing market in the current economy. Items fetching premium prices a couple of years ago are no longer, and other things becoming 'fashionable'.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for helping me identify my samuel radford china now to find the value.
best wishes Jan

Samuel Radford Tea Set
by: NBell

I've found this article and wanted to know how you can roughly date the items? On my particular set - which has been inherited from my Great Grandmother - it has the numbers 242144. Is this indicative of its age?


Miss Bell

Samuel Radford Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Ms Bell

Here is a timeline of the marks...

Samuel Radford Longton 1879-1884

Samuel Radford (Ltd) Fenton 1884-1957


Hope this is of some assistance - the timeline is fairly simple and straightforward as they were a small and fairly short-lived firm.


Peter (admin)

by: Evelyn

I have some Rosara, Radfordian made in England. The initials S and R appear on the bottom.The number 2334 is handpainted on the bottom. The china design has blue bows painted on. Do you know the age of the design please?

by: Johanna

Thank you for info on S Radford China. I have a 12 piece tea set with side plates with the early marking on it. All intact with no cracks and would love to know if I need to insure it separately on my home insurance. Could you give me some guidance please. Thank you

Radford of Fenton
by: Ann Lee

My father bought me two trio's of Olympia design number 4029 with a letter A,

while searching try to get info, i have found images of my trio but with circular side plates mines are square is this common.

as would like to add to my set and pondering over plate shape.

Kind Regards


Just purchased set
by: Anonymous

I just purchased a set of china with markings similar to the one listed here. The number on back of one of the plates is Rd172338. It’s a coral-orange flower print, white background and a gold trim. If anyone knows of places i can find these pieces to complete the set please let me know! Any additional information is much appreciated.


Early Samuel Radford?
by: Roger

I have a Samuel Radford tea set but the crown with RS intertwined underneath does not have "London" below. Does this mean this dates to between 1879 and 1881 and if so I would guess this would make it one his earliest pieces? The unknown pottery mark thread was so useful in getting me to here. Many thanks.

3 Handled Loving cup
by: Anonymous

I have a large 3 handled loving cup and matching mug with the same intertwined R&S in circle mark. I can't seem to identify the pattern Looks to be "Rd 242 P" Very ornate but struggling to find any information on them. Not sure if they are worth any or not.

complete tea set
by: Anonymous

Hello ,
I have a complete tea set that was given to my Mother from her Aunty It has the the mark of crown over the intertwined SR in red with the number 3056
hand written.
Above the crown is the word Clayton . My mother passed away 25 years ago at age 75 . Could you please advise me when this tea set was made.

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